QNet: Not Part of the Pyramid

In the world of e-commerce, both sellers and consumers need to be careful. While the majority of online companies are legitimate, there are those companies that are only out to scheme people. These companies operate pyramid schemes and the upper crust in the company are the only ones making money. This has made it very difficult for legitimate companies to prosper and it has made them have to jump through numerous and rigorous hoops to be able to operate. All it takes is a few dishonest companies to make any e-commerce company look suspicious. It makes employees look sketchy and it causes consumers not to purchase goods, for the fear of getting scammed.

Among those legitimate companies that are taking backlash, is QNet. QNet has been based in India for 14 years and offers consumers genuine and unique products. Most of their products are geared toward the Indian market, but they also serve other countries. QNet is constantly looking to expand their e-commerce reach and they are always developing new products, especially for health and wellness.

Pyramid schemes have caused consumers to be very leery of e-commerce companies. This fear of getting scammed has damaged the chances for legitimate companies to be productive. Pyramid schemes offer quick riches, but the catch to their scheme is getting other people to join. Those involved attempt to persuade others to join and when that happens, they make money. What they fail to tell people is that when they join, they don’t start making any money unless they can also get others to join. They make no money for selling products, they only make money for getting people to join under them.

This is where QNet is different. Regulations are extremely strict in India for e-commerce companies. This is to ensure that consumers are getting exactly what they are told. QNet has gone through all of the proper channels to make sure that they are completely licensed and legal per Indian law. QNet is an exceptional marketing firm growing at a rapid pace.

QNet is a direct sale company. This means that their products are sold in a face to face manner. Although it is an online company, there is someone to talk to if needed. Also, those that sign up to sell, don’t have to sign others up to make money. Money can be made strictly through sales. Direct sales can be lucrative if a merchant has others under them, but it isn’t a necessity to make money.
QNet is a lucrative and honest online company. They have gone through all the proper channels to ensure their customers are safe with them.

Four reasons why Vijay Eswaran Makes an Inspirational CEO

Every day, people in leadership positions unconsciously influence the attitudes, behaviors and beliefs of those who observe them from a distance… and depending on the decisions they make while in the spotlight, their behavior will yield an unconscious negative or positive effect on the psyche of their observers.

For years, I have admired Vijay Eswaran because I feel he is someone who has had a positive impact on the world. Discover the four reasons that you should look up to Vijay Eswaran as an inspirational figure as well.

1. Not Afraid to Get His Hands Dirty

Known as a highly-esteemed, extremely gifted student in his formative years, Vijay Eswaran, earned himself a socioeconomic degree at the London School of Economics, the school of which he graduated in 1984. Once he graduated from the London School of Economics, Magda cum laude, he moved to Europe where he pursued several smaller, blue collar jobs, enabling him to pay off the debt he amassed as a student. In his tenure as a blue-collar worker, he found himself employed as a taxicab driver in London, in France as a winemaker, even involved in labor/construction gigs in Belgium.

After spending the first three years out of college as a blue-collar, he decided to further advance his formal education in Great Britain, where he quickly received his CIMA qualification. Several years later, he acquired his MBA at a prestigious University, located in the state of Illinois in the United States. Eventually he returned to Malaysia and that is when the Cosway Group, a popular company in the Philippines scouted him, seeking his help in actively growing the business, a task which he quickly accepted.

2. Marketing Genius
Eventually, Vijayaratnam Eswaran decided to take multilevel marketing more seriously, so he began working for the QI Group, a multi-level marketing conglomerate, offering products in the travel, health and well-being sectors; which can be found in more than a dozen US states as well as offices located internationally, in locations such as Japan, Thailand and Malaysia. The QI Group also has been extensive array of subsidiary companies to its name.

3. A Total Art Buff
Vijay Eswaran is known as Malaysia’s most influential public speaker, and has made a name for himself on the circuit, representing groups like the world economic forum and the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas in India.

In addition to his prolific career as a public speaker, he has written several books which combine his business philosophies with deep-seated spiritual practices and beliefs.

With his love of art, business and religion, he is in modern day Malaysian Renaissance man with three internationally known, best-selling novels. Being a passionate photographer, he put together a book of photography that was taken over the course of his life.

4. Philanthropic Humanitarianism
As a proactive advocate for social responsibility, Vijay Eswaran (LinkedIn)
created a nonprofit organization within his business known as the RYTHM Foundation, with the sole intention to instill a sense of social responsibility into the members of his expansive multinational firm.

