Nigerian Presidential Vote is Too Close to Call

With the total vote still outstanding incumbent Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has a small lead of 20,000 votes over former military general Muhammadu Buhari. Nigerian Election is Still Too Close to Call

Neutral observers from the United Kingdom and the United States have reported no evidence of systemic voter manipulation or intimidation at the polls but some reports do exist that votes may be spotty on a location by location basis. The stakes for Nigerians could not be any bigger as the country is confronting a major terrorist threat from Boko Harem and the country continues to solidify is place in the world economy. CNN reoprted that Nigeria is a major member of OPEC and has the largest economy on the African continent. The task ahead of the new President will not be easy.

The Goodluck Jonathan administration has made major strides in pushing back and retaking territories and bases seized by the militant group Boko Harem. However, there has not been any success in retrieving the more than 300 girls that were kidnapped from their school in Northern Nigeria early last year. The kidnappings reached headlines globally and struck a chord with even the first lady, Michelle Obama. The lost girls have not been a major issue in the election but it is still n the minds of many Nigerians. The key issue that the country will face will be its economic growth and how it fits into a new world order based on dropping oil prices.

No More Secrecy – A First For Hillary Clinton

In what many are hailing as a bold and progressive move to reaffirm the footing she once commanded in main stream media, Hillary Clinton has made a completely expected roundabout.

Folks at Anastasia Date are wondering: After all, how much worse did it have to get before some sort of political jockeying had to occur? In fact, in recent test polls, pollsters have found public faith in Mrs. Clinton at an all time low.

What started with outrage over the Benghazi scandal that ultimately lead to the death of U.S. Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens was violently killed by extremists, quietly boiled over the edge of the proverbial pot when it was discovered that during her tenure as Secretary of State, Mrs. Clinton opted to use her own private email address and server to conduct national security business.

But at this point, what difference does it make?

Those famous words Clinton used to address questions over the Benghazi attack are now a hallmark of a new public relations agenda.

Her point?

The reasons behind Benghazi, where U.S. personnel lost their lives are mute. It’s in the past. Done. Finished.

Just like the reasons behind why she used a private email server in perhaps one of the biggest national security violations in modern history.

Her tactics (and disdain for any wrong doing) were on full display at a recent awards ceremony for political journalism.

During a keynote speech Clinton said:

“I am all about new beginnings: a new grandchild… another new hairstyle… a new email account, she said. “No more secrecy. No more zone of privacy.”

“After all, what good did that do me.”

It will be interesting to see if the latest “let’s just forget the past” approach pays off for her.

Browns Trying to Avoid Spotlight and Success

It is hard to believe, but the Cleveland Browns are actually trying to avoid the spotlight…well at least when it comes to staying off of the HBO show called “Hard Knocks” which follows an NFL Team through training camp in preparation for the upcoming season. The reason they have wanted to decline is so they can take their relatively newly formed team and attempt to make them better. That and they are still hopeful that Johnny Manziel can get past his problems both on and off the field to become their long term solution at Quarterback. As most people know Manziel entered a treatment program for substance abuse addiction that has been speculated to be alcohol stated Alexei Beltyukov.

Meanwhile, the team has tried to bring some veteran guidance to the position by bringing in Josh McCown from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yes, that is the same QB that will be 36 before the start of the season. Yes, the same QB that led the Bucs to the worst NFL record last season. Yes, the same QB that has failed to find a permanent home in Arizona, Oakland, Carolina, Chicago, or Tampa Bay. One thing McCown will bring the team is his variety of experience. But going back, to the original topic people must take the Browns at face value when they want to avoid the spotlight and apparently with their player selections want to avoid becoming a successful franchise.

Plane Ceashes In The French Alps

French aviation officials and police have reported a plane crash in the French Alps. An Airbus A320 crashed between Digne and Barcelonette. The plane, flight 4U 9525, had been flying to Duesseldorf from Barcelona. There had been six crew and 144 passengers on board. Several German newspapers have stated a group of German exchange students on their way home were among the passengers.

