After Escape: Yeonmi Park’s Wide Ranging Activism

For those who are unfamiliar with Yeonmi Park, she is a North Korean refugee who fled the country in her youth along with her family (a venture which pitted her wits against those of a human trafficker and her wills against the breadth of the Gobi Desert, which she and her family crossed on foot to achieve freedom). Today she still remembers the horrors of Kim Jong-Il’s regime and desires to change the country as well as other nations who suffer under the iron fist of dictatorship. To this end she has rose to great prominence for her outspoken and candid views on North Korea, their leadership and totalitarianism in general.

Ever since her escape from North Korea with her family and the inception of her political and moral campaign she has been traveling the world over and speaking on various different mediums. Most recently she has appeared on a South Korean television network focusing on film, television, music and politics. Yeonmi has also appeared as the co-host of a internet talk show focused on major and trending topics in the Korean world, specifically on things happening in South Korea.

This year her book, In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom (co-authored by Maryanne Vollers), was published by Penguin Press. It is a autobiography which detail her brainwashed youth and upbringing under the reign of Kim Jong-un were she was told that the supreme leader could literally read minds. It also recounts her flight to South Korea with her family later on in her life and the perils, hardships and inequalities which leader her family to attempt escape. Due to the fact that her primary publisher was Penguin Press she has appeared numerous times on many of Penguin’s online platforms such as Penguin Press’ Youtube Platform as well as on the online interview show, Penguin Platform, a author interview site (also on Youtube) which focuses on the personal inspirations for the writer’s material.

In addition to all that above Ms. Park of youngvoicesasdvocates has also gone onto many prominent mainstream news stations, both in her current home of South Korea, as well as in neighboring countries and abroad. She has appeared on such news programs as Fox New’s John Stossel, Women In the World, a Vanity Fair funded annual summit celebrating the work and progress of acclaimed, individual women the world over, as well as This Morning, with Phillip and Holly, a celebrity news and talk show program aired on iTV. She is also touring in her own capacity for her book on a around the globe tour where she will be publicly speaking with other authors, writers, interviewers and celebrities. She will be appearing at the Korean Society of New York on 6:00 PM for her most recent tour stop.

Art Sale Shows Off The Collection Of Adam Sender

Adam Sender was once best known as a hedge fund manager heading the successful Exis Capital company, a career choice which led to Sender’s reputation across Wall Street growing to see him become one of the best known managers in the financial industry. Like many successful hedge fund managers Sender became known for the quirks in his working day, which included darkening his office and studying more than 20 computer screens. These behaviors proved successful for Sender and helped Exis find success and built his own fortune that he directed towards a contemporary art collection that is one of the largest and most distinct of recent times.

The private art collection of Adam Sender was often displayed in the offices of Exis Capital and included large installations, paintings and photographs by some of the best known artists of the latter half of the 20th century. Sender began collecting art in 1998 and claims he quickly knew the world of modern and contemporary art was an area he was comfortable looking for masterpieces in. In 2011, Sender stated he was able to find masterpieces by contemporary artists that were affordable and could be purchased at galleries and shows by the artists themselves without the issues of attending auctions.

Such a large collection as that created by Adam Sender makes it one of the highest quality groups of art placed on sale in recent years. The current sale will see more than 400 pieces by 139 artists make their way onto the auction block, but the sale is also a chance for Adam Sender to make sure the art he has collected is viewed by the public for many years to come. Large scale installation like Donald Young’s One Hundred Fish Fountain may have the chance to be viewed on a regular basis in museum and gallery spaces once the sale is complete. The majority of the work collected by Adam Sender was curated by Todd Levin, which adds an extra sense of gravitas to the sale and shows the commitment to research and focus Sender has for all the aspects of his business and personal life.

