Sergio Cortes Can’t Be Beat When It Comes To Impersonating Michael Jackson

When I was younger, I went to Disneyland for the first time, and even though the lines were long, I had a lot of fun. One thing I really remembered was that there was a show that featured Michael Jackson, and you could see Michael Jackson on the big screen, and the whole movie was in 3-D. It wasn’t a very long movie, but he was in outer space, and he had a furry little friend that would fly around, and it seemed as if his friend was coming out of the screen towards you. The movie was called “Captain EO” and 3-D was relatively new back then, but it was the most amazing short movies I’d ever seen at the time.

I remember leaving that show absolutely loving Michael Jackson. I had heard of Michael Jackson before, but I was in my mid-teens at the time, so I wanted to know even more about Michael. I started buying Michael Jackson albums, and I would even purchase his music videos. It’s funny how one trip to Disneyland changed everything that I thought I knew about Michael Jackson, and the visit really made me fall in love with the singer.

I really grew to love Michael Jackson over the years, and it all started on that trip years ago. You can’t imagine how sad I became when Michael Jackson passed away, and I honestly cried over the entire ordeal. Although I was very depressed over the fact that Michael was no longer around, I held onto his memories by playing his music all the time and watching his videos. I live in California, and I was coming home one day when I saw a man performing as Michael Jackson on the side of the road.

He was holding up traffic, but I was very curious as to what he was doing. I decided to go home and look to see what type of other Michael Jackson impersonators are there.

After searching through the many different well-known venues for a Michael Jackson impersonator, I came across one that was absolutely amazing, and his name is Sergio Cortes. Of all the Michael Jackson impersonators I found online, Sergio was definitely the best. Many people will advertise themselves online as a Michael Jackson impersonator, but Sergio Cortes really sold himself by the way he danced and looked. This man favors Michael Jackson like no other person I’ve ever seen, and his videos prove that he can really dance. It turns out that Sergio lives in Brazil, but it doesn’t stop me from watching his videos, liking them, and also promoting them on my own website. I think Sergio is the best Michael Jackson Impersonator ever!

How to Increase Search Engine Optimizations by Using Interesting Keywords

Search engine optimization has become increasingly vital and important for companies who operate online. Whether a website has lots of loyal users, or primarily depends on new users to visit the website, having sufficient search engine optimization is key to getting your advertisement or website in the public eye.

When internet users search for something, they normally use a limited amount of keywords, in an attempt to keep their search as simple as possible for the search engine to understand. Most of the time, searches on search engines are only two or three words long, if that. Having the right keywords in your business’ advertisement is crucial to increasing the click rates a website has.

Place the keywords used in the article in the title of the advertisement or literature. One of the first things that a visitor will look at is the title, then they will form a quick opinion of the article. If the title seems interesting, they will probably stay.

Ensuring the keyword placement is fluid is essential. If a writer or designer stuffs words or other key phrases into an advertisement, viewers will probably feel that the advertisement is a scam, or the article is not a good source of information. The internet is very easy to access, so making first impressions is crucial for the success, thriving, and well-being of a website.

White Shark Media is an online-based company that provides digital marketing services to its clients. Increasing search engine optimization efficacy, digital marketing consulting, advertisement evaluation, and website creation are some of the things that White Shark Media offers. White Shark Media was founded only four years ago, but is known as one of the fastest growing digital marketing companies on the internet. White Shark Media has very reasonable prices, and is oriented to help medium and small businesses.

If there is an image in an article or advertisement, make sure to include the keyword in the image name. Even though most people are unable to see the name of the image, it will increase SEO.

Using the right keyword will increase traffic. Some phrases do not sound natural, or do not come off as interesting and appealing to internet users, so most users will bite more on other key phrases, and not be attracted to others nearly as much.

Do not go overboard when using key words and phrases. Make sure to reword them in different ways, so visitors can fully understand what the advertisement or article is about.

Source: WhiteSharkMedia Blog

Mr. Kenneth Griffin, CEO of Citadel, Active Philanthropist

Mr. Kenneth Griffin is well known as being one of the most successful hedge fund managers in recent history. Mr. Griffin was born in Daytona Beach, Florida, in 1968. He started attending the ever prestigious Harvard University, where he eventually graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics. During his first year at Harvard, Ken Griffin decided he wanted to start investing. Fortunately, Mr. Griffin had access to a significant amount of funds at a young age thanks to his parents, family, and friends.

