Charles Koch Agrees With Bernie Sanders On Key Issue

Charles Koch is a prominent and highly successful businessman. He is the CEO of Koch Industries and also serves as its chairman. Koch Industries is one of the largest and most profitable private firms based in the United States. The firm has revenues upwards of $115 billion a year. CharlesĀ Koch own net worth is estimated to be around $45 billion dollars, making him one of the most wealthiest people not only in the United States, but also in the entire world. Charles Koch is also involved heavily in the Koch Foundation, a non-profit group that endows hundreds of millions of dollars to charities and educational efforts.

Charles Koch recently released an op-ed where he stated that he agrees on a key issue with Vermont senator and Democratic presidential nominee Bernie Sanders. The issue that the wealthy industrialist and senator Sanders agree on is wealth inequality. Koch states in his op-ed that wealth inequality is only growing in the United States. The gap should be closing, instead it is only growing, and that is a worrisome trend according to Charles Koch.

Current policies such as corporate welfare and crony capitalism are favoring large corporations such as Koch’s own firm and those with political connections. They are making it harder for new businesses to enter the market and to compete with existing firms. These kinds of policies stifle innovation and up hurting the consumer who cannot get access to the fruits of the free market stemming from competition and innovation.

Mr. Koch goes on to say that current policies are picking winners and losers instead of allowing the free market determine who is the best. These policies are dooming millions of people to poverty and hopelessness states Mr. Koch. Charles Koch describes an increasingly two tiered society, that is made up of the haves and the have nots.

Koch admits that he agrees with Bernie Sanders sentiment that our political and economic system are rigged. It serves the wealthy few and privileged while leaving millions of ordinary people out in the dust. Ordinary folks meanwhile are left out at a considerable disadvantage and without a level playing field. So it is no wonder that we see a cycle of poverty perpetuating itself. This cycle is made out of political control, economic control, poverty, corporate welfare and policies that favor the wealthy while ignoring millions of ordinary citizens. Mr. Koch also says he agrees with senator Sanders on the need to reform the criminal justice system in the country.

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