Improve Your Search Engine Results With Status Labs Online Reputation Management

The internet continues to be one of the most important tools in marketing today. People turn to search engines when they are looking for a product or service of some kind. A single search on a specific keyword can easily lead the user to find hundreds of possible choices. Narrowing down such choices is something that many searchers look to do to enable them to figure out which particular company will be serve their needs and allow them to get the product or service they happen to need at the moment. Companies need to know how to use such search engines well in order to help them reach to customers.

This is why many companies turn to resources that image management companies such as Status Labs can offer for them. Understanding how search engines work has become even more important in today’s business world. Companies now more than ever need to be conscious of what happens when someone looks for their name in a search engine. They also need to be aware of keywords that might be related to their business and what happens when a user searches for such keywords. This can help the company gain insights into the kind of ways they can gain customers via the use of the net.

Status Labs staffers understand this need. Their specialists know how the net works. They know how people search for a given keyword and what happens once they do. Status Labs also knows how any given company can use the power of the net to help them get the kind of search results that will lead customers right to their door. A company that fully knows how the net works as well as how to work with search engines is a company that will be able to succeed in today’s modern world as well as one that will often be able to do better in the marketplace than all of their competitors.

Status Labs can also help their clients how to figure out how important tasks such as how to create a specific marketing campaign based around a specific keyword. Should a company desire to offer a new product or service, the company can also help their clients figure out how best to do so using the net for help. Many of their clients have been very highly pleased at how Status Labs has helped them use the net more effectively.

Brian Bonar: An Experienced, Successful, Financial Services Professional

Finance is a science that deals with money management. It is commonly divided into the subcategories of personal finance, corporate finance, and public finance. The field focuses on how assets and liabilities are allocated over time with an eye on certainty and uncertainty. A currency’s purchasing power can vary over time. People involved in finance pay particular attention to the price or value of an asset and the risk level and potential rate of return associated with it. Having someone experienced in financial management can make all the difference in the world when it comes to your personal or business finance.

The financial position of an individual or business is determined by looking at net worth, assets and liabilities, and cash flow. Using this information a financial planner can help to determine whether or not particular goals can be met. A skilled financial planner can also determine the appropriate amount and type of insurance protection and tax planning that’s necessary to meet investment and accumulation goals. This information can then be used to create the budget or working capital of a person or business.

Proper financial risk management and investment management are crucial for attaining short and long-term financial goals. It informs the basis of the acquisition and use of funds and a business’ capital structure. It also helps to decide a company’s mix of debt and equity financing and other sources of capital. An experienced financial services expert can help a business to identify and utilize the appropriate financial methodologies and instruments to meet their goals. However, it is essential they base their recommendations on the correct financial economics.

Brian Bonar is an experienced financial specialist with a track record of success. He has worked with a wide range of companies including start-ups and established businesses and provided them with the financial guidance necessary to take their businesses to the next level. What makes Bonar special is the wide array of skills he possesses when it comes to finance. He is able to provide companies with connections to venture capital to get them started or assist them with corporate restructuring so they can take better advantage of the assets they already have.

What makes Brian Bonar so valuable to so many types of companies is that in addition to his MBA and PhD from England’s Stafford University in International Business Development, he has an incredible amount of real world experience. Bonar has worked with established multinational corporations like IBM, where he spent 16 years, to non-profits, founded several companies, and worked as COO, CFO, Chief Accounting Officer, and Principal Accounting Officer for companies in a variety of industries in the U.K, the Czech Republic, Mexico, and the United States.

Enjoying Lime Crime

Discovery an exceptional collection of makeup products which is creating a major thrill within the beauty world. Lime Crime is a of make-up line unlike any other due to the fact that it concentrates on the several and most recent non-traditional shades and colors. Developed by an entrepreneur named Doe Deere who early in life realized that standard make-up didn’t have anything daring and stunning to offer.

This beauty collection presents lipsticks in shades of violet, deep crimson, and bold orange. Additionally, there are pastel colors also. There is a eye shadow options named Zodiac Glitter which delivers ultimate shine and sparkle. This eye shadow is ideal for women who adore to implement some shimmer on their eye lids. The shades vary from gorgeous greens, pinks, to pretty mango colors.

