George Soros and Other Donors Prepare to Resist Trump

George Soros and other wealthy liberals who had donated millions of dollars for the Hillary Clinton campaigns will gather at Washington, DC for a closed door meeting that will last three days. The meeting’s agenda will be on how to retool the left funds in fighting Donald Trump. The conference will be at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel and is sponsored by the prominent Democracy Alliance donor club on There are expected appearances by leaders of liberal groups and leading unions and friends of the left. These friends include Sen. Elizabeth Warren, House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Keith Ellison, the Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairman.

First Democratic Gathering since Elections
Ever since the shocking victory of Trump over Hillary Clinton, this will be the first ever gathering held by the institutional left. As the agenda suggests, the liberals on Biography are planning war with Trump from his first day in office. There are other sessions that will deal with the plans for 2017 and 2018 elections. There will be sessions dealing with how to thwart Trump’s 100-day plan. The plan is widely viewed as an assault targeting on the achievements made by President Obama.

Lessons Learnt from the 2016 Presidential Elections
A number of mixed reactions have been experienced from the Democratic Alliance and the Democrats at since the last election. A liberal operative was quoted saying that the DA did not need to completely overhaul its political approach. The operative emphasized on the need for people to take the right lessons from the 2016 elections where Trump got fewer votes than Mitt Romney and Clinton won the popular vote. George Soros added that the strategy to win the next elections would be to find candidates who would inspire the voters to come out in great numbers and vote for the democrats.

Democracy Alliance
Democracy Alliance was founded shortly after the elections in 2004 by George Soros and the late Peter Lewis, an insurance mogul, and several democratic mega-donors. The mega-donors had pooled their resources to help John Kerry, who was a senator to trounce President George W. Bush, but was unsuccessful. The group seeds think tanks and advocacy groups outside the party to push its politicians and party to the left while defending them from attacks emanating from the right.

EOS Lip Balm

It wasn’t long ago that circular chapstick orbs called ‘EOS’ appeared in stores all over the nation. Goodbye cylindrical bland tubes of chapstick, and hello flavorful balls of goodness.

They first appeared in Walgreen, Walmart, Well and then Target. Beauty editors such as Allure and Cosmo could not get enough of the stuff. Soon stars such as Miley Cyrus, Christina Aguilera, and Kim Kardashian were spotted taking EOS out of their makeup bags. EOS (which stands for Evolution Of Smooth) finally shares their secrets with the world and how they have already become the second best selling lip balm in the country passing Blistex and Chapstick, with Burt’s Bees still number one.

According to Evolution of Smooth-Canada, EOS sells about one million units a week and their future looks promising. The lip care market is expected increase to two billion dollars by the year of 2020. There are expected to be much demand of natural and organic products, which EOS specializes in. Lip balm is intended to be used by both sexes but it appears in fact that more woman use this product. Many woman mentioned that they would lose lip balm tubes in the handbags. Many liked the idea of a ball type item in their purse that was easier to find. Most lip balms come in a small tub but people said that they didn’t like using their fingers to apply it because it didn’t seem clean. One of the biggest findings though, was that people didn’t find it putting on lip balm enjoyable. It became more of a drab routine, but EOS brings a fun new way to apply lip balm.

They started from the bottom-they had a clay artist come in experimenting with different shapes. They really didn’t want EOS to be just a fab. To prevent this, they decided to think of how the product could engage all five senses; the way it looked, felt, smelled, tastes, and sounded.

They decided that the products targeted audience was millennial women between the ages of 25 and 35. They advertised in the same way that other chapsticks have been, via magazines and television ads. Bloggers were contacted and were asked to review the product on sites such as YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. EOS has worked hard on building a social media atmosphere. It has more than 1.8 million followers on Instagram and seven million on Facebook. A typical photo of EOS gets over 40,000 likes.

With all this success comes hard work! There is a constant stream of new products on the shelves. EOS has already created shaving creams and hand lotions but plans to sell a few more new items in the future. See,

For more, visit:

You’re also encouraged to visit the evolutionofsmooth website today!

