Using Discernment With Online Reputation Management

While bad press does have the potential to be damaging to online reputation management, it is important to discern what bad news is worth addressing. Not all bad press is worth addressing. There are a lot of reasons that people would spread bad news about a company or an individual. It is not always going to be the fault of the business. People who have surfed the internet have come across all types of people, especially when they are involved with social media. It is important to look closely at Reputation Defender and each negative press in order to determine whether or not it is something that is worth addressing.
Among the people that spread bad news about a company are trolls. They often spread bad talk in order to get a reaction out of someone. The best thing to do is to not feed into that. In most cases, the troll will go away and find some other target that he can rile up. If the troll gets someone riled up, then he will win. The troll is one of the least of a brand’s worries. There are other forms of bad press that he should be concerned with. Engaging the troll would only make him seem petty.

Then there are some negative press that is created from a slanted view point in order to push an agenda. As a result, they may have targeted your company for some bad reason. Often times, they may come up with something that is very wild. Some of these types of campaigns do come off as scary. Fortunately, a lot of these types of people are called out on their biases or their intentions. As a result, they are likely to go away. Therefore, the business owner does not have anything to worry about. The only thing that the business owner should take on is any legitimate concerns.


The Profound Contributions of Keith Mann

Keith Mann is among the top ranking businesspersons, and he co-founded the Dynamic Search Partners, which is an outsourcing agency based in New York. Keith Mann began his career as a young graduate at the Alternative Investment Division as the Manager and worked his way up the hierarchical ladder to being the current Vice President of the firm.

Since the organization’s conception in 2001, it has outsourced a significant number of workers for dozens of businesses in the United States. As the agency’s co-founder, Keith Mann has observed the rapid and tremendous growth of the current to its competitive position in the markets. The Dynamic Search Partners boasts being the most reputed and trusted database for USA’s investment executives.

Keith Mann and his agency have together played a very critical role in supporting the less privileged in the society. For instance, the Dynamics Search Partners publicized its partnership with New York’s Uncommon Schools in 2013. The essence of the collaboration was to help students in honing both their tactical and practical skills so as to transform them to successful people in the world. The partnership was also aimed at assisting students to build their resumes as they prepare to deposit their job applications to various companies.

Keith Mann and Kelly Mann, in January 2015, showed their unwavering support for the New York Police Department in the backcloth of the intense violent confrontations directed towards the police department. The lovely couple provided lunch the police offices that were then based in the 54th Street precinct as a way to show appreciation and gratitude to the police as well as teach the world that the police department still requires our support and love. Keith Mann officially signed a scholarship partnership with his wife’s foundation, Keely Mann Foundation in January 2016, to help students from Brooklyn’s Uncommon Schools.

Comparing the Best NYC Properties


One of the most exciting places to live is New York City. To be able to enjoy the city in its entirety, it is important to select a location that is appropriate to one’s particular needs. This might be in music, sports, investments, employment location or one of the many things that make up a person’s personal desires and requirements.

In shopping for NYC properties today, a person will find that there are many options available in location, price, size and so forth. This is reflected in real estate that has changed dramatically in recent years.

For example, it is fairly common to find high-tech security enhancements such as safe rooms, video monitors, front door cameras and other things in modern real estate options. This makes it possible to locate NYC properties that appeal in safety, price and location while meeting any other requirements the buyer might have.

The location of NYC properties is very important. For example, in Manhattan places such as West Village, Upper East Side and Greenwich Village are well known for excellent real estate that offers the opportunity for a casual stroll to restaurants, bars, stores and other places. This eliminates having to find special transportation in a very busy city. It also makes it possible to select real estate that will fit one’s specific needs and, at the same time, be convenient whether it is a rental or outright purchase.

Town Real Estate is an excellent real estate group that has its pulse on all NYC apartments for rent. A privately held company, it has been in business since 2010 and has an excellent reputation in the real estate community.

This company is well known for its outstanding customer service, transparency and its ability to offer properties that are convenient and fit the needs of those requiring housing in this beautiful city. It is also known for its expertise in new developing marketing, luxury sales and rentals while offering offers excellent real estate guidance. This is the place to receive personal attention and rapid service in selecting any NYC properties.

ClassDojo Nominatied As One Of The Most Innovative Companies

Parents are always concerned about the well-being of their children in the school. The concern is mostly shown during the early years when children are learning how to cope in a social environment. In many instances, parents of older school-going children also show concern if their child is struggling with a specific issue. To make things easier, several companies such as Class Dojo are trying to bridge the gap between classrooms and parents. Since 2011, the company has created some incredible applications that are helping teachers, children and parents share amazing moments in the classroom.

Recently, the company was announced as a finalist in Fast Company’s 2016 Innovation by Design Awards. The award recognizes the most innovative products that solve some of the most challenging business problems. The Fast Company program is not a trivial affair. Instead, some of the world’s leading design-oriented minds congregate to select finalists from thousands of entries. In its fifth year, the prestigious program received nearly 1,700 applications from 41 countries in 11 different categories.

