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Shop your Lines

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There are numerous free online betting tools that can offer you great features like free line movement alerts that enable personalized game monitoring across leagues.

Take betting as an investment and prepare thoroughly

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Teddy Covers often advises that as a professional bettor, you need to pick some bets that mitigate your risks and take advantage of that. Betting on prop bets and over/under can be applied wisely to improve your returns substantially and lower your risks.

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Watch the Market and Trust No One

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Antique Arms Collector Michael Zomber Gets Rare Civil War Era Artifact


Michael Zomber is a well-respected expert in antique arms and armors. Recently he won an auction at Sotheby’s that netted him a rare artifact from the abolitionist movement. It was the Bowie knife that was used by a person that attempted to assassinate abolitionist leader John Brown. The knife has an inscription stating that a would-be assassin took the knife from abolition movement leader John Brown and attempted to kill him with it. John Brown was a white radical abolitionist leader who felt the only way to end slavery in the United States was through an armed insurrection. When Brown attempted to do just that he was arrested, jailed and hung.


Sotheby’s described the knife, which has a spear-point blade and a coffin handle made of nickel with a mother of pearl inlay, as ‘a remarkable artifact’. One that came from one of American history’s bloodiest periods. Collector Michael Zomber who writes Civil War historical fiction said it is a rare treasure and pointed out it’s from a period in American history about which he’s passionate about. Zomber said it’s an honor to own a piece of John Brown’s personal history. Some fans of Zomber’s historical fiction novels wondered if the knife will appear in a Zomber novel soon. Zomber was non-committal saying only the knife has gotten his ‘creative wheels turning.’


Michael R. Zomber has undergraduate degrees in English and psychology from the University of Illinois. He also earned a masters in English Literature from UCLA. He’s considered an expert in ancient weapons and armor and owns weapons which had belonged to George Washington as well as Simon Bolivar. His specialty is Japanese weaponry. Michael Zomber wrote and produced ‘Soul of the Samurai’ a critically acclaimed full-length documentary. Zomber also wrote a full-length screen play and a television series for Shogun Iemitsu.


With the encouragement of his wife, Michael Zomber began writing screenplays. Many of them became the basis of novels, all of which are listed on GoodReads. Two of the historical fiction novel he wrote deal with how the Civil War affected people’s lives. They are ‘A Son of Kentucky’ and ‘Sweet Betsy That’s Me’.

Town Provides Success for Real Estate Hopefuls

The Town Residential real estate model promises to show their clients that they are going to do the best for their real estate needs. They make sure to always give the people that they serve what they want and this has paid off big time for the company because they have been really successful as a result.



When Town Residential first started out, they planned to be the best in the luxury real estate business in New York City. They made sure that their business was better than the rest and that they were able to satisfy the needs that all of their clients had instead of just some of the needs that they heard of in the business. This was the first time that a real estate agency had made such a promise and it ended up paying off for the leaders of Town Residential because they were able to see a lot of success from their efforts.


The company continued to be a big success when they were working in the real estate field. Because of that, they branched out to different areas in New York City. They are able to work in all five of the boroughs and this has allowed them to really extend their services to all of their clients. They can find properties and sell them no matter where their clients are and this has allowed them to be one of the best businesses in the industry as a result of the efforts that they have put in.


Whether someone is looking for a great home in Manhattan or somewhere else, Town is able to find it for them. The company has made it their mission to always provide for their clients. No matter how ridiculous the request seems, Town will go to every effort to be able to satisfy the needs of their clients. Rumor has it that they even scored a home with a carriage garage in it for a certain high-profile celebrity. Who needs a garage for their carriage when they’re living in Manhattan?


Because of the way that they have worked so hard and the way that they have been able to help their clients, Town Residential has been one of the most successful real estate agencies in New York City in the three short years that they have been in business. This is something that is almost unheard of, especially in New York where the demand for property is much higher than the supply of properties in the city. They have recently opened their tenth office since they have been in business, averaging slightly over three offices per year in an industry that does not have a lot of success.


