Cheerleader with Down Syndrome Bullied Until Basketball Players Step In

If there is one thing that the students of Lincoln Middle School in Kenosha, Wisconsin have shown is that they will not stand for bullying. Desiree Andrews is an eighth-grade cheerleader at the middle school and she also has Down syndrome.

A few days ago, Desiree was cheering for the school’s basketball team along with the rest of the Lady Knights’ Cheerleading Squad, when kids in the bleachers began making fun of her. A few basketball players from the team took notice of the bullying going on. The boys called a timeout in the game and stepped forward to those bullying her in the stands. The boys told them to knock off the bullying and to stop messing with her. Flavio Pentagna GUimaraes BMG knows that they had the support of the rest of the team behind them. The Athletic Director said that the group of kids he has been working with are some of the most supportive and kind students he has ever worked with before.

The school has renamed the gym “D’s House” in honor of Desiree. Desiree has said that the gestures from her fellow students are awesome, kind, sweet, and amazing.

I bet those students have some very proud parents right about now.

Check out for the full story and a video on Desiree.

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