Why End Citizens United Exists

End Citizens United was founded in March, 2015. The reason it was created was to fight the unfair ruling of the Supreme Court in 2010 in the case of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. Yes, that’s right the Supreme Court’s unfair ruling. It’s hard to believe after the victories of Roe v. Wade and Brown v. Board of Education that the Supreme Court would make a decision that toppled the power of the people in our national elections.

Clearly, the Supreme Court was somehow moved to allow corporations the same rights as individuals. They were given the right to free speech as written in the First Amendment of the Constitution. This ruling then went so far as to state, corporations could support political candidates through advertisements. Not only could they pour big money into campaigns, they didn’t have to divulge that they were contributing the money.

End Citizens United was created to level the playing field for all political candidates. After the decision, the party in the best position to take advantage of the ruling, was the Republican party. They had the most ties with super rich donors like the Walton family of Wal-Mart wealth and the Koch Brothers of Koch Industries, the number one and two largest corporations in America.

The Supreme Court ruling threatened to give corporations more influence over who would be elected than the people, because of their enormous wealth. The individual vote would be influenced by the relentless print, radio and TV ads financed by the super wealthy while the hard working candidate of principal would get lost in the fray because they couldn’t raise the same campaign dollars. This meant many Democrats couldn’t compete against the highly backed Republican candidates.

End Citizens United decided to back those Democratic candidates that believed campaign reform was needed. Unfortunately, they found few Republican candidates that wanted reform. Most Americans do not agree that the PACs should have so much influence on our elections. The public is in accord with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), the League of Women Voters, The Sunlight Foundation and the Center for Political Accountability. They’re all against the Citizens United ruling.

Until the Supreme Court reverses its 2010 Citizens United decision and campaign finance reform finally levels out the playing field, End Citizens United will continue to support candidates who are willing to fight the decision. It’s proving to be a valiant effort with many successes in the wake of End Citizens United’s efforts. Since 2015, Democratic candidates backed by ECU have won their elections despite their opponents being supported by big money from corporations.

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Jeff Aronin and The Problem of Adaptive Expectations in the Field of Biotech Sciences

There’s a concept in economics called adaptive expectations, and it’s a theory about how people seem to make decisions about the future with a strong connection with the past, when in fact there is no connection. This kind of cognitive bias has been a cause of troubles to people in ways that are more damaging than initially thought. In the field of medicine, this idea has been instrumental in preventing to find the right cures for diseases without making things worse.

With a wrong link between the past medical theory to a future possibility of a disease’s treatment, more trouble ensues. This is a challenge that companies like Paragon Biosciences headed by Jeff Aronin work hard to fix, and fortunately, the path is bright ahead of them to reach their goals.


The Philosophy of Simplicity

Paragon Biosciences seems to stand out today because of how simple its mission is: find cures. It is a medical research firm that offers solutions to various medical issues, diseases and barriers, and with the people behind its research team, it can address some of the unmet needs in people’s medical treatments.

With the development of the drugs by Paragon Biosciences comes the responsibility of safety. Indeed, there are more than 6,000 diseases that need more attention regarding research, and when Paragon Biosciences rises to the occasion, the challenge is to make all the solutions organic and safe enough to be disseminated across a large sample size (https://angel.co/jeff-aronin). The courage of Paragon Sciences is in the fact that it promises to take responsibility for all its solutions.


About Jeff Aronin

Anyone who’s someone in the field of innovative medicine may already know Jeff Aronin as the Chicago-based Chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences, LLC. He’s the creative engine, the fuel, the inspiration and the drive of the company to find globally competent biotech solutions that improve patients’ wellbeing as well as grow innovative companies to its highest potentials.

The expertise of Jeff Aronin is in many things, but the strength he has in the medical field is anchored on finding cures for rare diseases, algorithms to simplify complex sciences and developing drugs for ailments that have still not been addressed.

How Louis Chenevert Managed to Transform UTC to a Premium Venture

Louis Chenevert is the former CEO of UTC. His reign in the industry led to his legacy and great reputation. He is associated with more than 50 successful businesses. Louis Chenevert transformed UTC into a successful conglomerate by making it the most profitable corporation in the USA. This was through his intelligence and creative thinking.