In Malaysia, the Vijayaratnam Foundation helps the citizens of Malaysia through vast community planning and mentorship programs. Vijayaratnam has also contributed millions of dollars to various charities and organizations to increase the standard of living for all walks of life in his native country.

Within the last decade, Vijay Eswaran has been granted the New Global Indian (NGI) award for his philanthropic contributions to society.

North Korean Defector to Speak at DePauw

On October 5, 2015, the youngest Ubber speaker will be at the Green Kresge Center at DePauw University. I first read of the upcoming visit by human rights activist and author Yeonmi Park in the news media section of DePauw’s online website.

Sword Rattling While People Hunger
It is significant that North Korea’s dictator is again assembling his army and threatening South Korea with war, as conditions worsen for the people of North Korea still trapped there.

Yeonmi Park is 21 and has already lived through more atrocities and deprivation than she should have experienced in two lifetimes. She has written a non-fiction book, “In Order to Survive”, which details her escape from North Korea through China and Mongolia. Her parents, formerly imprisoned and destitute, sought achievement of family asylum and freedom in neighboring South Korea. She and her mother crossed frozen lakes among human traffickers and endured incredibly demeaning treatment, fear and exhaustion. Her father had stayed behind due to cancer, not wanting to slow them down. He later joined them, but did not survive the Chinese mountains and Yeonmi and her mother buried him there. He died of cancer without pain medication in snow covered foreign mountains in order to find freedom from his own North Korean government.

Park received a standing ovation after being introduced by James Chau at last year’s One Young World Summit:


Odyssey for Independence Never Before Known
After frozen mountains of China, the mother and daughter came into forces of different guides and enablers until Christian missionaries helped them enter Mongolia. They appealed to the South Korean embassy but due to the strife of the area, Yeonmi and her mother had to hide or be discovered and returned to North Korea where they’d face retribution.

The area’s humanitarian aids working undercover assisted them in achieving South Korean embassy’s asylum. Yeonmi declares, “For the first time in my lifetime, I own me.” Today she is a student in South Korea in her 3rd year at university studying criminal justice. Awards and accolades have been bestowed upon Yeonmi since stepping up to the humanitarian platform and speaking to the entire world. However, Yeonmi regrets the attention the world pays instead to Kim Jong Un’s eyebrows and appearance, a disheartening hurdle to overcome as an activist.

She states, “He killed 80 people in one day for watching a South Korean movie or [sic] with the Bible,” she notes, “Crazily, we are talking about Kim Jong Un’s appearance– nobody asks, ‘where are the North Korean people who died?'”

“It’s the same thing as the Holocaust,” she notes, a crime against humanity widely ignored while it went on. “We ignored it, and we said ‘never again,’ but now it’s happening again, and we are ignoring it.”

Brian Bonar: What Makes A Successful Financial Executive

Brian Bonar is an outstanding and accomplished finance executive who has made a historic transformation in the finance world. He has a comprehensive business background that has helped him build a solid foundation for companies he has served. His educational background can acknowledge a principal part of his success. Brian Bonar attained his undergraduate Degree in Engineering from James Watt Technical College and pursued a master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Doctorate from Stafford University. His prowess from education has enabled him to establish as successful business structure.

Brian Bonar has an influential career that has made him reach greater heights. He is a hardworking individual and has strong financial and analytical skills that have made him undertake various tasks as a financial executive. In the different organizations he has worked for, Bonar has proved to be flexible to merge with different company’s culture. His influential work ethics has made him successful in linking various departments to meet a company’s objectives and goals.

Mr. Bonar serves as the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation (ITEC), a top developer of color management software, an integrator and a service corporation for digital imaging hardware. Through his efforts, the company has successfully transformed from being a manufacturer to a marketing organization in the last 12 months. He has come up with strategic acquisition for the company to augment its customer base to that of offering imaging products and services.

Prior to ITEC, Brian Bonar served as the CEO, CFO, President, Director, Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary at Trucept, Inc where he was strategically placed to manage the company’s operations. Mr. Bonar serves as the Chairman of the Board of Directors at Dalrada Financial Corporation. He became Director in August 1995 and the company’s Chairman in December 1999. In 1994, he served as the Company’s Director of Technology Sales until September the same year. He was then appointed the Company’s Executive Vice President and later in 1997 became the President and Chief Operating Officer.

