Jose Manuel Gonzalez Prefers To Make Guarico Safer

Jose Manuel Gonzalez serves in the assembly of his home state of Guarico, and he wishes to ensure the people in his area are not struck by crime and poverty. The state itself is in shambles after years of neglect, and Jose wishes to bring sensibility back to the region. he is not a politician in his own right, but he wants to make a change to traditional politics. This article explains the problems Jose is trying to tackle in his role in local government.

#1: The Local Government In Guarico Is Struggling

The local government that Jose is a part of has been struggling for years due to crime rates and poverty. The people in the community are often left subject to criminals who take as they please, and poverty rates are quite high. Jose Manuel Gonzales owns a business in the area that employ some of his subjects, and he wants to help the rest of the community grow in his role as an assemblyman.

#2: How Long Will It Take To Make Changes?

It will take quite some time to reverse the effects of crime and poverty on the state of Guarico. There are very few affluent people in the region, and Jose is searching for ways to help bring the middle class back from extinction. Economic policies must be altered to help the region make money, and the tax base in the region will only improve with improved business. Someone with ambition in Guarico may follow Jose’s lead in improving the state.

#3: Jose Participates Fully

Jose has chosen to participate fully in meetings and assemblies of his government position. He is wary of his colleagues who are no longer attending meetings, and he prefers to remain as engaged as possible. There are quite a few people who are left with impunity even though they have done nothing to help the country, and Jose wishes to stop the practice.

Venezuela is in quite a bad way at the moment, and Jose only knows one way to solve the problem. Politicians must be held to account for their inactivity, and his example may change the manner in which politicians do their jobs.

Great Works of Danilo Diaz Granados

Granados is well known for his successful business ventures as well as extensive career experience. Danilo can be referred to as a man on a great mission. While in Babson College situated in Wellesley Massachusetts, he knew that he had a task to accomplish by making a difference. He managed to secure himself a Degree in entrepreneurship and economics. The knowledge he acquired from college has enabled him come up with resourcefully projects that are profitable. For instance, while in Miami, he realized the need for a luxury boutique for the Latino community. This boutique offered fine watches, contemporary art and exotic automobiles all in one store. He went ahead to establish The Toys for Boys Boutique and this was formed on the grounds of luxury concept.

His Major Areas of Interests

While in school, Danilo Diaz Granados developed a high interest and love for films. He went ahead to take film courses with high expectations of starting his own film company after grasping the filming concept as well as had enough capital. He started the Edge of Glory Films once he raised enough money from his private investment job where he served as a manager. This boutique film firm aimed at addressing the interests of Latinos. With his wide knowledge on films, he played an important role in editing, promoting, setting up of distribution network as well as direct production. He was dedicated to bringing up a new format for media that was to help address Hispanic interests.

At Fireman Capital Partners

In 2015, Danilo Diaz Granados was employed by Fireman Capital Partners. His main area of specialization in this firm is to analyze all Latino demographics and social and come up with efficient investment strategies for clients. Through his assistance and advice, clients are in good position to invest in the fast growing market in the United States. Being an astute investment adviser, Danilo identifies and recognizes opportunities present in the Hispanic world before other managers do. He is always committed to achieving the best and hitting his set targets. He is self-motivated and has assisted most people identify value being overlooked by others.  Be sure to follow Danilo on Twitter @DaniloDiaz_G1.

Best Ski Resorts Getting Even Better

Lake Tahoe is located along the line of Nevada and California. It is the largest alpine lake in North America and home for at least a few days to thousands of people that come and go each year to fulfill their need for adventure and excitement through dozens of actives during the entire year. Some of these activities include swimming, skiing, golfing, and hiking. As a matter of fact, Orbitz Insider has ranked them as the most popular and best resorts ski destination for air and hotel packages several times and Outside, a leading active lifestyle brand, awarded Lake Tahoe with their travel award in 2015 .

Among some of the amazing places around Lake Tahoe is Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. Originally separate entities, the two came together in 2011 when Squaw Valley bought Alpine Meadows. Since then they have started planning a gondola that would take the customer from one mountain to the next! The good part about this merger and the proposed gondola is that two fun, exciting and adventurous areas are now one.

Squaw Valley is probably most well known for being the home of the 1960 Olympics. Yet they have many more great things happening even today. Squaw Valley- Alpine Meadows is made for families with Chalet-style lodging and one hundred trails covering twenty-four thousand acres. Want to learn to ski? They have the perfect plan for beginners with learning zones all their own. They have spots for the more advanced as well, hosting some of the greatest skiers and coaches alike. If a customer is worried about being able to get there at just the right time to ski, the good news is they have one of the longest seasons in the United States.