Adam Milstein’s Pro-Israel Work Earns Him Honorable Mention In The Top 50 Influential Jews List

Adam Milstein and his wife Gila have put in a lot of work over the years towards uniting Jewish Americans and Israelis to support the homeland of Israel, and strengthen relations with the US. They’ve reached out to community leaders and non-profit groups through the Milstein Foundation, and have formed several charity and educational organizations as part of their endeavors. Recently, Adam Milstein’s accomplishments through the Milstein Foundation earned him a spot on the Jerusalem Post’s Top 50 Most Influential Jews list, an honor that has been given to people such as Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, billionaire George Soros, and US Supreme Court Justices Elena Kagan and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Milstein has also had a long career as a real estate businessman.

Adam Milstein was born in Israel not long after it became a modern nation-state. His father had decided to join the Israeli navy and served in the nation’s war of independence, but he had retired and become a building framer by the time Adam was born. Adam’s early childhood was spent living in different cities as his father’s job required the family to move frequently. Adam joined the military in 1973 as part of his required service, and fought in the Yom Kippur under then General Ariel Sharon’s command. Upon the war ending, Adam returned home where he enrolled in college at Technion, Israeli Institute of Technology. He also married Gila Elgrably during this time.

In his early career, Adam Milstein worked alongside his father in building and developing various properties in Israel. He later decided to complete his MBA, so he moved his family over to the US where he completed his studies at USC. He stayed in Los Angeles where he joined Hager Pacific Properties and became Managing Partner. In the year 2000, Adam and Gila started the Milstein Foundation and adopted 3 core principles that have guided their efforts. The first is active philanthropy, through which they are actively involved with every organization they donate to. The second is path life impact, which is a goal to educate their target groups in Jewish traditions and customs. And the third is philanthropic synergy, which involves reaching out to other philanthropists and groups to unify under a common goal.

JMH Development Involved in the Topping Off Project for the Aloft South Beach

Jason Halpern, the Principal of JMH Development, announced in 2014 that his company would top off the Aloft South Beach – a 235-room hotel located in Miami Beach. The partnership project between Madden Real Estate venture and JMH Development was adopted from Motel Ankara, a historical development. It would include the addition of an eight-story tower.

Jason Halpern, Josh Stuart, Kyle Journy
Jason Halpern, Josh Stuart, Kyle Journy

The project’s lead architect was ADD, and Plaza Construction constructed it. Upon completion, the hotel averaged over 360 square feet with significantly larger rooms than its competitors. The Aloft South Beach hotel would offer guests a prime view of the Collins Canal that surrounds the property as well as Lake Pancoast thanks to its waterfront location.


The hotel would be located at the center of South Beach one block away from the Miami Beach shore. It would also be located minutes from several art galleries in the area, the Miami Beach Convention Center (MBCC) as well as the Bass Museum of Art. Furthermore, it would be near numerous restaurants, boutiques, and nightclubs in the area.


Guests would enjoy a roof deck lounge, fitness center, an outdoor pool and a large flexible meeting space for holding social gatherings and business meetings. Moreover, the Aloft South Beach would offer free access to emerging local artists and professional bands that perform live in the area.


JMH Development’s Principal, Jason Halpern said that he was excited about the Aloft South Beach project. JMH is famous for restoring historic buildings and structures. Jason added that the topping off project would mark a significant milestone in the process of constructing the new Aloft South Beach hotel that was due to be opened in early 2015. JMH remains committed to creating and restoring high quality, enduring, and successful properties like the Aloft South Beach hotel throughout the U.S.

Jason Halpern

Jason Halpern is a U.S. real estate developer who took control of his family’s JMH Development business in 2010. Today, the company has invested over $500 million in its New York projects including one on 184 Kent that involves turning a warehouse building into 340 apartments. Since taking over the management of JMH, Jason remains committed to creating innovating buildings for both commercial business space and rental property in New York.

Jason Halpern
Jason Halpern

JMH Development is a real estate developer that owns major commercial and residential properties in the U.S. JMH has a unique approach to creating luxury property developments in markets like Miami Beach, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. Since taking over the company, Jason Halpern has continued its legacy of developing top-notch property developments in the New York state area. Jason is active on various social media sites like Twitter and Facebook where he promotes JMH Development and its projects. He is also involved in philanthropic causes.