Brian Bonar has also worked as CEO at Smart-tek Automated Services, Inc., at Smart-tek Automated Services, Inc as its Co-president, as well as the Chairman and CEO of the The Amanda Co., Inc. Prior to this, he worked for American Management Services LLC, Warning Management Services, Inc., Solvis Group, Inc., Bezier Systems, Inc. and Adaptec, Inc. he was once a board member at Girls Clubs of Greater San Diego and Alliance National Insurance Agency, Inc. Here, Brian Bonar was written about by San Diego Magazine.

In 2000, Brian Bonar was honored to be acknowledged as the Cambridge, Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in Finance. The Registry aims at identifying individual honorees that have academic accomplishments, professional achievements, and leadership abilities. With almost 30 years of experience, Mr. Bonar has had a great career in the financial sector.

BRL Trust’s Executives Promotes Exceptional Customer Service Among Their Employees

Strategic investment company, BRL TRUST is in the game to gradually
amass unprecedented profits that sustain a lifetime. Since their
inception in 2005, this renowned firm has successfully presented a
diverse group of customers with safe and reliable trust services.
Moreover, BRL TRUST’s portfolio of investment options has
led to extremely satisfied consumers who ultimately propelled the
company’s expansion into new business areas and practices.
Furthermore, with key executives managing the firm, BRL TRUST
continues to guide investors in their quest for effective trust

Following his participation in the Trustee Subcommittee on ANBIMA,
prominent businessman Mauricio Ribeiro founded BRL TRUST Investments.
Currently, this integral leader supervises the Custody Fund and
international transactions. Additional directors and founding partners
are Rodrigo Gomes and Rodrigo Cavalcante who are responsible for
Fiduciary Services and Funds Administration respectively. Immediately
after these three executives joined forces the firm acquired over 100
loans in just the first year of official operation. Notably, Ribeiro,
Gomes, and Cavalcante continue to work endlessly which has influenced
the development of additional business areas like mergers and
acquisitions, administration management, and capital markets.

The need for an effective and dependable trust service is flourishing
and the employees at BRL TRUST strive to satisfy this demand with a
variety of investment options. When pursuing their practical business
offerings, investors must first disclose their goals and expectations
to their appointed consultant in order to ensure the most worthwhile
results. BRL TRUST’s expert team of advisors along with their
competitive investment services has led to increased profits and
repeat patrons from all over Brazil.

The employees at BRL TRUST are commended for providing admirable
customer service to an extremely diverse group of clients. As a result
of their personable approach, the firm has gradually introduced a
variety of services to satisfy the need of most any prospective
consumer. Although the company is most known for distributing private
loans, clients may also pursue additional fiduciary services such as
fund administration, strategic asset management, and asset
underwriting. Along with the extremely approachable staff, these
competitive offers greatly contribute to unprecedented customer
satisfaction among all their clients.

BRL TRUST’s (Facebook)
team of expert executives and knowledgeable employees
always strive to adhere to a patron’s unique goals and expectations.
Their great customer service skills have ultimately led to the
company’s growth involving productivity and expansion into new areas
of business. With thorough consideration, clients are continually
trusting BRL TRUST with all of their investment needs. Soon, Ribeiro,
Gomes, and Cavalcante hope to serve many more individuals in a variety
of states and countries. Ultimately, their mission is to adhere to the
distinguished demands of their diverse clients in a safe and transparent manner.

How Often Are Visual Effects Used in Film?

Visual effects gives us, the audience, the chance to experience things we’ve never dreamed possible. It takes us to a place that would otherwise be inconceivable to explore. Through the years, visual effects in films have advanced tremendously due to new technology and the innovative ideas of the people who work on films. As per Wikipedia, there are constant different ways the special effects crews for films are trying to outdo themselves to make sure that they keep the audience coming back for more.

In nearly every film you sit down to watch at home or pay to see in a movie theater, you’re going to see outstanding special visual effects. It’s inevitable. There are so many things that we imagine but can never make into a reality, and that’s where the effects come in. Absolutely anything you could possibly dream of can be made into reality because of technology. It’s so much more than just sitting, looking at a computer screen, the crew must envision what the audience wants to see and then make it happen. It’s a lot of work, even for a talented team.

Some might even say that too many films are relying too heavily on visual effects and not enough of what’s right here on Earth, but that’s debatable. Animated films alone rely solely on these visual effects, otherwise there would be no movie. But what about sci-fi films? Or films that take place in space? A film like Gravity had a budget of over $100 million, most of it going to the special effects. They’re so important to have if the creator of the film wants to make it a success.

