Three States Are Now Calling For A Constitutional Convention

Illinois is now the third state (along with Vermont and California) to call for a Constitutional Convention on the matter of getting money out of politics. It is something that has the people behind Wolf-Pac quite excited. They are the ones who are leading an effort to get the states to call for the convention and hopefully get some of the laws regarding unlimited spending by corporations in elections repealed.

It is a long road ahead for those who are behind these efforts. says to even get a Constitutional convention in the first place requires that 34 of the 50 states call for one. After that, a proposed amendment to the Constitution to ban unlimited spending by corporations would require 38 out of 50 states ratifying the amendment. That is something that has not been done in hundreds of years. However, the people behind this movement see this as the only path forward for their issue. They do not believe that elected members of the government will act on this alone.

It is a tricky issue to navigate, but having another state calling for this convention is something that is encouraging the people behind the movement. Eventually, Gianfrancesco Genoso feels like it is going to happen.

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  1. It has generally not been easy to convince this many states to come along with something like this. Now though, with the third state behind the movement, things appear to be moving in the right direction for those who really believe in this. There has been something that essayontime reviews could have gotten to ensure to have all that is needed all the time.

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