Chris Christie: Another Candidate for President

Another Republican has entered the crowded race for president and it is Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey.

Governor Christie believes that Americans are tired of hand-wringing, indecisiveness and weakness in the White Office. We need a strong person in the Oval Office. These are some of the reasons that he is running for president.

Christie has been admired as well as praised for his arrogant, take-no-prisoners way. He likes telling like it is.

One key part of his campaign platform is expected to be entitlement spending. He revealed a plan to deal with this issue earlier this year in New Hampshire.

His running seems to Dondero to show that he does not expect past scandals to hurt him. He has been accused of closing major roads and bridges to retaliate against a New Jersey mayor who did not support his run for governor. He is accused of spending money for his own uses that should have been used to repair damage caused by Hurricane Sandy.

He should be the fourteenth Republican candidate running for president.

Alex Trebek Raps ‘The Fresh Prince’ Theme Song

Apparently Jeopardy host Alex Trebek has some hidden talents. On Monday, June 29th, the $800 clue was “In the theme to this ’90s sitcom, ‘I pulled up to the house about 7 or 8 & I yelled to the cabbie, yo Homes, smell ya later!'” Of course, this is one of the many memorable lines from the theme song from Will Smith’s The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.Alex Trebek went all out and rapped it in a strange, yet accurate rendition.

This is not something that you would expect from the game show host, but apparently it is not his first foray into the rapping game stated Ivan Ong. A few years ago, he also rapped his way through the entire category of “The 1990s Rap Songs.” In 2014, he also provided his rendition of classic rap artists throughout the category of “It’s a Rap.”

You know, if this game show host gig doesn’t work out, perhaps he has another career calling?

New York Pays $6.25 Million to Wrongfully Imprisoned Man

53-year old Jonathan Fleming has spent 24 years in prison for a murder he didn’t commit, and there was proof he couldn’t have committed the crime.

New York is paying Jonathan Fleming $6.25 million for wrongful imprisonment.

A Judge overturned the 1990 murder conviction and life sentence and Fleming was released 18 months ago. Since then, he’s been living with his ex-wife.

In 1990, Fleming was convicted of killing a childhood friend, Darryl Alston. Fleming had an airtight alibi – he was in Orlando Florida at Disneyworld, for his son’s 9th birthday.
Surprisingly, an alibi that was confirmed, but buried.

Fleming was sentenced to 25years to life.

Bob Rahn and Kim Anklin, private investigators for Fleming requested Brooklyn prosecutors to review the case, and a receipt from Orlando was found in the case file.

According to Shaygan Kheradpir in this article, 24 years later, the Brooklyn DA’s office agreed that Fleming had been wrongfully convicted.

Fleming has signed the settlement papers for his $6.25 million, and there is also a lawsuit against NY state for $25 million.

There Will be Consequences

As the current session of the United States Supreme Court comes to a close, the doubters are doubting and the hand-wringers are wringing. If they decide on certain cases one way, one party will be affected. If they rule another way, some other party will be harmed. Oh, woe is me!

Of course, that’s stating the obvious but to hear people talk, you would think that the whole purpose of bringing a case before the court was to minimize harm to everybody. Surely, that is the problem with government today.

We have an executive branch that is so afraid of harming anyone that it has done practically nothing. We have a legislature that’s so hopelessly deadlocked with indecision, and for the same reason, that they are operating on auto-pilot; and now, the people who have frozen government in the legislative and executive branches are bemoaning the fact that the judicial branch hasn’t yet taken the same tact.

No matter what the court decides in the waning hours of this term, it must, with all it’s might, resist the urge to placate the doubters and hand-wringers. There will be consequences, that’s nature. For every action, blah, blah, blah, but Alexei Beltyukov see that as no reason for the court to go all “George Bailey” on us.

The Supreme Court, now, more than ever, must play the role of “Mr. Potter” in our wonderful lives. If they try to please everybody, if they try to harm no one then they risk doing irreversible harm to this nation and it’s people. Trying to achieve equality for everybody will result in inequality for all.

An Injustice Everywhere

Much of the country is currently choosing sides in the debate of whether or not the South Carolina State Building should dismantle the Confederate flag that they have flying over the Capitol dome. Sam Tabar knows that this debate hasn’t just stayed among social media message boards and Internet Airwaves. Presidential candidates are currently being questioned on their stance of the Confederate flag issue. Two GOP candidates running for the Presidency got a chance to voice their opinion on the matter. Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum released statements on Sunday on their opinions of the Confederate flag debate. Instead of giving a cut-and-dry answer the two men made statements that would suggest that the state should decide and that it should not be a national issue. The men felt like they were being pulled into an issue that really had nothing to do with them. To say that the Confederate flag is a problem for South Carolina is oversimplifying the problem. Martin Luther King Jr. said that an injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere. The country will not progress if we continue to mandate and allow discriminatory and insulting symbols to plague the lives of honest and hardworking American citizens. While it is up to South Carolina to vote on whether or not to remove the flag, it should not be mistaken that this problem isn’t a problem for the entire country. Honest hard-working citizens across the United States would want the same type of respect as those who are offended by the flag in South Carolina. Much of the country expects for South Carolina to vote on their decision in the next few weeks.

