How You Can Start Choosing Better SEO Keywords

As technology continues to evolve and develop at an alarming rate, search engine optimization becomes more of an integral, inherent component of digital marketing. Deciding which keywords to use in your business’ SEO campaign can be one of the most difficult things to do properly unless you know how to go about picking the most searched for keywords.

What keyword should you use? Instead of molding an article around a keyword or title, write the body of the text first. Think of different ways to word the topic or main idea of the article in one to four words, and write them down. Use Google Trends to search these different phrases you come up with to discover which ones are most commonly searched, and which ones would be best to draw readers to your web page.

Although search engines used to not filter out advertisements and literature that was obviously spam and stuffed with keywords, major search engines do, in fact, filter out these spam articles. It is best to use whatever keyword you select no more than one time per one hundred words, or you may run the risk of readers thinking that article is purely a cheaply made advertisement with no value.

Whatever keywords you decide on using, make sure to use wordings that flow smoothly with the rest of the article. If you decide to use the same keyword over and over, even if you use it sparingly, it might not fit in well with the syntax of the literature. Find different synonyms of the words in the keyphrase, and use the most fitting wordings.

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