Chenevert’s Acquisitions

Louis Chenevert is considered the king of acquisitions. Through his significant purchases, he was able to improve the production of UTC. Louis made history by striking the most significant aerospace deal in the USA. He bought the Goodrich Company at $16 billion. There were many negotiations involved, but he finally got the deal.

Another of Chenevert’s acquisitions that is known to have made a difference is the GTF engine deal. It is important to note that Louis was an employee of the Pratt & Whitney firm before joining UTC. In fact, he served as their President.

During his time in Pratt & Whitney, he realized that the GTF engine had a lot of power. When he joined UTC, he led to the purchase of the engine. It cost the company another $10 billion and two decades of adjusting and designing the engine.

The acquisitions of Louis Chenevert have been very productive in the company.

Louis Believe in Investing in the Future

Louis Chenevert believed in investing in the high future technology. He believed that by so doing, he was helping save the country from future financial crisis.

By investing in future technology, he was not only referring to the resources but human labor as well. This is why when many companies were busy conducting layoffs to remain in business during the recession period, he chose to move his labor force to a center position where they would empower each other and come up with master plans.

Louis Chenevert believes that you can only perform as well as your team can perform. It is, therefore, essential that employers invest in their teams. The current UTC CEO holds the same belief and has maintained the system that enables the UTC employees to acquire degrees of their choice for free. He says it has improved the productivity of the organization.


NGP VAN: Campaign Fundraising Technology Provider

The process of political campaign financing is a bit of an art. In order to be successful in politics, it is incredibly important for you to raise large sums of capital in order to find your campaigns. This has been made much easier in recent years through the advents of new technology that have been produced by companies such as NGP VAN. NGP VAN is one of the leading technology providers for Democratic and progressive campaigns. Their technology has allowed campaign-finance managers to make use of applications on mobile devices and the data that is generated through the fundraising process.

In the past fundraising using grassroots methods was incredibly difficult which is why large political action committees were so prominent. In today’s age companies such as NGP VAN have created technology that automatically analyzes the data that is generated during the fundraising process and makes use of it in significantly effective ways. Campaign-finance managers are able to use mobile applications in order to create targeted networks that there are able to distribute campaign donation requests to donors. This allows the campaign-finance managers to target the largest number of potential donors possible.

In addition, the donors themselves are able to use the network and see how their donations are being used during the campaigns. This gives individuals a much greater incentive to donate as they are able to see how they are making a difference to the campaigns of their choice. However, this is only possible if you are making good use of the technology provided by NGP VAN.

In addition to the updates on how they are able to generate donations, and the networks that they are able to create during the fundraising process using the new technology campaign-finance managers are also able to see how the finances of the campaign are being managed in real time. This has made it possible to eliminate errors that would otherwise create significantly large effects on the campaign process.

The ability for campaign fundraising to be done on the will devices has also had the effect of increasing voter engagement online. If you analyze the data, you will see that as voters are more engaged with political campaigns, the campaigns are typically more successful. This has allowed individuals to use the new technology to quickly spot new trends and make changes to their campaigns that have resulted in significantly greater rates of success than have been possible in the past.



Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff – Sean Penn’s Turn from Filmamker to Novelist

Critically acclaimed actor-director Sean Penn made his first move into the world of novels, with his new debut book Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. Told from the perspective of “Pappy Pariah”, the story revolves around Bob Honey, a septic tank salesman with very strong political views. These views are so strong that Honey turns to violence in the name of environmental and societal betterment. The character also advocates for the assassination of of a president referred to as “Mr Landlord.”

Penn is no stranger to political activism. He made a trip to Iraq in 2002 to protest planned military strikes, interviewed notorious drug lord El Chapo in 2016, and has made his disapproval of President Trump well known.

Political themes run strong in Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff. The president referred to as “Mr Landlord” is an overt allusion to President Trump. The epilogue of the novel also contains a six page poem that criticizes the #MeToo movement. Parts of the epilogue refer to the movement as an “infantilizing term of the day” and “reducing rape, slut-shaming, and suffrage to child’s play.”