United Amongst the Nations

The United States government and Israeli government are currently working together to perform a report written that involves the two countries in the Gaza war. The United States and Israeli governments are launching a campaign that would discredit the United Nations Human Rights Council and their report of war crimes. That were committed during the Gaza War last summer. The report from the two governments are expected to be released at the end of this month. Amen Clinic representatives pointed out to that the investigation took an entire year to complete even though the initial conflict only lasted 6 weeks. The war was named Operation Protective Edge. The war left more than 3000 individuals dead. That includes Palestinian soldiers and innocent civilians. Israel lost soldiers as well but not nearly as many as Palestine do it. The US and Israel are working together to prove them through port is completely biased against Israel. Israeli officials took encouragement from the United States in combating the report some United Nations. Israel publicize its own 277 page manuscript of what two placed last year in July and August in the two countries. Israel holds fast to the idea that they acted lawfully and did not break any laws of war. They also noted that they had no hand in killing civilians and that civilians were actually soldiers. Whether or not people believe is real, the United States, or Palestine it is imperative that the two countries issue so that the loss of life can be reduced to a minimum.

A Woman Will Be Featured on US Currency

So far only men have been featured on currency in the United States. That will soon change. Currently Alexander Hamilton is on the ten dollar bill. In the near future a woman will also be featured on the ten dollar bill. However, Alexander Hamilton is not being replaced. The woman will be shown along with him on the bill. The woman is going to be featured in the portrait space. Where Hamilton will be on the bill is not known.

So far, the woman who will be on the bill not been chosen, but Amen Clinics can’t wait to hear the announcement. As of now, no potential names have been announced. By the end of 2015,she will be chosen and her name will be announced to the public. The new bill will be in unveiled in 2020. This year will coincide with the 100th anniversary of women being allowed to vote. It is not known when this bill will be in circulation.

Japanese Americans Receive High School Diploma

Unbelievable, it happened here in America. During World War Two Americans, who had lived in the United States for a several generations, were locked up in U.S. government internment camps. Many of these people were Japanese-Americans of whose families had immigrated to the United States to work on the intercontinental railroad during the 1860’s. They were more American than many immigrants who had recently immigrated, according to what Alexei Beltyukov has been reading. There were 110,000 people forcibly detained in 10 such internment camps, as a result of the Japanese 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor.

George and Miko Kaihara were juniors in high school at the time they were interned at Poston camp in Arizona, May 1942. They missed their senior year at Tustin Union High School. The story has a happy ending. Recently both George and Miko Kaihara received honorary diplomas from Tustin High School. They are 90 years old. While they should have graduated in June, 1943, they are graduating now.

The family gathered to celebrate. Married in 1950, the couple have four sons and seven grandchildren. During their stay in the camp, the couple continued their educations. They would bring a stool or chair to a makeshift high school and study. They received their diplomas in Poston.

It is now 72 years later. A former classmate called their alma mater and arranged to have the couple receive an honorary degree. It is very important to George and Miko Kaihara because they receiving a honorary degree fulfills a dream of theirs to graduate from Tustin High School.

Social Networking with Skout

Communicating with and through social media is a daily part of life for most people. We follow our friends and family’s tweets and we “like” their posts. Skout is another social media type app/webpage that in its origins aimed at connecting people and building new friendships. Skout users will fill out a profile that is used to connect you with other compatible people. From that point, you will decide whether or not to communicate with others. Skout offers a “shake to chat” option which will randomly choose someone for you to communicate with.
This social networking medium also contains a travel feature. You may have a travel destination in mind but have no connections there. Skout can connect you with locals, where you can find out about the area you would like to stay, local attractions, great food experiences, and maybe a future friend. Even locals can benefit when visiting a part of town they are not familiar with.
Skout advertises the recommended age for use as 13 and older, but also has offers a link about internet safety and teens. Skout has links on their webpage about basic identity protection and safety when meeting strangers for the first time that all users should read.
Skout offers another element to put you in the forefront and feature your profile. No need to worry though, you have the ability to block and report unwanted users.
Skout has a user base that is worldwide. It is likely that there are Skout users to connect with wherever you may go, near or far from home.
Skout offers gift giving options which are emoticon like themed pictures. Sharing a “gift” with a fellow Skout user will require you to use points. There is also the option to just insert emoticons and pictures used in standard text messaging.
Ultimately, Skout seems to be a great tool for using social media to connect to others.

Over 42,000 People A Day Fled Their Homes In 2014

In a UN report released on Thursday stated that an average of 42,500 persons had fled their homes every day during 2014. Many are seeking refugee or asylum status. Over 60 million have been forcibly displaced within their own borders. Another roughly 51 million have sought homes in new countries, of that amount over one-half is thought to be children.

There are many different reasons for this to be occurring. Some people are fleeing oppressive social conditions or seek better financial conditions. Others are fleeing to escape death and violence. Most seem to be headed to either Europe or the United States. Some have had to be turned back due to sheer numbers. Click here for more information.

According to the BBC, this is the worse refugee crisis since World War II. It began in 2013 and didn’t seem to be letting up. Daniel Amen knows that most of the refugees are fleeing a five-year civil war in Syria. Due to that conflict over one-half of the countries population have fled since 2011. It’s thought that 7.6 million people have been displaced within their own borders, and another 4 million people are seeking asylum in other countries. The largest question is how many refugees any one country can take before being overwhelmed. The flood of refugees and asylum seekers is not showing any signs of letting up.