Class Dojo’s applications, School Dojo and Class Dojo, were recognized by the panel of judges to be among the most innovative solutions for schools. As indicated, these applications help teachers, parents and children to share amazing class moments with only a touch of a button. The captured moments are automatically downloaded for parents and schools to view and share.

According to the designer, Monica Harvancik, who has worked on the application, these applications serve as a vital link between parents and school because parents do not feel alienated when outside the school. She also claimed that a simple video of a moment can spark long positive discussions between homes and communities. As such, the design of Class Dojo is not only user-friendly, but it also allows seamless integration with the school environment. Ms. Harvancik also acknowledged Fast Company’s contribution to Class Dojo by claiming that such awards encourage designers to produce more powerful community oriented products.

It is interesting to note that Class Dojo has revolutionized the American classroom by developing a number of such applications, in the last five years. Based in California, the company is known for promoting social-emotional skills of thousands of children in the United States. In fact, it is estimated that nearly two-thirds of schools in the United States have deployed a software from Class Dojo. Already, these products are marketed in nearly 180 countries around the world.

Services Provided by VTA Publications

For the past decade, one of the leading providers of financial guidance and educational systems has been VTA Publications. VTA Publications is a company that is focused on providing financial advice to the average investor that is looking to build long-term wealth for retirement, education, trust, or estate and tax planning.

The company sells a variety of unique products that are geared towards the novice investor. One of the best selling products that they sell are their investment tutorial DVD and CD programs. These programs provide a significant amount of education and guidance towards investing. This includes an overview of key terms, popular strategies, and techniques on how to mitigate risk. The company will also sell a selection of books and can even host seminars to provide more in-person education.

VTA Publications was initially founded by Jim Hunt. Jim Hunt is a financial industry professional that has provided investment advice and financial solutions to thousands of people for the past decade. He has developed a wide variety of systems, is commonly featured as a speaker and public events, and is considered to be very transparent investors. In a variety of cases, he has openly discussed his financial trades and gives an investor insight into his investment portfolio.   Check out Jim’s YouTube for more videos on how some intelligent trading can make all the difference.

The New Evolution of Banking

While there is still a need for traditional brick and mortar banks, a new age of online banking, where customers won’t have to visit their banks for most transactions, is becoming increasingly popular. Like the use of personal checks, standing in lines at banks waiting to make a deposit or apply for a loan is no longer a viable option in today’s fast-paced society. Nexbank, a Dallas-based financial services company, brings investing and traditional banking into the next century.

Why online banking is hot
Let’s face it, nobody wants to spend hours in line waiting to speak to a teller or travel to a bank just to fill out a complicated application for a loan. These are just a few reasons why the online banking industry is heating up. The convenience and flexibility that online banking offer are two big reason why many consumers are going online. Nexbank‘s online services give customers the ability to view their account balances and detailed transaction history, transfer money between accounts, and allows them to save time and money by paying bills online. Nexbank even allows customers to apply for loans and make investments through an online process.

Why Nexbank is worth watching
Nexbank’s services include commercial, investment, and mortgage banking as well as traditional checking and savings accounts. Accounts can be opened online then verified by sending email attachments of official documents like identification and proof of address. One thing that makes Nexbank worth watching is its strong growth over the past few years. Net income for the company increased each year and reached $53.2 million and Return on Average Equity grew to 35% in the year of 2015. For 2016, the company expects to experience continued growth due to its efficient and profitable platform and plans to remain focused on their institutional client base and the development of businesses in the U.S.

Healthcare Professional & Staffing Agency: Bridging the Gap in Between

Brian Torchin, founder of HCRC Staffing, is also a chiropractor. As a college student at the University of Delaware, Brian became interested in medicine and healing. He went on to earn a Bachelor’s of Exercise Science, as well as moving forward in his education to obtain a chiropractic degree. After realizing how difficult it was to find a job, Brian Torchin formed HCRC Staffing, all while working in the medical industry and noticing the problems that arose when trying to fill jobs. HCRC Staffing places healthcare professionals in positions as well as work with staffing agencies to place professionals in hard to fill positions.

The goal Brian Torchin had when creating HCRC Staffing, was to help healthcare workers, as well as staffing agencies bridge the gap to employment. The healthcare professional could find matching jobs and the staffing agencies could find qualified healthcare professionals to employ. Having worked in the medical industry, Brian Torchin had first-hand experience in the struggles of healthcare professionals finding suitable employment.

Torchin, has been described as a leader that is able to provide comprehensive solutions to his clients and also being consistent in having the best selected pool of candidates that agencies are seeking. Following a mantra of building and keeping long term relationships with clients and being detailed-oriented, Brian has an outlook in the world of business that is positive, even when the economy is slumping. Providing both, the employee and customer with solutions that are respectful to his clients.

Brian Torchin has committed himself on being a team player and has applied the methods of consultation, direction, and expedience. Torchin ensures that the clients are his first priority, and his goal is to offer the clients efficient and quick solutions, while also making his time available to answer client questions and fulfill requests despite his busy schedule. Torchin is also consistently publishing articles on the companies’ blog, each blog based on different topics consisting of all things clients and staffing agencies need in order to apply and get the position they want as well as the agencies competing and vying for the perfect client for their staffing agencies.