Penn has indicated that he has felt less and less attached to the world of acting and directing. This revelation has shocked and surprised both literary critics and movies critics alike. Instead, Penn has said that he is “ready for the writer’s life,” and has every intention of continuing to write. Although whether anything else gets published is still up in the air, by Penn’s own admission. Moving away from the silver screen has allowed Penn to enjoy “freedom from collaboration,” as well as a more solitary lifestyle. In a recent interview with The Rolling Stone, Penn explained that when moving from the life of an actor into a more secluded individual, “writing becomes a good way to exercise thoughts” and that Penn simply enjoys it.


Sujit Choudhry Gives Insight on the Current Political Climate

Sujit Choudhry is a respected scholar globally whose research work is embraced by most people. He focuses on matters affiliated to politics and constitutional law. Some of his ideologies include having a constitution that is geared towards ensuring that people embrace peaceful politics as opposed to violent politics that are characterized by many conflicts (works.bepress.com). Other ideologies that he stands for include the bill of rights, security matters, group & minority rights, democratic rule, justice, and constitutional law among many more. Interesting to note, Sujit Choudhry has also given his insight and published regarding the Canadian constitutional law.

A Law Expert’s Interpretation

In his recent book known as “Constitutional Democracies in Crisis,” Sujit emphasizes on a tweet that was made by the former AG under the former President Obama regime, Eric Holder. The tweet was availed to his followers and insinuated that any planned termination of Robert Mueller, White House Special Counsel, as crossing the red line. He also stated that if anything happened, people would embark on peaceful demonstrations. Holder said that the American people had the right to be heard and seen and that their opinion mattered a great deal. Sujit Choudhry believes that Holder’s tweet was based on various concepts such as American constitutional boundary and leaving the matters right into the hands of the American people for them to ascertain if officials are abusing authority bestowed upon them. In other words, Holder is stating that the Americans will dictate the end-results of the case at hand.

Additional reading on https://patch.com/california/san-francisco/sujit-choudhry-speaks-out-spain-catalonia

Sujit Choudhry also believes that also the presidential two-term limit which limits the duration of time a president ought to be in office is also a focal point. He states that some individuals would want to extend such rulings by holding on to their position for a longer period. For instance, a president could achieve this by disintegrating the legislature, declaring a state of emergency, or even pushing any planned elections further than when intended. Sujit states that if such a thing occurred, the citizens would be forced to demonstrate on the streets against such vices and create political unrest. According to Sujit Choudhry, Holder’s context portrays democratic catastrophe which is not good for any nation.  Check law.nyu.edu for more of Sujit.

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Brown Modeling Agency: Exceeding Market Trends & Setting New Standards

In the world of professional modeling, image is everything. This industry demands attention literally and figuratively. Central Texas has been put on the map in recent years as it has brought in a new wave of talent. Brown Modeling Agency is responsible for this attention, and it has been delivering phenomenal results. The company has been in business since 2015, but its founder has plenty of years in this exclusive field. The founder just so happens to be Justin Brown. Justin has implemented his own core principles right into the project. The former-model is actually from Reno, Nevada, but he fell in love with the city of Austin after an initial visit years ago.


Brown Modeling Agency is basically a full-service talent agency that caters to both entertainment and modeling. There are up to 450 talented individuals here and many of them has worked with some of the biggest names in the business. This would include Louis Vuitton, Dodge Ram, L’Oréal, Landshark Beer, Bing, Bright House, HBO, TNT Network and many more high profile names. Since Brown Modeling Agency is located in Austin, it is trying to create big market standards. As of today, this company is definitely delivering on its promises. What areas does the agency cover? Brown Modeling Agency covers a wide array of subjects such as:


  • Film


  • Runway


  • Conventions


  • Trade Shows


  • Television


  • Print


  • Voiceover


  • Fashion


  • Commercial


  • and more




Finding a more productive modeling agency than this will certainly be difficult to some degree. Brown Modeling Agency has grown by leaps and bounds. Since its birth, the agency has opened a secondary location in the city of Dallas, Texas. Yes, this is true and the agency has business connections in L.A. The sky is literally the limit. Justin Brown has parlayed his knowledge into a successful business. Nobody truly knows what the future may hold, but Brown Agency is on a fast track for even more success in the future. For more info you can visit their instagram account.