The Venus Grunge Palette is packaged inside a beautiful compact with 8 sleek eye shades. Pretty warm reddish colors and pale beige hues are included. Lime Crime is loaded with a variety of exciting make-up to produce organic or vibrant looks. It really is limitless what can be done using this innovative makeup line.

If you wish to get yourself some aqua blue liquid eye liner with muted pink lips everything is there to suit your needs. The liners are vivid and intense and come in a pretty clear tub with unicorns on it. There is without doubt a fascinating hair dye collection likewise rich in magnificent colors like mermaid, orange, and lilac. It’s all about imagination and a sense of fun with Lime Crime make-up line.

If you prefer switching your look frequently then you may want to accumulated several products from Lime Crime. It is cruelty free and designed for the girl who may get tired with the same makeup look. Highly expressive and inventive is exactly what you can find when going into the online store of Lime Crime. You will encounter clients with their diverse colored tresses and exquisite make-up looks throughout Facebook. A great harmony of fashion and a number of examples for inspiring beauty concepts.

You can also find articles packed with a great deal of details on the newest trends and beauty advice. Even if you are a newbie with make-up products you will become familiar with a huge amount of ideas just by simply exploring the online store. Needless to say you will likely be motivated to purchase some items that simply call your attention. For me it’s all about the colorful hues which make this cosmetics collection totally different from every other brand name I ever seen before.

Doe Deere is aware that make-up is centered on expression and attempted to create a beauty collection that will give females interesting things. All of us want to have a statement plus some days and nights it’s easy and lightweight. Whilst other times it can be fun and daring. With Lime Crime it is possible to go anyway you want and many people will take note of the one of a kind shades on your face.

Darius Fisher’s Status Labs Company Strives to Protect Reputations

A recent article posted at titled “Prepare to Protect Your Online Reputation Before It’s Under Attack” points out that everyone needs to be on alert to protect their personal reputation and the reputation of their company. When something bad does happen, no matter how minor or innocent, social medial gossipers or poor reviews can spread online quickly. There are certain basic steps everyone can take to protect their online reputation.

First, build a digital fortress of positive online content before a crisis occurs. Proactively tell your own story. Don’t wait for others to attack it before you begin defend yourself. You build this digital fortress by continually submitting positive content to blogs and websites.

Second, optimize your content. Post stories and articles that will establish your credibility as a thoughtful leader in your field. This optimization will also help to put your good credentials in front of breaking online news in times of crisis.

Third, be aware that you don’t have full control of your privacy. Like it or not, there are people out there who are continually searching about you or your business. Attempting to remain anonymous can work against you in some cases.

Fourth, focus on the management of your company. In the past year alone, the Lumentus SEO team discovered that online searches for executives by name were up by 50 percent. In short, managing the online reputations of a company’s key executives is as critical as managing the company’s online reputation.

Finally, the article on advises everyone to think beyond your business. Post content that that contains positive material other than purely business. Advertise the community organizations and charities the company and executives are involved with. In summary, the article states that taking control of your digital reputation is not just good business, it’s a form of insurance for when that negative story inevitably happens.

Darius Fisher is the President of the online reputation management and public relations firms, Status Labs. The Vanderbilt University grad has made his company a leader in the business of handling online crises and fixing digital reputations, Their primary goal is to protect their clients in advance of having to repair any reputation damage after the fact.

With offices in Austin and branches in both New York and Sao Paulo, Brazil, Status Labs specializes in repairing their client’s digital presence on social media or through search engines like Google.

Eric Pulier and His Contributions Concerning ServiceMesh

Companies are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to manage their business, especially when it comes to managing things like client lists and important contact information. Many businesses have decided to start using the Cloud to store their information as opposed to storing everything on paper documents. However, there have been a number of issues with security concerning Cloud storage. With that being said, a company known by the name of ServiceMesh is changing all of that.