Jason Halpern, Thomas Hansen
Jason Halpern, Thomas Hansen

Eric Pulier & His Blueprint of Success

Have you ever noticed that certain individuals have a talent to efficiently get things done? These types of people are driven by ambition as failure it surely not an option. Honestly, we as a people all have things that we’re good at, but if the ambition is lacking, that true potential of what could’ve been will remain a dream. Eric Pulier is the perfect example of this notion. The Teaneck, New Jersey native has always been very intelligent, but it’s his drive and determination that sets I’m apart from the pack. Pulier is an alpha-wolf to a certain extent as he’ll lead by example, rather than words. His resume is long and successful as he’s worked in numerous industries such as technology, education, healthcare, and business. How many other talented individuals can you name with this much brilliance?

Eric Pulier has made a name for himself throughout the years thanks to his contributions to man-kind. He’s an author, public speaker, investor, as well as entrepreneur. This guy has founded up to fifteen companies such as XPRIZE, FLY, U.S. Interactive, Akana Software, Digital Evolution, Service Mesh Inc, and many more. Did you know that Mr. Pulier graduated from Harvard University? The English/American Literature Major had a full time schedule during his college days, but he still found a way to get things done. During this time he wrote columns for the prominent Harvard Crimson Publication as well as being the editor. To add some icing on the cake, Pulier also took classes at the neighboring school of MIT. After graduating college in 1988 he took off for California to begin his professional career.

One of the best qualities about this remarkable guy is that he never let his success get into his head. Though very successful, Eric Pulier remained humble through all of his projects whether it was for building a platform for Bill Clinton’s second inauguration or for using innovative technology to solve issues in different respectable fields of work. Eric Pulier is a True American Icon and he has laid one of the best blueprints for success.

Milan, Italy Announced As Incentive For Talk Fusion Reps.

You might already know that Talk Fusion is a global marketing leader. Thier platform allows people to send videos, emails, newsletters and much more to countless people. It is all done by a team of highly respected independent associates. Talk Fusion announced that they are adding an incentive for their associates. It’s a trip to Milan, Italy. Milan is known for shopping, fashion and so much more. A plane ride, hotel accommodations in a first class hotel will be provided for associates that qualify and their spouses.This trip could be a great incentive for anyone who wants to go see Milan and bring their business to the next level. Talk Fusion is a great platform that helps people in so many ways. Before their world class platform was developed it was hard for anyone to use an all in one video marketing solution that was cost effective.


Talk Fusion has been offering award winning products for many years along with a business opportunity that is unmatched in their industry. This is a company that is committed to both their customers and their independent associates. Milan is just another incentive in their impressive lineup of gifts. They have done vacations to Florida and Hawaii as well as Dubai. They have also given gifts from Rolex and rings of diamonds for recognition.


Having a Talk Fusion business is giving people the freedom to make a living and a life. These reps can spend time with family and friends as well as an income that they can depend on. Bob Reina is the company CEO and he has a strong commitment to giving back. He does this in local community, with his friends and with his company. Bob himself has been thanked many times over by animal charity organizations and countless other organizations for his continued support.


Since Talk Fusion is marketed business to business, which is, person to person, the profits and sales create a great income for the people who are involved with the direct sales process. With the free thirty day trail, no credit card is needed and that makes signing up very easy.

Online Access To Scientific Articles With WIT Press

The Wessex Institute of Technology eLibrary shares many documents that have been published by the WIT. The websites gives users public access to over 28,000 of their peer reviewed scientific articles. The articles are extracted from their research between 1993 and 2016. Their are many options for users to find articles through their advanced search features including: date range, category, book or paper, author, keywords, ISBN number, published year and description.

Users may download their desired content in PDF format. If a user wishes to download a paper, they must pay $38 per published article. Their content includes research areas in: engineering sciences, the built environment, information and communication technologies, ecology and the environment, modeling and simulation, biomedicine and state of the art science and engineering.

The WIT Press is located at the New Forest National Park near Southampton, UK. They have over 30 years of experience in publishing scientific articles. The goal is to keep university students, scientists, engineers and experts in various industries up to date with current research. They also hold international publishing offices in the United States that distributes to all of North America. They offer their works both in digital format and hard copies.

Handy Is A Startup Achievement Story

Ordering furniture can be thrilling. The delivery of a box filled with disassembled parts is decidedly not-so-thrilling. Accessing the app allows for booking a skilled freelancer who will come to a residence and put the furniture together. Furniture assembly is one of the newer duties able to be booked through Handy. The $500 million company started out exclusively provided easy access to home cleaning work. Home cleaning is still the company’s specialty.