During his second year at Harvard University, Mr. Kenneth Griffin was able to do what few college students have ever been able to do: start their own hedge fund. Mr. Griffin remembers that he raised somewhere slightly over a quarter of a million dollars to start the hedge fund. This was back in 1987, and there was no internet back then. To keep up with real-time trading statistics, Griffin installed a satellite receiver in his own dorm room so he could have access to real-time trading information, so he could earn more money, or lose less money if something went wrong. Before graduating from Harvard University in 1989, Griffin had control of a hedge fund in excess of one million dollars.

Only one year after graduating, Mr. Kenneth Griffin decided to bring out his inner entrepreneur and start his own company called Citadel in 1990. As of today, Citadel employs nearly one and a half thousand individuals, and controls in excess of twenty six billion dollars in assets. Not many people know this, but most hedge funds do not last very long – it is estimated that only there percent of hedge funds have been in existence for more than 20 years.

Mr. Griffin, unsurprisingly, has received a number of awards and accolades, including being named one of CFO Magazine’s Global 100, which is a list containing the most influential financial figures int he entire world. Griffin’s company, Citadel, was named one of the Top 10 Great Workplaces in Financial Services ranking by the Great Places to Work Institute, just to name a few.

As if Mr. Kenneth Griffin can’t squeeze any more time out of his day (which is hard – just think about all the things he has accomplished at a relatively young age), he is very active as an art collector, politician donor, and as a philanthropist. In fact, it is estimated that Griffin has donated in excess of five hundred million United States dollars in his lifetime. He has donated alongside Bill and Melinda Gates, when they pitched in together to fund Woodlawn High School, a charter school located in Chicago.

Much like Bill and Melinda Gates did when they founded the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Mr. Kenneth Griffin and his wife founded the Kenneth and Anne Griffin Foundation back in 2009. The K&AGF has given more than ten million dollars to the Chicago Heights Early Childhood Center, and around sixteen million dollars to the Children’s Memorial Hospital, which happens to be located in Chicago.

Chinese Real Estate Buyers see the Potential in New York Real Estate

Chinese residential buyers recognize the value of New York City real estate, and their presence in the market is growing and NYC apartments for sale. Miki Naftali, CEO of the Naftali Group stated they always look at the bottom line when they look at real estate. In New York they are finding the demand is constant unlike other areas where demand goes away during bad times. Another residential player at the first United States Real Estate Showcase and Forum in Shanghai was Jonathan Simon, founder Simon Baron Development. His statement at this gathering was to claim how much New York has cleaned up. He referred to New York as the safest big city in America. He emphasized this is a key factor for real estate doing so well in New York.

The article in The Real Deal covered other statements presented from top developers and brokers who discussed the Chinese investment trends in New York City. Fredrik Eklund, broker and star of “Million Dollar Listing New York” was one. He refers living in New York as truly making it a full life once you’ve owned an apartment in the city. This is what he refers to as one of his tricks in getting his real estate attention. He also told of the developments being designed with incredible buildings that include insane amenities.

The president of Halstead Property, Stephen Kliegerman reported the Chinese real estate buyers have opened their eyes to areas outside of prime Manhattan. They are now focusing on areas such as; Downtown Brooklyn, Harlem and other boroughs of New York City. Andrew Heiberger, CEO of Town Residential says Brooklyn should not even be considered a borough as it is becoming its own great city. Chinese buyers were price-point sensitive and were willing to spend $800,000 to $2 million for an apartment.

Heiberger founded Town Residential in 2010 which specializes in luxury residential sales, leasing and market sales and leasing of property developments. Their standard of excellence is a new trademark in the industry. There is a team of professionals at Town Residential who possess unmatched industry knowledge and experience. They are recognized as experts in the New York City luxury real estate market.

The forum conversation covered things to be aware of when investing in New York City. It can be difficult to find financing for foreign buyers, so they should show up with a lot of cash reserves. New York City has much more regulated transparent brokerage than China has. The Real Estate Board of New York and the New York Attorney General’s Office are two forces to help ensure rules are followed as protection for consumers.

Panelists at the forum also talked about more personal items outside of the professional conversations. They revealed information on their own dream houses in New York City and how some of them wished to live in Downtown Brooklyn. They wished for designs in their homes to be something unique and not “re-created”.