Beyond skiing though, Squaw Valley- Alpine Meadows offers many other great opportunities including golfing, a climbing wall, an Olympic museum, and, of course, the High Camp Pool and Hot Tub. They even host the Wanderlust Festival that brings thousands of yogis together to perfect their poses and meet one another. And for parents that want to have some time away, there is the kids day camp. Divided up into ages five through seven and eight through thirteen, they offer outdoor activities including tram rides, hiking, and geo-catching from nine am to three pm.

Kyle Bass And Hayman Capital Try To Make A Comeback

Kyle Bass is the founder and principal of Hayman Capital management a Dallas Texas based hedge fund that focuses on global event based opportunities. His latest pick for clients that want to make a lot of money is in the Chinese bond market. According to Kyle’s analysis of their 3 trillion dollar bond market, it’s literally freezing up amid rising defaults and canceled debt sales. He is also saying that what everyone is seeing in these defaults and canceled sales is the beginning of the breakdown of the great Chinese economic machine. This seems to actually be happening, though, because China’s corporate bond market set a contraction record in May of 2016. In addition, China’s corporate bond investor’s got spooked by bond debtors missing bond payments along with the country’s tepid economic growth. Already, seventeen of China’s publicly traded bonds have gone into default along with another 180 plus companies scrapping or delaying their debt sales.

This is not the only thing that worries Mr. Bass, it’s also the 3.5 trillion dollar wealth management products that have been sold to investors. He is predicting that Chinese lenders may suffer capital losses four times greater than American Banks suffered in the market crash in America in 2007-2008. He also predicts that when Chinese bank losses go to $3 trillion dollars that the central bank there will trigger a bailout and the central bank will slash its reserve requirements and cut its deposit rate to zero.

The name Kyle Bass at one time had an aura of absolute reliability about it. He was viewed in 2007 as a rising star as one of the very first fund managers and investment advisers to correctly pick the 2008 subprime mortgage mess crash. But the years have not been kind to him or Hayman Capital because, since his fleeting dance with success, he has made bad call after bad call losing his clients and his company millions of dollars. His career has too many been by many as similar to the film career of M. Night Shyamalan, the man responsible for the movie the sixth sense. Since that success, Mr. Shayamalan, like Mr. Bass, has made a string of losers. In addition to Kyle Bass’s recent bad financial picks has also picked up some unsavory friends along the way, including the ex-president and economically illiterate Argentinian despot Cristina Fern√°ndez de Kirchner.

Talk Fusion is Helping Those in Need

There are a lot of services that focus on the needy. They help them get the food and clothing they need when they are in a bad place. But a lot of people miss something that can be just as important, talking and seeing the ones they love but haven’t seen in months or even years.

Talk Fusion is using it’s technology to help those that want to speak or to leave messages for the people they love. They are helping people to connect through their software and changing lives while doing it.

Many people who are not living in homes haven’t gotten to see people they love for a long time. They may not even know their loved ones are alive. That is what Talk Fusion is trying to help with. They offer video calls to the people who need them by giving them access to the tools to help. They also are offering people ways to send emails to those that they love because they may not know they are trying to speak with them so they aren’t ready. The emails serve as the same kind of connection that the chats could be.

These services are helping because people need some kind of hope sometimes. They need to know their family is still out there and cares about what happens to them. Too many are not able to talk to the ones they love because they don’t have access to the tools that can help them. That is another great reason Talk Fusion and the work they are doing is going to help so many people. They want to change things and help others that need it instead of judging them and turning them away. This is what a real company full of caring people should look like.


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Apartment Living: Stylish and Clutter Free

Wengie’s apartment was renovated and she gave her viewers a tour! She gave a walk through tour of each room and told the viewers what her favorite pieces were.

First, she showed the living room. She loved that the coffee table was actually a cute trunk. She liked how the bright couch cushions, lamps, and art brightened up the room. They made an art piece out of a collage portrait of some of her favorite pairs of shoes. She likes how the colors make her living area so happy looking.

Next she goes to the dressing table. She really loved the colored boxes that they put on the wall as displays and storage. . She likes how bright and colorful the storage is, as well as the use of fresh flowers in the vintage bottles as vases. Her acrylic make up holders from Howards Storage. She says the storage containers for her make up really helps keep that spot organized.

Next she moves to the entertainment area. She loved how much storage was added to this space. They added brightly colored baskets, curtains, vases and candles to make the area really bright. More flowers add a little bit of her personality to the space. The drawers and storage containers are labeled with pictures and hold more make up, accessories, games, etc.

She then goes to the study area. They have spots for her favorite magazines and added storage boxes for her various electronics and cables. They added brightly colored and cute sand timers as decoration as well.

The hallway has more of those display boxes with her favorite figurines. Lastly, she shows her bedroom. They’ve added a lot of storage to make it part wardrobe as well as bright colored prints, curtains, and cushions. She feels that the prints that are on the wall make the space.

She closes out her video expressing the love for the dramatic change made to her apartment. She also expresses her former love of having just things. She shares her thoughts on valuing the people and experience in your life more than the material things.


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