This is a company that provides services such as IT support for clients all over the globe. The company also provides secure storage and innovative solutions utilizing the Cloud for all kinds of business operations, both large and small. Thanks to its innovative Agility Platform, which is used to manage Cloud based services, top notch security is provided. This helps clients understand that they do not need to be concerned about a possible security breach where all of their clients’ information could fall into the wrong hands. The company also provides an automated system that actively governs Cloud operation at all times.

One of the things that is truly unique about ServiceMesh is that customers have the opportunity to access services on their own when and where they choose to. This is made possible by a number of on demand services that their clients can find any time they need assistance or they want to find out information about something. It truly empowers the clients and puts them in charge of their security and their storage as opposed to allowing someone else to be in charge of it. Of course, it is all carefully monitored and overseen by the experts at ServiceMesh to ensure that everything is operating smoothly and that clients always have answers to their questions when they need to talk someone.

All of this is possible because of a man named Eric Pulier. He is a New Jersey native that started programming computers before the age of 10. He even developed his own tech business while he was still in high school. Eventually, he attended Harvard University and since that time, he has founded numerous technology companies that are constantly on the cutting edge. In addition, he is widely involved in philanthropy. One thing is certain, this is an individual that has a great deal of passion about the things that he is involved in and he takes that passion and then uses it to help others. That is precisely what ServiceMesh is all about. Pulier has long understood the need to help clients operate their businesses more efficiently in a safe environment. Thanks to his efforts, they can do exactly that. This in turn gives clients everywhere more peace of mind when it comes to doing business.

MJ Lives On In The Face Of His Impersonator Sergio Cortes

After the sudden death of the “King of Pop”, Michael Jackson, the world became abuzz with all sorts of his impersonators but none has perfected this art like Sergio Cortes. Sergio is a Spanish speaking Brazilian national that has become a world sensation because of his near perfect impersonation skills of the late Michael Jackson.
Sergio has taken up MJ’s voice, mimicked his dance moves, and memorized his hits that he enthralls fans of the late pop star with. However, what makes him stand out from the rest is his close resemblance to the late king of pop, a mere look on their photographs and you won’t be able to tell which represents who. Of all the probable impersonators, he is the best and is gaining acceptance worldwide.
Nowadays, Sergio is always on the move touring various countries of the world and staging live performances of the late star’s hits. Most of these tours are demanded by MJ’s fans and the reception, acceptance ad turnout on all these shows has been enormous. While at it, he has been hosted by several TV shows especially the American idol that he has been on tour with.
Sergio’s passion especially for pop music started at an early age. During this time he became a great fan of Michael Jacksons moves and loved his music. It was then that the local media and paparazzi realized the near perfect match of his looks to those of Jackson and started taking photographs of him that they later sold out in the name of Michael Jackson. They later started paying him for his impersonation services and that is how he started his career as the ultimate Michael Jackson’s impersonator.
Throughout his impersonation life, Sergio remained barely recognizable and his existence only became obvious after the death of Michael in 2009. His debut was his appearance on the American top talent search show, The American Idols, which he continually works with on various projects. His popularity from then on has been soaring, the social media is abuzz with his performance videos on YouTube and lots of Face Book pages have been created under his name.
Taking a look at the reception Sergio Cortes is receiving, despite being an impersonator, from the various quarters. One can only imagine the love the world had for Michael. His talent is a rare gift to the pop star’s fans and his embodiment a vessel through which Michel Jackson lives on; at least to his followers.

Entrepreneur Doe Deere Finds A Way To Succeed

Lime Crime cosmetics is a wildly popular make-up line. The company was started by Doe Deere, a businesswoman that was born in Russia and raised in New York City. The success of Lime Crime is due to many factors. First, the company uses vegan ingredients to make their products. Another reason for Lime Crime’s success is the make-up is offered in an amazing array of very bright colors which enable users to create very unique, attention grabbing looks. The products are also easy to use, smudge-proof, and stay on all day no matter what the user is doing. The fact Lime Crime cosmetics are not tested on animals also helps.

