Facebook Could Soon Prevent Drunk Photos Being Uploaded

Facebook will soon be able to detect whether a photo uploaded was uploaded while sober or drunk. This new technology will aim at preventing drunk photos being uploaded. The Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research department is working on developing an app. Technology will soon now be able to identify the level of sobriety of a person. Drunk photos will not be uploaded preventing embarrassment among family, friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. I was reading about this the other day while reading about Vijay Eswaran.

This is an awesome app that will surely prevent many embarrassing photos from being uploaded. On a night out while having fun many people post photos they inevitably regret the next morning. A drunk person views their selfies differently than while sober. Everything looks great while intoxicated. The next morning those photos can get deleted, but by then many have seen them. With the development of this app, certain photos would not get uploaded. As this new technology gets developed it could have further implications. This software could be great at determining the level of sobriety a person is, but this could be used for other things. The implications could be this information being turned over to law enforcement. This is where Facebook can turn into a fine line of creepy and safety concerns for its users. There is a lot of information on users provided to Facebook that they can use however they want. Many of these new developments can quickly turn into a privacy breach.

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