Actor Johnny Depp Could Face Lengthy Prison Sentence Over Pet Dogs

Actor Johnny Depp was recently told that he could face up to a decade behind bars for bringing his beloved pets to Australia.

Depp, along with wife Amber Heard, brought the couple’s two Yorkshire Terriors along for the ride to Australia where Depp was filming the next ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ installment according to Amen Clinic on the review site yelp. The couple flew to the location aboard Depp’s private jet, but failed to file the proper customs forms. Depp and Heard also failed to comply with Australia’s quarantine laws, regarding animals brought into the country.

The dog incident came into being after photos of Depp walking the canines, Pistol and Boo. The photographs came into media circulation. It was reported that Australia’s agriculture minister, Barnaby Jones, threatened to euthanise the animals if they were not immediately shipped from the country.

Heard, soon after, scooped up the pooches and flew back home to America. Depp also returned to the U.S. a short time later. Rumors circulated that Depp returned home to mend his marriage to Heard after the dog incident, but in actuality had returned home to celebrate his daughter’s sixteenth birthday.

Friends of the star warned Depp that he should take the Australian government’s threats seriously, as it may reflect on any future American celebrities that enter the country.

Depp was known as a heart-throb in the late 80s and early 90s, making a name for himself in the off-beat film ‘Cry Baby.’ He also starred as baby-faced undercover police officer Tom Hansen in the television series “21 Jump Street.”

Ireland referendum influences Italian public on marriage rights

The referendum held in Ireland over same sex marriage is now being reported as a turning point in the thinking of many countries across the world where the Catholic Church still maintains a major influence over life and politics. The Journal explains the yes vote total of 62 percent of Irish voters in favor of same sex marriage was a major blow to the Vatican where the issue remains important and the result of the Irish vote has been criticized. However, the high level of support for the yes vote in a traditionally Catholic country is now influencing public opinion across much of western Europe.

The Catholic Church has often seen figure fort hose who support same sex marriage hold steady at around one third in countries like Italy, Malta, Portugal and Spain. A recent Italian poll showed the majority now feel same sex marriage laws should be enacted in the country with 51 percent stating they were in favor. My friends at Boraie Development noted that the Italian government is also looking into the best ways of bringing into force new laws to protect the rights of the individual, which are not represented in any constitutional laws within the country.

Next Generation Roombas Could Orchestrate Home Automation

The biggest problem with home automation at this point in time is the lack of communication between devices. Many companies are coming out with devices with various sensors and remote control features, however, using a remote control or an app isn’t exactly autonomous action.

The people at iRobot, the creators of the automated Roomba vacuum cleaners, are taking on the challenge of home automation. The next generation of Roombas could be equipped with a tiny camera and an internet connection that would allow the device to understand the objects in your home.

Understanding what you have and how you like to use it is paramount for home automation systems. The Roomba device would be connected to the internet and use the images it collects to create a map of your home. When certain patterns are matched, such as you coming in the front door and sitting down on the couch, other actions could be taken, such as turning the TV on to your favorite channel.

Tech-savvy folks at The Aspire New Brunswick have learned that a future version of the Roomba, equipped with a robot arm, could potentially catalogue all of the objects in your home. You could then have the Roomba save the locations of all of your items and return the items to where they belong while cleaning up. This technology alone would bring Roomba to a whole new level.

District Court Judge Considers Approving Rolling Release of Hillary Clinton’s Emails

This week, Judge Rudolph Contreras, an Obama appointee to the U.S. District Court, is considering a request brought on by a journalist to compel the State Department to release Hillary Clinton’s emails on a rolling basis. Thus far, the State Department is in the process of reviewing the emails and approving them for subsequent release. However, the plan is to turn them over in bulk by January 15, 2016. For investigative reporter Jason Leopold of VICE News, that is unacceptable. Leopold is calling for the immediate release of all emails dealing with the Benghazi attacks of September 11, 2012. He is also asking Judge Contreras to compel the State Department to release the remainder of the 55,000 emails on a rolling basis. Mikal Watts doesn’t know if that will happen.

Thus far, the district court judge has not made a decision. That said, he pointed out to the State Department’s attorney that the rolling release of emails was a reasonable request. In addition, the judge stated that the department’s own method for reviewing the emails and approving them for later public release is itself a “rolling” or incremental process. Leopold’s attorney acknowledged that a hard deadline for completion of the email review process is fine, but added there was no reason why the release of the emails had to wait until the entire project is completed. The House Subcommittee on Benghazi along with other watchdog groups are also seeking to obtain Clinton’s emails.