OSI Group Buys a Former Tyson Foods Plant

OSI Group has made some news by purchasing a plant in Chicago, Illinois that used to be a Tyson Foods plant. OSI is one of the largest companies in the food processing industry and they have a reputation in the food industry of delivering high-quality service to their clients. They are a big company that has a number of processing plants in some other states. In addition to Illinois, OSI Group has food processing plants in California, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Utah. They are a private company and they are located in Aurora, Illinois.

The plant that OSI Group just acquired is located near another one of the companies food plants. The company also has a food processing plant in Geneva, Illinois. When the Tyson plant closed there were some workers who lost their jobs. OSI Group has hired many of those customers to work with their company. OSI is a company that many food industry workers may find enjoyable to work with. The company strives to hire people who want to work in the food industry and who want to help make OSI Group a high-quality food processing company.

OSI Group processes a lot of different kinds of food in the food processing industry. The company has a lot of experience processing pork, bacon, hot dogs, pizza products, sausages, fish, meatloaf, breakfasts, baked snacks, and meatballs. The company also processes fruit and vegetables. the company has a lot of experience processing corn, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce. Some of the other products that OSI Group processes include beef burgers, beefsteak, breaded poultry, nuggets, patties, and poultry strips, as well as turkey products.

The food processing industry is a very competitive industry. OSI Group has been processing foods for a number of different companies and they have been delivering high-quality food processing services to those companies. Their new plant is intended to help the company continue to provide high-quality food processing service.

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Perry Mandera; improving the lives of others one day at a time

Joining the Marine Corps immediately after high school, Perry Mandera gained know-how with several different transportation agencies. After exiting the Marine Corps, Mandera began he own business in 1980 but sold it only 5 years later. Mandera interests then became more focused on politics where he got elected the youngest person to ever fill the position of Republican Ward Committeeman. He then began his own company, The Custom Company Inc. It is a full service transportation provider that is very successful today. Mandera Company provides a complete range of logistic services, Domestic and Air Freight forwarding services, and local cartage (Resume).

In order to provide the highest level of custom service, Custom Companies follows three specific technologies. The first one being Cheetah Dispatch which permits the drivers to access information such as automatic pick up times, and proof of delivery certifications by using comprehensive and vibrant software. The Warehouse Management system selects and packages fulfillment service. This use of electronics allows customers to easily check inventory this way as well as things they are having delivered. Finally, by using Dock Management system Custom Companies can move freight efficiently and minimize errors or potential delays by being completely paperless with unique bar codes for each shipment.

Being in the Marines definitely gave Maderas a compassionate side for everyone. He fully supports and participates in charitable work and is often willing to provide his advice, time, and founding for anyone in need. For example, incorporating his company by serving children with financial aid and transportation support as necessary, and donated materials young kids from which young children can benefit. He demonstrates support for Illinois State Crime Commission (ISCC) and the Police Athletic League. Offering guidance and education to improve the awareness and talents of the Chicago police department is a regular feat for Mandera. This Chicago area organization delivers hands on preparation to best ensure local enforcement agencies are equipped to reduce crime and juvenile delinquency. The organization also works assiduously to develop legislation for the reduction of crime while simultaneously strengthening laws currently in existence.


Types of Products and Sales Approaches With Market America

When dealing with Market America or any online earning opportunity, one of the most important factors to consider is the type of products that is being sold. Among the different types of products that Market America offers are those that are expected to be bought once and those that are expected to be bought on a regular basis. Of course, unfranchise owners have the choice between the types of products they are going to use. This has a huge effect on the type of approach that would work best for the user. The user can choose the approach that he wants to use.

With the types of products that are bought multiple times because of a need for replenishment, people can promote the product on a regular basis. Among these products are vitamins, minerals, and even certain foods depending on the brand that the unfranchise owner is involved with. One of the best things about this type of product is that people can sell this product over and over if it is a good product. The best types of these products to go for are groceries. These are often what are going to be sold the most of these types of products even with Market America.

When it comes to the products that people are expected to buy once, the best approach to use is to go for the new products. One of the reasons behind new product promotions is that they are the ones that have sold the least so far. Therefore, people have the biggest chance to make a product off of those products.

Some of the best business owners use a variety of approaches when it comes to using Market America. Therefore, they make a successful career out of their marketing and continue to work on building their businesses.

A Rocky Mountain Man With a Brain