Before Rachel Dolezal, Mark Stebbins Claimed He Was Black Too

Rachel Dolezal was not the first to change her ethnic identity. Back in 1984, blue-eyed, pale-skinned Mark Stebbins insisted he was black.

In the 1980’s, in Stockton, California, Mark Stebbins, campaigned and won a city council seat, beating and humiliating his black incumbent, Ralph Lee White.

Stebbins was questioned, as in the Dolezal case, about his racial lineage and he claimed he was black. White accused Stebbins of defrauding the voters and requested a recall vote, however, Stebbins also won that victory.

Come to find out, the resounding victory had less to do with how voters felt about Stebbins, and more to do with the flamboyant Ralph White.

Voters didn’t trust White and it really was a unanimous decision that Stebbins cared about the communities, and that’s what the voters needed.

Sure, journalists looked into the claims, and people chuckled for a while, but even with white parents, Stebbins still claimed he was black, and still does today.

During his undergraduate studies, he became a civil rights activist, and over time, his efforts were primarily rooted in black causes.

But, the Black community welcomed him, and although Caucasians were left scratching their heads, no one really cared.

Daniel Amen wonders: Can you call yourself whatever you want, or must you belong to an exclusive race, based on ancestral lineage? Who came up with those rules?

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