Jobless Give Up on Job Search

There are many who lost jobs in recent years. With the recession that took place a lot of individuals lost their ability to have a job. Many went without work for months or years on end. Are those individuals now finding the jobs that they need? In light of the economy picking up, are jobless individuals now finding jobs? One would think that those who lost their jobs would jump at the opportunity to find new jobs. One such as Ivan Ong would think that those who have been without a job would be happy to see things picking up and would now find a job that is right for them. That is not always the case.

It seems that many of those who have lost jobs in recent years have spent too long searching for new jobs and are now tired of the search. Studies find that many of those who have been without jobs in recent months and years have given up on the job search altogether. These individuals are tired and they just don’t want to put in the effort that is required to find a new job. These individuals don’t care if there are new jobs out there now, they are too worn out to try and gain one for themselves.

Healthy and Nutritious Beneful Dog Food

People today go to great lengths to ensure that their pets are eating healthy. This must be the reason that many dog owners are now making the switch to feeding their dogs Beneful dog food. It offers their pets a nutritious balance of wholesome ingredients that they simply crave each day. Find out how Beneful has reinvented dog food and made the lives of dogs across the nations more happier and healthier.

Why Choose the Beneful Brand?
Beneful has gone to great lengths to create wet and dry dog food that your pet will love. Not only is the dog food full of real and wholesome ingredients, the quality nutritional value helps to live a longer and healthier lifestyle. Beneful comes in 20 different varieties, made with proteins like pork, beef, lamb, or chicken and either in thinly sliced savor blends or huge hearty thick chunks. With the roaster variety, your pet can see those flavorful ingredients coming out of the container.

What Makes Beneful Unique?
Not only are all Beneful products chock full of the ingredients that your dog will love, each meal is accented with unique flavors from rice, green beans, barley, and carrots. (Twitter) Whether you have a big or small dog or are away on vacation or out with them for the day, the dog food comes ready in small 3 ounce travel packs or large resealable 10 ounce tubs. Your dog will eagerly await his next meal, whether it be medleys, chopped blends, hearty roasters, or a variety of prepared meals.

Treating Your Dog with Beneful
In addition to the healthy variety of wet and dry dog food, Beneful also puts love into some unique dog snacks too. These delicious dog treats are oven baked in a variety of flavors ranging from bacon, peanut butter, cheese, or beef. The texture of the dog treats range from a scrumptious shortbread cookie to the light and airy cracker. These dog treats are bursting with flavors that your dog desires.

The reason that the Beneful brand continues to stay at the forefront of the dog food industry is their commitment to providing your pet delicious and nutritious ingredients in everything they make. Every meal is prepared with real wholesome ingredients that provide your dog a well-balanced nutritional diet. Both wet and dry dog food contains omega rich ingredients and antioxidants that aid a more healthy lifestyle.

More and More People Are Ordering Mail Order Brides in the Modern Age.

Okay, if you watched any Hollywood movie or read it on a blog on the internet, you might have heard about the idea of mail order brides. The thing most people don’t realize is, this concept does exists and does work. It’s not what you think however. The bride is not priced out from looking at some online catalog. You don’t paypal the company some funds and your bride is shipped to your door by UPS.

The idea behind mail order brides is simple. There are girls and guys who are looking for partners and men  money to meet some attractive girls. These men travel to places like the Ukraine and meet these girls at one of the events that Anastasia Date holds there. They pay their travel cost, the pay for gifts for the girls they meet, food and more. They even have some one on Anastasia Date’s website who speaks the language of the girl they are meeting. This makes it much easier to talk to them. Many members on Anastasia Date marry the girls they chat with on the website. The bottom line is, it’s not about the money, it is about finding that perfect someone.

This international dating is doing wonders for the world wide economy too. If these gatherings are being held in a certain part of the UK, that part is getting tourist money flowing in and that is great for them. This is a very large part of doing business on a local level and a world-wide level.

