Syrian Regime Releases Swedish Journalist

Thirty year old Jaokim Medin, a journalist from Sweden, who was detained for several days in Syria by regime forces, has been released. Luckily for Medina, speculation that he had been taken by ISIS–the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria–was just that, speculation. Medin had been arrested in February 15, by Syrian loyalists at a road block in the capital city, Qamishli. Medin’s interpreter was also arrested.

Medin, who reports regularly from the Kurdish region of Syria, relayed he was treated well while in custody and noted he was simply, “a little worn out.” Susan McGalla has learned that Medina’s release had been negotiated by media officer, Masoud Mohammad.

Medin’s release serves to remind us that there is still a glimmer of humanity in a country keeps diligent watch for ISIS attacks. An unconfirmed report made by the Democratic Union Party or PYD, postulated that the exchange was carried out after Kurdish forces took some Regime forces and that the capture of regime members pushed the regime to release Medin.

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