Skout Organic


Organic food is natural food that has been grown with conscious regard to the health of the soil, the plants, and the consumers. It is grown with no poison. Studies have shown that the nutritional benefits of organic foods far outweigh those of conventional products.

Today, production of organic food is a lucrative business, with producer networks spread across the globe, tens of thousands of retailers, and a market value of over $11 billion. The rate of growth of organic food market cannot be matched to any other food segment.

This article outlines the profile of one of the leading Organic Food companies today – Skout Organic.

Skout Organic – Background

Skout on prnewswire was established in 2008 by two brothers – Jason and Tony – and their father Denny Pastega.

The company is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, in The United States. Incorporating the founders’ passion for the outdoors and love for top-quality, organic foods, Skout Organic is dedicated to providing “great tasting, healthy, organic foods to sustain those who embrace adventure and actively pursue the outdoors”.

Skout Organic Products

Skout Organic’s product line comprises of the following:

  • Trailbar Energy Bars

These are available in apple cinnamon, blueberry almond, chocolate coconut, cherry vanilla, and peanut butter flavours.

  • Trailpaks

These are pre-packaged servings of flavoured raw pumpkin seeds. They come in jalapeno salsa, pepper BBQ and Sea Salt flavours.

Both the products have the following features:

  • Certified Gluten Free
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Certified Organic
  • No Refined Sugar or Fillers
  • Naturally Occurring Nutrients
  • Certified Kosher
  • Dairy & Soy Free
  • Vegan

Skout Organic Corporate Social Responsibly

In the spirit of the Pastegas’ family passion for the outdoors, Skout Organic commits to upholding environmental conservation by employing sustainable practices.

The company also donates part of its profits to select humanitarian and environmental charities. They also enjoy the reputation of being among the institutions that have ever sponsored The Fresh Water Trust Portland Triathlon – named in 2008 as one of “10 Greenest Races” by Runners World.


Skout Organic owes its success to a team of smart and hardworking employees who are driven by the passion to build exceptional experience to Skout customers in over 180 countries across the world. This is in additions to focussed co-founders who are keen about turning great ideas into action and purposefully hiring refined talents to drive the company’s growth as well as preserving its great culture.

As the company continues to grow it keeps on expanding the availability of its all-natural organic products to new locations. Today, Skout Organic Trailbars are available in over 540 locations across California and the Pacific Northwest, with plans to open up hundreds more locations in the near future. Plans are also underway to expand the company’s Portland-based workforce in a few months.

Kyle Bass’ Volatile Career Choices

Mr. Kyle Bass is an American investor and a hedge fund manager. Mr. Kyle was born On the month of September 7th of the year 1969 in Miami, Florida in the United States of America. Mr. Kyle attended his university studies at the Texas Christian University. He graduated in the year 1992 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration in the field of finance and real estate finance. After school, Mr. Kyle worked at Prudential Securities for a shorter stint before moving to Bear Stearns company. At Bear Stearns, Mr. Kyle was appointed the senior managing director of the company at a tender age of 28 years old. Mr. Kyle later Bear Stearns company and joined Legg Mason firm in Dallas.

At Legg Mason, Mr. Kyle was appointed the managing director of the firm, the position he held until he left the firm.
Mr. Kyle left Legg Mason firm in the month of December 2005 to start his investment firm. He established Hayman Capital Management firm in the wake of the year 2006. Mr. Kyle is the president and the hedge fund manager of Hayman Capital. Mr. Kyle resides in Dallas city. He sits on many boards as a member of a board of directors. Mr. Kyle has also stood before the House of Representatives and Senate to give evidence as an expert witness. In the year 2008 Mr. Kyle predicted the upcoming crisis at a subprime mortgage and exactly the outcome occurred earning him worldwide recognition. Many people termed Mr. Kyle as a genius man for his predicament.

After enjoying a good brighter share of life, Mr. Kyle has also had the darkest part of his life. First of all, Mr. Kyle formed the wrong business partnership with an Argentine known as Mrs. Christina Fernandez a woman who many people knew to be an economic illiterate woman. The worst of it is that while everyone is complaining about how the woman is wasting the and misusing the economy of her people, Mr. Kyle has publicly defended and showered a lot of praises to her. This has not been taken lightly hence it has been concluded that Mr. Kyle is having an affair with the woman.