Bruce Levenson the Amazing Investor

Bruce Levenson is a philanthropist whose business intentions are aimed at improving the living standards as well as improving the country’s economy. He was a co –owner of Atlanta Hawks LLC which was previously known as Atlanta Spirit LLC. He also co-founded United Communication Group ( and is on the Board of Directors for Tech Target which is An IT industry which has employed many Americans. In the latest transaction, Bruce scooped at least $1 billion as profit from the sale of the Hawk club a profit margin that left many amazed.

Bruce Levenson was born to a Jewish family In Washington D.C and was brought up in Chevy Chase Maryland. He went to college at Washington University in St. Louis and later went to Americans university where he graduated with a degree in law. Bruce began his journalism career while attending law classes in the evening a move that introduced him into the media industry where he serves as a member of the board of directors in various media houses.

Bruce Levenson likes interacting and growing other people’s talent a reason why he decided to co-own a basketball team aimed at giving the young and talented youth a chance to exercise their skills. In the process, the opportunity would eventually provide them with some cash to uplift their living standards. Levenson is also a very active member of several philanthropic organizations. For instance, he is a member of Community Foundation of Washington D.C and Hoop Dreams Foundation. He has also worked with an organization whose role was assisting low-income children in pursuing higher education as the president of the organization.

Forbes billionaire Bruce Levenson is also a founding donor to the United States Holocaust Museum where he funds the museum to offer Home program lessons which are aimed at educating inner-city students about the Holocaust as well as train them to become tour guides at the museum.


Adam Milstein: Founder Of Jewish Charity Group Makes Notable Top 50 List

Adam Milstein is now considered to be one of the most influential Jews in the world, according to BusinessWire. The Jerusalem Post selects members of the Jewish community who are leading through politics, entertainment, business and philanthropy and Milstein was ranked 39 on the list next to names like Benjamin Netanyahu, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Lynn Schusterman, Sheldon Adelson, and Gal Cadot. Milstein has made this list not only for his success in real estate, but because he’s helped forge partnerships with other Jewish leaders and international communities through the Milstein Foundation. He’s also helped establish non-profit think tanks promoting Israel’s public policies.

Adam Milstein was born in Israel after both his parents moved there from Central and South America. His father had been a combat sailor in the war right after Israel became a recognized state, and then framed buildings for a living afterward. Adam grew up learning the trade, and later himself served in Israel’s military during the Yom Kippur War of the 1970s. He served in future Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s unit, which became instrumental in Egypt’s surrender. When Adam left the military, he met and married Gila Elgrably, and then attended Israel’s Technion Institute. He started his real estate career working with his father on building projects, but later relocated to the US.

Adam Milstein has worked over 20 years for Hager Pacific Properties, a large real estate firm in Los Angeles, and he’s currently a managing partner there. He started up the Milstein Family Foundation to help bring together Jews around the world and engage them in efforts to restore traditions. The values that the Milstein Foundation embodies are active philanthropy, a personal involvement in the charities that they sponsor, life path impact, the goal to educate and help young people along their journey, and philanthropic synergies to forge bonds among leaders. Non-profits Milstein has formed include the Israeli-American Council, AIPAC, Stand With Us, and Jerusalem U.

John Goullet Role in Improving IT Services Through Diversant

John Goullet is a business innovator with a number of successful businesses in the IT sector under his belt. His primary focus is on understanding the business world and its customers’ in terms of IT development and staffing. John started his technological career as an IT consultant before moving to IT staffing in 1994. With a good understanding of the emerging market trends, he created Info Technologies, an IT staffing organization whose primary purpose was to provide solutions to Fortune 500 organizations countrywide.

In a period of five years, Info Technologies has grown to a tune of $30m, earning the eighth spot on the Inc. Magazine’s list of the top 500 fastest emerging privately-owned business in the United States. In the year 2010, Goullet and Gene merged Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. together, to form Diversant Limited Liability Company. As the company’s principal, John was able to pursue his passion for developing new ways to meet new challenges facing the ever-evolving IT industry.