Pulse Executive Chairman John Textor is the brain behind illuminating the Billboard Music Awards stage with the ‘ghost’ of Michael Jackson back in 2014. It was truly a sight to behold for the music industry and fans alike. Visual effects, now, is no longer limited to just the film industry. Textor was also responsible for bringing to life, Tupac Shakur, as a hologram, at the Coachella Valley Music Festival back in 2012.

Before John Textor became the visual effects guru that he can call himself today, he studied economics and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1987. He then co-founded Wyndcrest Holdings ten years later before becoming managing partner of the company. In 2006, Textor became the chairman and CEO of Digital Domain, which is the operation behind many groundbreaking films, doing visual effects for over 80 large, high budget films, including Transformers, Tron: Legacy, and the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise. After working for Digital Domain, he set his sights on Pulse Evolution Corporation, becoming the executive chairman of the company. Plus Evolution is a company that specializes in creating state-of-the-art effects to resemble computer generated human likeness, an effect that so many films use today.

So, the next time you find yourself at the movies, just pay attention to just how much of it relies on visual effects, the answer may surprise you. Even the most basic live action films rely just a little bit on these effects because not everything exists in the real world. It’s the job of these intelligent companies to create a world outside of what we see in real life every day, and so far, they’ve done an outstanding job.


Overwhelmed with physical or emotional hurt? You may need a compassionate individual who will listen, personally absorb your problem and act with great legal skill to help heal your hurt. You may need Dan Newlin. His resume reflects legal expertise as a trial lawyer in Florida, and his reputation for caring is well known.

Headlines have carried Newlin’s name when jury decisions have awarded millions of dollars to a teen paralyzed by a stray gang bullet and to the family of a slain police officer. Individuals and families have felt his hand of concern in their moments of crisis, and young cancer patients have found hope in his special programs. His sharp legal expertise has brought closure, monetary help, and lawful justice for many clients. With a staff of 75 legal experts in offices in Orlando and in Chicago, he has a commitment to practice a special kind of law which reflects his concern and caring.

His bio reflects a history of helping people who have met challenges in life through no fault of their own. As a young lad just out of high school, he joined a fire department in New Chicago, Ind., and also worked with a medical emergency team. He soon moved to Orlando with a job as Deputy Sheriff in Orange County, Florida. He worked here thru college and Florida State University College of Law. It has been his concern for people that has motivated his rapid growing practice, and he is constantly seeking ways to help adults and children climb their mountains. Recently, he brought young cancer patients together with a boxing hero who had also met many challenges. Newlin saw the hero’s courage, and he hoped it would charge an atmosphere of hope and determination for these young victims. This sensitivity to human need radiates from Dan Newlin and staff. It is this intensity that communicates to a jury when Newlin asks for a verdict. It’s an electric charge that cannot be seen, but it lights the courtroom! Dan Newlin was written about by Findlaw.

However, Dan Newlin doesn’t push a button to turn his light on. It’s a part of who he is, the fabric of his character. His list of areas of practice incudes all kinds of accidents, wrongful death, medical and pharmaceutical malpractice, birth injuries, nursing home maltreatment, and insufficient security. The list almost says, “If it hurt you, maybe I can help ease the pain.”

Newlin has carefully chosen a staff that shares his motivation. Clients develop trust and confidence in those who work in the law firm of Dan Newlin. They find comfort, respect, friendliness, and emotional support. They become part of a family that needs help. A jury may award a sensational amount of cash in a verdict, but Dan Newlin & Partners will give something more valuable to help in healing. Friends who care are treasures.

Eric Pulier Helps His Corporation to be Constantly Improving

The Computer Sciences Corporation is a corporation that needs to be working hard to make sure that it is always all that it should be. It is a corporation that needs to be keeping up with new advancements and needs to always be on the lookout for ways that it can be better at all that it does. Thanks to great leadership, the Computer Sciences Corporation is a corporation that is constantly improving. It is a corporation that is always becoming a better version of itself. It is a corporation that is doing all that it can to get better and to be more helpful.

The Computer Sciences Corporation seeks to be the kind of corporation that never gets worse and always only gets better. It seeks to be the kind of corporation that is helpful to all of its clients. It seeks to be the kind of corporation that keeps up with the times and makes the necessary changes to go along with the way that things advance. Eric Pulier is the CEO of this corporation, and he is working hard to make sure that the corporation is always improving and becoming better at what it does.