Mr. Kyle also invested in General motor assembling industry. But he was also on the receiving end again because his automotive branch was accused of assembling fault power steering vehicles and not – deploying airbags. This contributed much to the loss of clients.

Mr. Kyle had predicted that the economy of Japan will collapse in 2010. However, this has not been fulfilled leading many analysts to slam and take a swipe at him because Japanese economy continued to grow.

How To Create Ads In Brazil

An advertisement is a lure that draws new customers and maintains existing clients in your business. You need to notify new customers of your existence in the market. On the other hand, you should update your existing customers of changes in the products you sell. Many approaches are available through which this is achieved. These methods are defined below.

Cláudio Loureiro
He is a founder of the advertising company, the Heads Propaganda. The company is ranked as one of the best in Brazil. It has many clients that include 3M, Positivo, Caixa, Informatica, Petrobras, and Arbor. He earned his law degree from PUC-PR. He has also spearheaded the management of advertising agencies in Brazil.

  • Online advertising

Publishing your products or services on websites with high traffic is a better way of letting thousands of customers know about your business. Noticias tells that social networks for instance Facebook as well as Myspace have business advertising platforms where businesspersons can publish their ads tailored to a particular area. The ads are tailored to the needs of a target market.

  • Newspaper

Advertising in a newspaper is one of the oldest methods. You can publish ads that are focused on a particular market. You need to assess the effectiveness of the ads. Therefore, you can attach coupons to the ad. Keep an eye on how frequent the newspaper is circulated.

  • Radio and television advertising

This method is very effective to fetch great results from an advert. Though it might be expensive, it is appropriate for high-cost businesses. The ads are linked to specific programs that are known to have many viewers.

  • Event Sponsorship

Event sponsorship can be done in many ways. The first one is where you are allowed to meet those who attend the event and promote your service or product. Another approach is where your company logo is attached to the event’s banners. You can also include hand-stamps that bear your business designation. The attendees will have this advert for a long time and after the event they might be interested to know more about your product or service.

  • Word of mouth advertisement

The method is applied where you hire marketers to talk audibly to clients in public places. During such events, you can provide free samples and administer questionnaires and interviews.

Famous Authors From Brazil From the Ancient of Times to Jaime Garcia Dias

If you love literature and specifically the Southern America’s stories, then you must agree that there’s little doubt that Brazilian literature has tremendously grown. Often written in the Brazilian official language, the Portuguese, the literary works can be summed up as what the Brazilian culture is all about. Literature not only expresses this country’s rich history, the complex culture, and the different but almost similar identities but also reflects its multi-dimensional nature. It’s, therefore a perfect expression and recording of the many people, diverse locations in this vast country and the rapidly-changing times.

The earliest identified authors in Brazil trace back to the colonial period. This is when Jean de Léry, Hans Staden and Basílio da Gama would use, epic poetry, religious text, and other secular genres to express the thoughts and ideologies. In fact, towards the 1900s, politicians such as Euclides da Cunha used lots of literary works to protest corrupt ruling and oppression. He fought for the poor too, akin to Jorge Amado, who ensured that the flame kept burning.

Jorge Amado gained widespread fame and criticism because of hit hard-hitting novels, directed to the ruling class of the 19th century in Brazil. Female authors emerged during the end of the nineteenth century, also writing about several topics including culture and living in different locations of this large nation. Adriana Lisboa is a great female author, vocal in her works, similar to her female counterparts.

While this country has had a lengthy spell full of great writers, modernism can be said to have started in 1922 with diversity in terms of topics, niches, and themes written. From individualism, truths and randomness, modern humor among other themes, many authors pioneered in what later ushered the present era in the Brazilian writing circles.

Post-modern literature in Brazil is nearly impossible to define with a couple of great writers and a vast collection of topics. Jaime Garcia Dias is a renowned modern-day author in Brazil, boasting of over 20 great fiction works and some awards. His history is full of literature aspects as he openly expresses not just his passion but how the path to stardom began.

YouTube says that although he’s just 45 years of age, he’s quite young in literature given the often long career in this field. The fact that he’s the face of modern Brazilian literature is evident from the many posts he has held and still chairs a reasonable number of them. Garcia’s Youtube and Pinterest sites are linked to his work, just opening doors for the entire globe. He’s simply the expression of the evolution of literature in Brazil.

