What Craigslist Ads Say About Culture

Craigslist Ads And Today’s Tech Culture

Craigslist can be used for just about anything, from looking for jobs to selling merchandise to car troubles. It can also be used to deal with housing situations.

For people living in the San Francisco Bay Area, simply browsing through the housing ads section can prove to be very depressing. It leads to the idea that the industry there is only trying to accommodate people in the technology industry, whereas anyone else is just plain out of luck.

Some ads read that they’re looking for “extraordinary startup founders” that can make improvements on the community, they even go as far to include links to resume.com. Many of these ads show up on a daily basis in the Bay Area, searching only for tech workers, which in turn give off the perception that the tech industry only focuses on its sector and won’t look outside the box for help from other areas and as a result may not be able to resolve tougher situations somewhere down the road.

Some posts that go up ask applicants for links to other social media websites for help as well as the date they intend to move in and the name of a startup company. However they don’t ask for any employee innovations. The fact that prices for rent in San Francisco are going up doesn’t help anyone out either, especially since the median rent in the area has increased by thirteen percent.

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