Eric Pulier (Twitter)
knows how to lead, and he knows just what kind of help the Computer Sciences Corporation needs in order to become all that it should be. He knows all of the advances that this corporation needs to make if it is going to stay current, and he works hard to make sure that those advances take place. He is there to make sure that his corporation is always working as it should and that it is always becoming better. The clients who choose to work with the Computer Sciences Corporation want to know that they will be working with a corporation that is improving. Thanks to the help of Eric Pulier they can know that to be true of the Computer Sciences Corporation.

Balancing Taste and Health For Your Dog’s Meals

Dogs and humans have a surprising amount of things in common. One thing that humans and dogs share in common is their love for great taste. Dogs love to enjoy the taste of certain types of food, just like humans. However, some great tasting foods may not be good for the dog. There are certain types of dog food that the dog may find enjoyable, but is not giving the dog anything when it comes to health. A worse case scenario is when the dog eats something that he finds tasty, but finds his health decreasing as a result of that meal.

Then there is the other end of the spectrum where certain foods are more healthy than tasty. The dog may not really like the taste of the food. As a matter of fact, it may find the food to be rather bland and boring. However, eating the food results in an increased amount of health. The dog has a greater amount of energy. Even though the taste might not be that exciting, it may encourage the dog to eat more of that food. However, taste does not have to be sacrificed for health. Healthy food does not have to be lacking in taste.

There are certain types of dog food that are both tasty and healthy. The dog will enjoy its taste and experience immediate health benefits. The dog will have an added spring in its steps due to the nutrients in the meal. While one could find healthier dog food in a grocery store, it is much easier to find the desired type of dog food in a pet store. Pet stores have a larger section for dog food. Naturally, there would be a wider variety of dog food that the owner could choose from. So it is easier to find the perfect type of food with taste and nutrition.

Among the type of dog food with taste and nutrition is Beneful dog food. This brand has a reputation of producing and selling dog food that has plenty of nutrients. The owner could find plenty of different flavors of Beneful dog food. A lot of these flavors resemble food that humans eat. There are ingredients that are easily seen as well. Dogs everywhere are enjoying the great taste and health benefits that come with Purina’s Beneful dog food. Among the different types of dog food are foods with soy protein as opposed to meat.

People who look deeply for food will realize that they do not need to sacrifice taste for health. Taste and health are not mutually exclusive. This much is true for dog food as well as other types of food. The dog can enjoy the taste of food and not worry about being sick. Companies like Purina work hard to enjoy that being healthy is enjoyable. A dog doesn’t have to eat just for the health benefits while having to put up with a bland taste. Nutrition and taste actually go hand in hand with Beneful.

FreedomPop is Changing the Way That Wi-Fi Is Accessed

FreedomPop is one of the fastest growing companies in the technology sector. Since being founded several years ago, this company has grown considerably. FreedomPop started as a way to reach out to those that felt that they could no longer afford the cost of expensive wireless plans. Their promise of free wireless service has caused the company to grow considerably over the years. Now, having developed considerably over the last few years, FreedomPop is now developing several new projects.

FreedomPop was quick to recognize that access to the internet is extremely expensive for people across the United States. This is especially true for travelers, who will often have to stick to certain restaurants, or certain rest stops, just to get the internet service they need to keep in touch with family, friends, and business partners. FreedomPop had been actively researching internet access for people throughout the past year, and they recently decided that they had a solution to the internet access problem. Freedom Pop has now announced an unlimited Wi-Fi plans.

The details of this Wi-Fi plan should be extremely exciting for consumers. FreedomPop has announced that an unlimited wi-fi plan in the United States will cost just $5 a month. This plan should include 10 million wireless hotspots. This is an astounding number, which should make it extremely easy for customers to access this wi-fi. FreedomPop expects that this wi-fi service will be extremely successful. The infrastructure for this network is built around major cities. The leadership at FreedomPop expects that the service will be within reach of 120 million people across the United States, with almost every major city being covered. FreedomPop has also put a major effort in to ensuring that the service would be available along all of the major roads. The map of the wi-fi networks that FreedomPop is installing is set up along the major roadways of the United States. FreedomPop has put a major effort into ensuring that these networks would be easy to locate when one gets off at an exit. While the program has just been announced, it already appears that Freedom Pop will be extremely successful. Many people are already attempting to sign up for the service.

While people have long been frustrated with the lack of wireless service throughout the United States, they will soon be extremely excited to check out the FreedomPop service. This service is sure to be a game changer.