Kyle Bass’ Volatile Career Choices

Mr. Kyle Bass is an American investor and a hedge fund manager. Mr. Kyle was born On the month of September 7th of the year 1969 in Miami, Florida in the United States of America. Mr. Kyle attended his university studies at the Texas Christian University. He graduated in the year 1992 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration in the field of finance and real estate finance. After school, Mr. Kyle worked at Prudential Securities for a shorter stint before moving to Bear Stearns company. At Bear Stearns, Mr. Kyle was appointed the senior managing director of the company at a tender age of 28 years old. Mr. Kyle later Bear Stearns company and joined Legg Mason firm in Dallas.

At Legg Mason, Mr. Kyle was appointed the managing director of the firm, the position he held until he left the firm.
Mr. Kyle left Legg Mason firm in the month of December 2005 to start his investment firm. He established Hayman Capital Management firm in the wake of the year 2006. Mr. Kyle is the president and the hedge fund manager of Hayman Capital. Mr. Kyle resides in Dallas city. He sits on many boards as a member of a board of directors. Mr. Kyle has also stood before the House of Representatives and Senate to give evidence as an expert witness. In the year 2008 Mr. Kyle predicted the upcoming crisis at a subprime mortgage and exactly the outcome occurred earning him worldwide recognition. Many people termed Mr. Kyle as a genius man for his predicament.

After enjoying a good brighter share of life, Mr. Kyle has also had the darkest part of his life. First of all, Mr. Kyle formed the wrong business partnership with an Argentine known as Mrs. Christina Fernandez a woman who many people knew to be an economic illiterate woman. The worst of it is that while everyone is complaining about how the woman is wasting the and misusing the economy of her people, Mr. Kyle has publicly defended and showered a lot of praises to her. This has not been taken lightly hence it has been concluded that Mr. Kyle is having an affair with the woman.

Mr. Kyle also invested in General motor assembling industry. But he was also on the receiving end again because his automotive branch was accused of assembling fault power steering vehicles and not – deploying airbags. This contributed much to the loss of clients.

Mr. Kyle had predicted that the economy of Japan will collapse in 2010. However, this has not been fulfilled leading many analysts to slam and take a swipe at him because Japanese economy continued to grow.

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