Goodell Has No Choice But to Judge Brady Appeal

For those who believe that Roger Goodell should recuse himself from hearing the Tom Brady appeal they obviously have not been paying attention to who the NFL Commissioner is or how he does his job. He is the no nonsense, do the right thing politician. He is always in the middle of trying to please the owners, and trying to do what is right for the National Football League. There are some who believe he will lessen the punishment to the star Quarterback, while others believe he will keep it in place just to spite the Super Bowl champion Patriots. Either way neither side believes he will be impartial in the judgement…but again, they obviously don’t know Roger Goodell.

James Dondero understands Brady‘s loyalty to the league can be seen in his actions. He believes the players should always conduct themselves in a manner that will reflect positively on the league. He gives chances for teams and players to correct themselves after infractions of rules the league has set, but will hold them accountable when their manner of self-discipline fails to maintain that standard. So when there was an overwhelming preponderance of evidence that Brady at least knew the footballs were under inflated and did nothing the league had no choice but to act. Moreover, when Brady’s agent attacked the league, the investigator, and the commissioner’s integrity in their investigation, it leaves Goodell no choice but to judge the case for himself.

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