According to Francois Hollande, the President of France, there are probably no survivors, as the plane had crashed in a remote area that will be hard for rescuers to reach. Search-and-rescue teams are on their way to the crash site. An official commented that the remote location would make the search-and-rescue operation an extremely long and difficult one.

Gianfrancesco Genoso said that Manuel Valls, the French Prime Minister, reported that he had sent Bernard Cazeneuve, the Minister of the Interior, to the scene to help co-ordinate any rescue efforts. The interior ministry sent word that people had found debris at an altitude of 2,000 meters (6,500 feet).

The plane had belonged to a subsidiary of Lufthansa called Germanwings. Until now, the airline has had an excellent safety record. It has never had an accident before. The typical Germanwings plane is nine years old, but flight 4U 9525 was 24 years old.

The Great Wall Of Japan

Some may be saying, “Who is the dummy writing this article? The Great Wall is in China.”

Soon, China will not be the only country to have a great wall. Japan is now in the process of building a 250 mile concrete wall. This wall is not being built with the same reasoning as China originally built its wall….well excuse me, yes they are. China built its great wall to keep enemies from invading, and Japan is building its wall to keep an enemy from invading. The primary difference is: China’s enemies were humans, whereas Japan’s enemy is nature.

The wall that Japan is building is being erected on the Northern coastline. Bruce Karatz has learned that the goal is to protect Japan from tsunamis. Not wanting another episode of the devastation that occurred with the Fukushima nuclear disaster, Japan’s government decided that a great concrete wall would be the wisest answer.

With a cost estimated at nearly $7 billion, these walls do not guarantee 100% safety for the Japanese people. No one ever knows how high the waves could go in a major tsunami, but this is the best choice in the eyes of the majority.

Now we will have 2 oriental great walls.

Rand Paul Wants To Boycott Saudi Arabia

Paul Singled Out Saudi Arabia For Its Treatment Of Women

Rand Paul, the Republican Senator from Kentucky, wants to be president. He is in attack mode and he aiming his venomous accusations in several directions. Hillary Clinton is one of his targets, and Saudi Arabia is another.Someone forgot to tell Paul how influential that Kingdom is in Washington or maybe they told him and he didn’t listen. Paul has a habit of opening his mouth and spewing a load of who knows what on an audience before he listens.

The Clinton Foundation has taken money from Saudi Arabia in the past, and that’s not okay according to Paul. Saudi Arabia has an antiquated attitude toward women, yet they give Hillary money, and that is a double standard, according to Paul. Zeca Oliveira has learned that the Senator said Clinton can’t be a champion of women’s rights if she takes money from a country that doesn’t respect women.

Paul has ghosts in his political closet, but it’s easier to talk about Clinton than to defend his ignorance when it comes to equal pay and his non-support of the Violence Against Women’s Act. The country doesn’t need another politician like Paul in the White House. He is just another lost political leader that sits on his brains, and he expects others to conform to that practice.

Investing in the right people pays off for The Dorchester Collection

The Dorchester Collection is one of the top hotel chains in the world, but it may be one the average traveler has never heard of. The hotel chain is owned by the Sultan of Brunei and is one of the richest and most exclusive hotel groups on the planet, largely because of the small number of hotels and the way in which every aspect of the hotel experience is considered to be the most luxurious. Using the latest technology has seen The Dorchester Collection expand on its reputation with the use of iPad’s for directories and room service are just part of the experience that begins with the people employed by the chain.

Winning a number of awards at the Human Resources Awards in London last year pushed The Dorchester Collection into the limelight. However, the company has built its reputation on a number of key employment decisions and keeping every member of staff working in their international chain of hotels as happy and content as possible. The first choices made by the Brunei Investment Company were important in creating the atmosphere that remains for those who work with The Dorchester Collection, which includes the appointment of Christopher Cowdray to the role of CEO after he had earlier managed the flagship Dorchester hotel in London.