Diversant is a qualified minority-owned business enterprise known as the best African-American owned IT staffing firm in the United States. The organization provides a wide range of accessible IT staffing and an assortment of goods and services. These products include innovative diversity solutions, IT staffing augmentation, and direct hire. Products offered are based on unique, outstanding policies with a motive of fulfilling the needs of its customers, affiliates and the community serving the enterprise. Diversant helps its clients in solving critical issues by applying a consultative method and involving its customers as true business partners.

The organization assists different companies in acquiring the right IT aptitude since there is a remarkable growth in the technology industry and thus the competition for IT professionals is on the rise. The organization goes ahead and applies the appropriate methods to source and vet qualified experts who can meet the IT needs for different organizations. The IT group primary objective is to provide a full-cycle of customized software development to various enterprises. As an IT staffing firm, Diversant sources and brings together talented professionals with the appropriate companies. This, in turn, creates a healthy relationship between the clients and the IT consultants. John Goullet role in IT staffing is commendable and has significantly improved the IT staffing sector nationwide.

The strides of Talk Fusion

On August fifteenth, Technology Marketing Corporation awarded Talk Fusion’s revolutionary Video Chat product as the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year. This was the second award from the integrated media giant this year.

The Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award gives credit to the exceptional services and products that facilitated video, data and voice communications introduced into the market or showed vast improvement upon in the last twelve months.

Rich Tehrani, the Chief Managerial Officer of Technology Marketing Corporation, released a press saying that he takes a lot of pleasure and honor to be the one awarding the 2016 Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award. These are the true leaders in their industries and are arguably the best of the best products and solutions available on the market currently.

Talk Fusion Video Chat uses the power of WebRTC technology to allow users to connect face to face with any person in this world. This technology is compatible with any device like smartphones, desktops and tablets as from link. The video chat app is currently available on both Google play stores and iTunes. The second award shows the continued momentum in this revolutionary cross-communication platform. The first full version of the application went live in March of 2016.

Bob Reina, the Chief Executive Officer and founder of the firm, said that the project is in its initial stages. There talented pool of information and technology team has massive strategies for the future of their All-in-One Video Marketing Solution. Talk Fusion is dedicated to keeping ahead of the curve and all employees are motivated towards that.

Ryan Page, their Chief Technical Officer, views this award as a testament to a bigger goal. It shows how innovative and efficient the Talk Fusion’s team is. The feeling of creating important and magnificent application is completely priceless.

Talk Fusion introduced free trials for customers to sample their product while also launching a whole new website called in less than twelve months.

Talk Fusion prides itself as the home of the earth’s first-one-in all Video Marketing was established in 2007 by Bob Reina and aims at fostering a strong pledge to giving back to friends, communities, family and animal charities all over the world.

More on Talk Fusion:

James Dondero Makes a Huge Donation to Charity

The Family Place has recently received a $1 million grant from the Highland Capital Management. The Family Place is an organization, which helps the family violence victims. The grant was to boost the organization’s funds for a Legacy Campaign. The announcement of the financial commitment was made at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas. It was during the organization’s 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon. The Highland Dallas Foundation gave the grant from the Highland Capital Management. The Highland Dallas Foundation is a part of the Highland Capital Management.

The Family Place has also managed to raise more than $200,000 for the Legacy Campaign. According to Dondero, the Highland Capital Management group acted on the request of Mike Rawlings and David Brown who are the Mayor and Police Chief respectively. They asked people to help however; they can to help The Family Place in its activities.

James Dondero said that The Family Place had done very well in bringing the organization from an idea to reality. He was also proud of all the people who helped to make the project a success. By working together as a community, Dondero said that the people of Dallas could achieve a lot.

Paige Flink who is the CEO of The Family Place also encouraged all the people who wished to help the victims in any way. She explained that contributions to the project do not only involve money. Paige said that some people could provide shelter to the victims. The Family Place also provides counseling to the victims.

