The Truth Behind The Myth Of Charles Koch

For those who are interested in business the name Charles Koch is associated with the role the business leader plays with his brother David Koch as the heads of the Koch Industries empire. Charles and David have developed their company from being focused on oil refining when their father established it into one of the most profitable and varied group of businesses in the world.

Despite the success he has achieved as a business leader, Charles Koch is also well known for his role as a political advocate for conservative groups across the U.S. Charles Koch often sees himself and his brother David presented as the face of the major problems facing U.S. politics, but he has been playing an important role in politics since the 1970s that went largely unnoticed until recent years.

The Koch brothers now play a leading role in the political scene of the U.S. and joined hundreds of other wealthy conservative donors to push forward candidates from the GOP and further conservative beliefs. The facts of the involvement of Charles Koch in U.S. politics makes it difficult to believe the propaganda that he is part of a conspiracy against President Barrack Obama; instead Charles Koch has been providing support for Republican candidates for high office dating back to 2003 when he provided funding for the election campaign of President George W. Bush.

A number of accusations are also made about the role Charles Koch plays with the Republican Party, which many media outlets claim he is dividing in a bid to form a third party. In fact, Charles Koch spent much of the 1970s looking to establish a third party under libertarian policies, which he later abandoned as the party failed to take hold of the public imagination and took away from grass roots GOP support.

There are a number of issues raised in the media and by liberal politicians about the role played by Wichita, Kansas based Charles and David Koch, including the fact they are only out to protect the interests of themselves and their businesses. However, a close look at the history of the policies backed by Charles Koch shows he has regularly opposed tax breaks for wealthy individuals and businesses that would have benefited Koch Industries. Charles Koch is also well known for opposing the growth of the federal government, which Charles Koch feels is placing the success of the entire U.S. at risk.

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