Forefront Capital’s CEO Brad Reifler Shares Problems Encountered by Investors

Chief Executive Officer of Forefront Capital, Brad Reifler became aware of the major problems small investors encounter when seeking investment opportunities, early in his career. For many years, he has worked diligently to create investment options for small investors, also referred as non-accredited by the Federal Government. Fictional movie, Money Monster illustrates parts of the truth about what really goes on at Wall Street and the challenges non-accredited investors should be aware of. What truths were portrayed in the movie about Wall Street is covered by Mr. Reifler in the major problems small investors encounter when seeking investment opportunities.

The majority of investors participating in Wall Street are high net worth individuals with incomes of $200,000 and higher. High net worth people are defined as accredited investors and given variety of investment options, whereas, investment options for small investors are limited. Brad Reifler shared three major problems small investors encounters; excessive fee charges, availability of investment options, and stock market risk. Most brokers charge enormous fees for managing clients’ investment portfolios, regardless of gain or loss performances. It is a big problem on Wall Street and can be devastating to small investors financially.

Another problem is the limited investment options available to small investors. The opportunities for non-accredited investors are few compared to those offered to accredited investors on Wall Street. The SEC definition of accredited investors has blocked the middle class and hard working Americans from participating in private equity and hedge fund investments. The final problem is the stock market risk, which is higher for small investors because of the limited options to diversify investments. Risks are normally minimized by including different options, such as stock trading, commodities, bond, and etc.

Brad Reifler has 34 years of expertise in the investment and banking industry. He became an entrepreneur in the early 1980’s, after establishing Reifler Trading Corporation. In the mid-1990’s, he founded Pali Capital and led the firm to success by reaching yearly revenues of $200 million. Mr. Reifler decided years back that he had to create investment opportunities for small investors. He formed the Forefront Income Trust that offers investment options to the 99 percent of Americans considered as non-accredited investors. Read more about Brad’s extensive career on Bloomberg.

IAP Worldwide Provides Quality Leaders For Tactical Results

Brave men and women from IAP Worldwide Services bring tactical solutions to your natural disaster, government contracts, and logistics. They are there to handle your situation when you need them in a moments notice. They are the world-class leaders in program management and logistics. They follow your complete goals to find an effective solution to your problems. You can rest assured a strong team of professionals are their to assist communities in national and global security. They have offices in Washington D.C., Florida, United Kingdom and the Middle East. IAP is grounded all over the world to meet the challenging demands that may require a small community based team.

In a recent PRN News article IAP Worldwide Services has made an acquisition to acquire two companies to expand their services. They are responsible for acquiring Aviation & Logistics and the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions providing superior information and technology. IAP is establishing long- term growth strategies. It is a part of the business and talent capabilities of IAP Worldwide. They are willing to integrate many solutions that will give their clients the outcome they expect from their contract. IAP also provides a wide range of mission support services and other agency solutions.

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Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc Jobs, Careers Profile

IAP is there when you need them in a moments notice, but with real solutions that get results and allows them to provide a wide range of services. They also have expanded their aviation services to be able to have an immediate response time across the globe. In fact, they still handle government contracts and use their vehicles to serve in an effective manner. They currently have over a dozen contracts with the government annually. Get the strong leadership that is required for a natural disaster. You’ll be satisfied with the results of an organization that has provided program management for the armed forces.

IAP Worldwide employees over 2,000 employees in over 25+ countries. There are a number of people that have already used their services. IAP Worldwide Services solves their customers issues in an effective manner providing a fast solution. They believe that a strong team will allow them to be effective and aids in their growth strategy. When clients partner with IAP Worldwide their ultimate goal becomes that of IAP. You get the client confidentiality that will keep your mission classified. You’re invited to visit their website for more details and program information that will meet your needs when you need IAP Worldwide.

Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services:

Do You Know Who Sam Tabar Is?

In an article originally released by PRNewswire, we get a better understanding of who Sam Tabar is and how he has managed to accomplish so much. It is not easy for most individuals to get a foot in the door when it comes to starting their legal career. Tabar did more than get his foot into the door and has become very successful in a short amount of time. His success is not only as a lawyer, but is a successful capital strategist as well. He has worked hard to gain the trust of his clients and plans to continue to work hard to keep them happy.

Tabar is currently based out of New York City and works for FullCycle Fund. However, it is the many places that he was employed prior to that helped to gain the experience that he has. Tabar’s first place of employment was with Skaddden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP. Even though this was his first job, he quickly found out that his business knowledge as well as being an attorney would be an asset to the company. It was here that his career as a capital strategist began. Tabar credits the fact that he loves his job and loves making his clients happy as the root of his success.

There were many other stops along the way for Tabar before joining FullCycle. Tabar spent time as one of the Business Development and Managing Directors of SPARX Group. After spending time with SPARX, Tabar was ready for more of a challenge and moved on to Bank of America Merrill Lynch as a capital strategist. Tabar began to feel the call to return to his first love which was the law. He was hired by Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP. It is with this firm that Tabar was recognized for his work within his field and made a name for himself.