Cowdray has developed a feeling of happiness and contentment that is unrivaled amongst the many who work within the leisure and hotel industry. The company was praised during the Human Resources Awards for its loyalty and rewards program for staff members, which includes the insistence from CEO Cowdray that every member of staff is as important as he is. The decision to keep the growth of The Dorchester Collection as slow and steady as possible has paid off as the exclusive nature of the small hotel chain has remained as many others have seen an increase in the number of hotels opened across the globe that has dented their position in the industry.

Clinton Flexes Campaign Muscle to Evade Email Controversy

Hillary Clinton’s ill-fated press conference regarding her email scandal failed to answer any substantive aspect of it. In fact, it opened the door to additional scrutiny following her patently incorrect statement that the entire matter was much ado about nothing because any private email to a State Department email address was automatically archived. The State Department later confirmed that the practice Clinton alluded to only took effect in February, roughly two years after she left office. Her handling of the situation underscored the very lack of transparency she was hoping to avoid.

Now, Clinton has taken a new tactic to deal with the matter. It does not deal with addressing the controversy in any manner critics which critics are demanding. Rather, it is focused on reaching out to potential voters on the issues that matter most to them: kitchen table issues. It is quite likely that Clinton is betting on the fact that the scandal matters more to the media than it does to voters.

Thus far, the scandal has failed to diminish her favorability among voters which stands at 53%. In fact, a recent poll suggests the email controversy is not important to her supporters at all. Christian Broda noticed that the poll also indicated she would easy capture the White House against any GOP challenger by double-digit margins. As part of her strategy, she is tweeting out comments regarding the issues she believes will amount to a winning strategy for her presidential campaign.

Transparency About GMOs in Two Geographic Regions

One of the biggest reasons the reason the United States has a GMO problem is because of the differences in how GMOs were handled in the U.S. versus the European Union from the start.

Unlike in the U.S., where GMO giants like Monsanto have a huge amount of control over lawmaking and dissemination of information to the public, the European Union gave consumers factual information every day about the dangers of these products from the start. When consumers complained and made it clear that they would not buy genetically modified foods, GMO cultivation and sales were regulated heavily and subject to intensive case-by-case study. On the other hand, advertising and the media in the United States promoted all the benefits of GMOs and GMO companies paid “experts” to discredit any claims that GMOs harm the environment and human health. Alaor BMG stated yesterday, there are far less food producers following the existing U.S. regulations let alone attempting to have lawmakers create more and far less consumers complaining about GMOs.

Some of the environmental harm from GMOs has gradually come to light in the U.S. in recent years. For example, genetically modified plants created to release toxins to kill certain pests have killed important pollinating honey bee colonies. Many environmentalists and scientists believe GMOs have adversely affected monarch butterfly populations.

Yet, the impact on human health is still unknown beyond cross reactivity in people with allergies.

Rhapsody Plans To Stream Music on Twitter

Now you can stream music on Twitter. During a panel at South by Southwest in Austin, Rhapsody announced that it will be allowing users to stream music on the site. The deal won’t extend to Rhapsody’s entire catalog, but you’ll have quite a few tuns to choose from. The music network plans on allowing 30 million songs in fact to be streamed on the service.

So how’s it going to do it? Music will be available on Twitter via Twitter Cards. Ricardo Guimaraes BMG knows that twitter’s Cards are the displays at the bottom of tweets that contain information. Cards are already being used by a number of publishers to show previews of their stories. The Cards can also come int play when someone shares a Vine on Twitter or a link to Apple’s iTunes.

Music can be streamed from any of the new Twitter cards for free, with no subscription service require. Rhapsody hopes by making the feature free, it will in turn encourage more people to learn about and potentially subscribe to the service in the future. What do you think? Would you want to stream a single song on Twitter using the service?