The massive success of the company has created a somewhat storybook biography about Handy. Things were not always perfect though. As would be the case with any innovative startup, the company had its struggles.

The co-founders and chief managers had a hard time “onboarding” new freelancers. Such a problem was hardly a minuscule one. Only with the right freelancers delivering the promised awesome service (, Handy was not going to thrive. In time, things were worked out and Handy has perfected its approach to hiring freelancers.

Things are doing quite well for Handy these days. Customers are booking services at an incredible rate. Investors are putting millions upon millions of dollars into Handy with grand expectations of financial success. So far, Handy has done extremely well and evidenced by its incredible growth. Handy truly is a stunning startup that will continue to garner attention for years and years.


Providing Excellent Leadership For Forefront Capital

One of the ways that many people like to earn money for their retirement is by making investments over an extended time period. Investment firms who understand the financial industry handle the investments that many people like to make. With a very good understanding of the financial industry, many people who invest prefer to utilize investment firms.

While there are many investment firms, some of the best investment firms tend to have a specific type of investor that fits the investor profile defined by the investment firms. Additionally, this investor profile is usually very similar to the entire financial industry because most investment firms use the same criteria or close to the same criteria used by the financial industry to defined investors.

The type of investors that many of the top investment firms look for regarding investors are people who have a large net worth and earn at least a few hundred thousand dollars a year. This type of investor is rare. In many cases, the number of potential investors who fit this profile is less than 1% of the overall number of potential investors.

While the actual percentage of investors who fit this profile is low, the amount of money that can be generated through the investments made by this group of investors is large. This is one of the primary reasons why investment firms look to investors with a high net worth and high yearly earnings. However, even though this group of investors is popular with investment firms, this still leaves almost 99% of the potential investors available for investments.

Forefront Capital, which is a very successful investment firm, has followed the traditional approach that most investment firms follow. The firm primarily seeks out investors with a significant amount of money to invest. However, in recent years, Brad Reifler the CEO of Forefront Capital has changed the approach of the firm concerning the type of investors to approach.

Brad Reifler is starting to look at investor who do not have a lot of money available to invest. Brad Reifler has decided to provide investments that people can invest in that do not require a significant amount of money at one time. Brad Reifler is allowing people to invest smaller amounts into the investments over an extended time period.

If You Are Looking for Executive Talent

You Need Julie Zuckerberg

Any well known company looks to hire the best executives in the business to complement and boost their business profile and attract the best clients. This is exactly the kind of thing that Julie Zuckerberg does best. She has years of experience and the credentials and contacts to find just the right person for you.


Currently at Deutsche Bank since April 2014 she is now the Executive Talent Acquisition Lead and uses her talents to consult with leaders in Private Wealth, Asset Management and Global Technology and Operations to develop the best strategies for finding the ultimate candidates.


With a well rounded background and experience Julie studied Philosophy at Brooklyn College before attending New York Law School.


Her 14 years of experience boasts positions at Citi as a Vice President, Executive Recruiter and New York Life Insurance Corporate Vice President – Executive Talent Acquisition Lead, providing advice, strategies and leadership in finding the most talented executive clients.


At Hudson Staffing and Placement for five years she perfected her skills in finding attorneys, paralegals, case managers and support staff for the city’s best law firms, corporations and financial institutions. Acting not only as an Executive Recruiter, Julie also conducted employee counseling, coaching and conflict resolution. She wants to be sure her firms and the people she places are the best match and happy with their new jobs.


You can read more about Julie Zuckerberg on her page at


Besides her obvious qualifications for Talent Acquisition she is also passionate about Animal Rights, Civil Rights and Social Action, Human Rights, Economic Empowerment and Science and Technology. You will notice that she belongs to a number of professional organizations and is active in her professional community. She is well respected and appreciated in the field of Executive Talent Acquisition and continually looks for new ways to improve and enhance the search and retention of the best people.


Connect with Julie on her Facebook account . You can also follow her on Twitter and Pinterest. She has worked hard to cement her excellent reputation and is the perfect choice to help you and your company find your next executive.


Let Julie Zuckerberg put her valuable talents and experience to work for you.