The biggest reason for Lime Crime’s remarkable rise is Doe Deere. Deere made the products herself initially. She was also in charge of creating the innovative internet marketing campaign that brought Lime Crime on to the attention of an international audience. Her products have since been embraced by men, women, the young, and the not so young. They have made Lime Crime cosmetics an international sensation. And it’s all because of the work of Doe Deere. Doe Deere did not start out trying to be a make-up manufacturer. She initially created the products to use while she was performing as a rock and roll artist.

When visitors to her online make-up tutorial saw the brightly colored make-up and sparkles she used, they asked her to sell some of it to them. When they saw how the products Doe Deere had created were able to transform them into beautiful unicorns, they encouraged her to offer the products to others. Doe Deere named the product line Lime Crime and created a plan to market them on the internet. Almost from the start the line was a rousing success and Doe Deere had to ramp up production to meet the demand from customers worldwide. The result is one of the hottest make-up lines in the world today.

That was great news for Doe Deere since her attempts at becoming a model, designer, and rock and roll artist had brought her less than stellar results. But the success of Lime Crime made up for all the failure she had endured as an entrepreneur. Deere, who had once lived in a homeless shelter, was able to begin living her dream of being a well-respected businesswoman. She was also able to give her customers the opportunity to express their wild side using the cosmetics she created. The make-up enables users to make fashion statements that make them stand out in any crowd.

For Doe Deere creating the Lime Crime line has been a labor of love and lots of fun. Her success has been a testament to her determination and daring. While many people allow the dreams to die, Doe Deere worked day and night trying to find the right opportunity to allow her to make her mark. The result is a success story that’s inspired many people to ignore their initial failures and pursue their dreams.

What Makes a CEO Wise

Occasionally, those interested in pursuing, studying or practicing finance get bogged down in details and lose sight of the big picture. People start to watch numbers of certain companies rise and fall and lose the perspective of production, pricing, acquisition and business strategy. In many instances, leaders in companies can shape production and therefore value through a dramatic and strategic change in the businesses tactics and long term planning. Typically, a business may re-position itself after studying its place in the market every few years. Those alterations are usually small adjustments that are made to slightly expand market share and orient the company towards long term sustainable growth. Many CEOs have the opportunity to make short term, rapid growth that may last for a year, however incremental increases in a company’s balance sheet, and slightly expanding their customer base will have a longer term increase in the company’s holdings and value. A smart CEO may be able to make a lot of cash for a year, but a wise CEO can see the long term strategy that will bring in consistent returns and earn more in the long run.

One of the recent examples of a savvy leader that performed such a maneuver is Brain Bonar. As the CEO of Imaging Technologies Corporation, Brian has lead the company through many diverse acquisition bids in the last 2 years, has re-focused and expanded offerings to their target market and expanded their market-share in general by leveraging those acquisitions wisely. Through the expanded services alone, Brian Bonar anticipated that the company will create another $40 million to the company’s revenue this year. To make such a large gain after acquisitions, and re-leveraging in the last 12 months is lightning speed in the business world. In many cases large corporations are about as easy to steer as a cruise ship, however Brian Bonar is making it look easy, and it doesn’t hurt that those re-positioning’s he’s made have turned out to be huge success stories. IN addition to expanding services, Brian Bonar has been consistently purchasing and leveraging the middle distributors of the products for his company. This has allowed him to alter the cost structure while also leveraging their capital and providing opportunities to small business owners that wouldn’t otherwise have the resources to compete on this scale. Brian Bonar has proved himself to be one of the wisest CEOs in the market, with a successful and sustainable long term strategy that promises nothing but more future growth for Imaging Technologies Corporation.