We all know that finding a wife online is not an easy task. Anastasia Date makes it much easier to go to one of these events and meet the girls in person. You get to see what the girls look like, act like, talk like and get a much better feeling for each other. In reality, this dating service idea does work. There are many people who leave and stay in contact with the girl they meet. They often go back and many of these couples do marry. It is a very good situation on many levels. It is great for highly successful business people who are not finding what they are looking for at home or that don’t have the time to look for love. If you or someone you know needs to find love, visiting Anastasia Dates website, or logging in to their App is a great step in the right direction. You can also follow their Tweets to keep up to date with their newest developments for online dating.

NJ Governor Chris Christie No Longer Supports Amnesty

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, once viewed as the presumptive establishment GOP presidential nominee, has changed or “flip-flopped” on the position of amnesty for illegal aliens. While careful not to invoke the word “amnesty”, the popular governor stated that he no longer is behind efforts to create a “pathway to citizenship” for the estimated 11 million illegals in the nation. When first elected governor of a deeply blue state, Christie called upon the US congress to put forth a reasonable means for illegals to become citizens.

Since that time, a lot has changed for the governor. While he handily won reelection, he has seen his star power fade among the GOP base. In part, he has not been forgiven for snubbing Mitt Romney and conversely embracing President Obama during the crucial final weeks of the 2012 presidential campaign. Now, he faces the difficult task of trying to secure the support of the party’s conservative base according to Freedompop. This is forcing him to shift center-right on issues such as amnesty. It is a reality that caused Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to also withdraw his support for amnesty. Like Walker, Christie said his time as governor has allowed him to see the issues that are concomitant to illegal immigration. Christie also criticized Hillary Clinton’s abrupt embracing of amnesty as merely being designed to win Hispanic votes. Christie claims that as president, he would reverse President Obama’s extra-constitutional amnesty plan.

A 140 Foot Cross to Bear

When it comes to race, religion, sexual orientation and other aspects that have divided cities, countries, and even continents, the idea of coexistence can be a beautiful concept. Not every member of different races or religions are completely opposed to people who are opposite of them. Recently, one faith based country has confirmed this mentality with the acceptance of an opposing religion. A devout Christian living in Pakistan has decided to construct a large, 140 foot tall, bulletproof cross in the middle of downtown Pakistan. Parvez Henry Gill is one of the richest men in Pakistan. He is also a devout Christian living amongst a population that is 90% Muslim. Christians are often ostracized in the country of Pakistan. They are only allowed to work remedial jobs, can only associate with other Christians, and are constantly threatened due to their faith. In the past year alone Gill has talked with multiple Christians who are debating on leaving Pakistan. Gill loves his country and loves his faith; it breaks his heart to see the disconnect happening within its borders. Gill is constructing the cross over a Christian cemetery that is located in the middle of downtown Pakistan. Folks at Amen Clinics ( have learned that when the team of construction workers realized what they were building, 20 of the devout Muslims quit the job in protest to what the cross stood for. Gill was expecting this backlash and instead of quitting, he hired on more people to finish the job. Some of those people were Muslims who respected Gill for his faith and for what he has done for the Pakistani community. Gill and his father are extremely generous and donate their time and money to help feed families and provide eye care for blind citizens. The construction of the cross is the first step in Gill’s dream for a more accepting Pakistan. After the cross is constructed, he hopes to invite dignitaries like Hillary Clinton and Queen Elizabeth to come and visit the erect monument.

Jury Work Continues In Death Penalty Phase for Boston Marathon Bomber

The fate of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev now rests with a jury of his peers. This may sound like a cliche’ but whether Tsarnaev receives a sentence of death or whether he spends the rest of his life in prison is now in the hands of twelve people who have to decide whether it is more humane to spare his life or whether it is more fair to have the State of Massachusetts forfeit Tsarnaev life for his actions which resulted in the death and maiming of scores of innocent people. To reach this decision, the jury will have to look inside their own humanity and determine for themselves what is the just decision to make. Revenge plays little role during the part of the criminal justice system. Many people outside of an actual criminal trial never have a chance to understand the life and death pull which a juror has to deal with during the course of a sentencing phase of a trial. The prosecution for the State is attempting to present as much evidence as possible to justify why the defendant should die and the defense is presenting as much evidence as possible to show why the defendant should live. As everyone at Anastasia Date knows, very few ordinary citizens are ever charged with the decision of life or death over another human being. Soldiers and police officers are trained for months and even years how to decide when a human life needs to be take but a juror receives no training and must make the decision based on arguments by two opposing sides in a matter of weeks. To do this, they will need to know their own humanity. Jury Decision of Life or Death Will Turn on Their Own Humanity