Creating Wealth is the Goal of James Dondero

“James Dondero” is the co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management LP. The company has headquarters in the U.S. in the city of Dallas. The conglomerate built by Mr. James Dondero and his partner have offices around the globe. “James Dondero” is a 20-year veteran of credit management and is an excellent financial advisor. He and his founding partner, Mark Okada began with a joint project with Protective Life Insurance Corporation. Over the years, this lucrative company became Protective Asset Management Company. The assets are distributed with 60% belonging to an SEC investment of the Protective Life. The remaining 40% is owned by founding associates. Over the years the Construction of fixed income markets has added to the assets and guaranteed loan obligations as well.

“James Dondero” a University of Virginia graduate wasted no time acquiring Protective Life’s part in PAMCO. Using this platform, the two partners opened Ranger Asset Management, L.P. advisory business. The company soon changed the name to what the world now knows as, Highland Capital Management L.P. Improving the financial status of a client by staying with funds with a solid performance history and knowing when to deviate into other assets keeps Highland Capital Management on top. This gentleman realizes continuous attention to every aspect of the market is the only way to keep finances from becoming stagnant.

The company managed by “James Dondero” employees a staff of almost 200 people. He is experienced and manages, ETFs, credit hedge funds, oil and gas funds and many other income markets. James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management Company controls equity and debt accounts for clients, searching for income potential at every turn. The company has invested $1 billion dollars in real estate alone for investors benefiting renters and investors. Highland Capital’s funds, work as hard as customer investment capital. “James Dondero” manages every dollar, as carefully as he would his own.

A skilled investor helps clients manage money, keeping it in the positive. Creating wealth is the goal and “James Dondero” is an expert at building alternative investments. In 2004, a mutual fund business became a part of the Highland Capital Management family under the supervision of Mr. Dondero. These assets were floating rates and acquired from Columbus Asset management. Opening offices in Singapore in 2008 and in Seoul, this investment is continuously earning the trust of his clients through productivity.

Many people have the urge to move money in tough times. The knowledge of the market that allows money managers to “sit tight” is lacking in most. “James Dondero” has the staying power it takes for success. Even in a harsh market, this financier is good at protecting the investments of clients through carefully planned strategies. The ability to balance investments with asset planning is how this experienced investor impresses clients. As one of the best-known money, managers in the market, customers trust the experience of “James Dondero”.

How To Choose The Right Lawyer For you

If you need a lawyer in Brazil, it’s important that you hire the right one. Once you have decided to get a lawyer, you need to choose a specific lawyer who is capable of handling your particular legal issue. While there are many lawyers in Brazil, choosing a suitable lawyer can have a impact on the outcome you get. Having a reliable lawyer will give you peace of mind in knowing that your case is in trusted hands.

Prior to having any contract or official relationship it is important to make sure that you are dealing with an honest person. So find a trustworthy lawyer. After all, there is nothing more frustrating or worse than being in a court battle or other dispute and not having a reliable person on your side. You need to choose someone who is willing to communicate your chances of getting a favorable outcome. It would be equally disappointing to discover that the lawyer you hired is hurting your case due to his or her poor reputation.

The initial meeting or discussion with the lawyer can also help you to determine whether the lawyer is detail oriented. Again, your instincts should guide you here. Make sure you ask the lawyer if you can call him or her during the legal process to discuss any issues related to your case. If he or she feels reluctant to answer, it may indicate that you should look for someone else. Find a lawyer who will respond to your inquiries, or return your calls. To that end, make sure you retain a lawyer who is communicative.

Finding the right lawyer in Brazil for your situation means finding one who is affordable. With that in mind, you should inquire about costs before you even consider hiring the lawyer. After all, it wouldn’t feel good to find out later that the lawyer is charging you per hearing, per letter, or in a way that only prolongs the case and incur a huge bill.

Also, try to get a written estimate of what the lawyer will charge to litigate the case. Then, again in writing, get a contract that will outline the maximum costs involved in handling your case. That way there won’t be any misunderstanding or unwanted surprises.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, a reputable Brazilian lawyer, specializing in business law litigation. Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho considers it a great privilege to take on business and corporate litigation cases, and he works hard to win. He doesn’t believe in excuses, he only believes in results. When a client contacts Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho, he takes the time to evaluate the case and explains the client’s options.