Browns Trying to Avoid Spotlight and Success

It is hard to believe, but the Cleveland Browns are actually trying to avoid the spotlight…well at least when it comes to staying off of the HBO show called “Hard Knocks” which follows an NFL Team through training camp in preparation for the upcoming season. The reason they have wanted to decline is so they can take their relatively newly formed team and attempt to make them better. That and they are still hopeful that Johnny Manziel can get past his problems both on and off the field to become their long term solution at Quarterback. As most people know Manziel entered a treatment program for substance abuse addiction that has been speculated to be alcohol stated Alexei Beltyukov.

Meanwhile, the team has tried to bring some veteran guidance to the position by bringing in Josh McCown from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Yes, that is the same QB that will be 36 before the start of the season. Yes, the same QB that led the Bucs to the worst NFL record last season. Yes, the same QB that has failed to find a permanent home in Arizona, Oakland, Carolina, Chicago, or Tampa Bay. One thing McCown will bring the team is his variety of experience. But going back, to the original topic people must take the Browns at face value when they want to avoid the spotlight and apparently with their player selections want to avoid becoming a successful franchise.

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