James Dondero is the co-founder and President of the Highland Capital Management L.P. The company deals with credit management on an international level. Dondero’s involvement in the company’s operations since 1993 when it was founded has added to his expertise in equities and credits. The company has also become a major player in the financial industry.

Dondero as a philanthropist is involved in many charity organizations. He also holds positions in various institutions including Cornerstone Healthcare and American Banknote. He is a graduate of the University of Virginia and also a Certified Management Accountant. Visit here for more information.

Norka Luque: The Legendary Artist

Emilio Estefan, Midas King of music, features the Venezuelan Norka Soraya Martinez Luque. Norka was named in honor of her mother also called Norka. Her mother recalls that whenever Norka Luque would cry as a child, music made her stop crying. She made her first musical production by the age of eight. She recorded the song “Shakira’s Anthology,” and continued with more songs produced by Luis Miguel. She used to frame events to what would become a full preparation of lessons in the world of music, piano, Flamenco, ballet, musical theory and others.


Great satisfaction scored winning tests from an early age of choreography. Norka used to sing at the school festival school-pipe and the golden voice. She earned a presence in international music with Juanes.


The desire to achieve and excel in her music dream took this Venezuelan girl to the United States. She also gave continuity to music as she continued to excel in her academics. He met Emilio Estefan J., the music producer, whose heart liked her music. She decided to tell him her project and asked him to let her sing in his jurisdiction.


She extended an invitation to the studio after listening to her music. He noted the great talent in Norka and said that she had all the necessary elements to propel her to fame and success. She decided to polish her voice and scheduled intensive practice to develop discipline in the star.


The city of Miami, the sea, sun, and palm trees witnessed the birth of the legendary music by the name Miracle. The great team of producers including Archie Pena, Gaitan brothers, Luigi Giraldo and many others under the direction of producer Emilio Estefan Jr. who woke up in the best performances of Norka. His work with the team to perfect Norka was a great blessing in her life. He stressed on the talent in Norka.


For three years now, Norka has continued to work hard and has presented his first single “as you do it.” It has earned her numerous awards, and the most important nomination of all is the 2011 Premios Lo Nuestro. She was voted as the best pop female artist competing favorably in the music industry with Shakira, Gloria Trevi, Natalia Jimenez stars and many others.


Her second single, “the Miracle,” has its official video released. This is a modern song with innovative sounds and a balance between reggae, pop, rock and roll to reach a merger with the Mediterranean rhythms.


For more about Norka Luque please visit

Finding The Best Healthcare For You

Selecting the health care provider that will be the best for you and your family is a complex and time-consuming exercise on LinkedIn. There are so many options available it is important for you to do your homework to find a company that will work with you to find the health care program that is right for you.

One of the industry leaders, in managed health care services in America, is InnovaCare Health. At InnovaCare Health they are redefining health care management by offering high-quality Medicaid & Medicare Advantage plans and then developing an innovative program that will work for you.

At InnovaCare Health patients will always come first as securing the best possible medical care for its clients is the goal of everything they do. They accomplish this by encouraging a strong patient-provider relationship that will ultimately lead to better healthcare and a better quality of life. InnovaCare Health will create a sustainable, cost-effective program that will be integrated into the most advanced medical technologies available today. They believe in an approach that combines a clear vision, effective communication and the desire to find solutions to any challenge.

InnovaCare Health is led by a team of health care professionals that bring years of managed health care experience to the company. Dr. Rick Shinto has over twenty years experience in managed health care and is now serving as the CEO of InnovaCare, Inc. Prior to joining InnovaCare Health Dr. Shinto has held several prestigious positions in the health care industry such as serving as the Chief Medical Officer of NAMM California. After attending the University of California at Irvine, where he earned a B.S. degree, he received his medical degree from the State University of New York and later an M.B.A. from the University of Redlands. He has also written several highly regarded articles about health care and clinical medicine.

Penelope Kokkinides has rejoined the company as the CAO (Chief Administrative Officer) after serving as Executive Vice President and COO at Centerlight Healthcare where she was responsible for overall management and strategic direction for the managed care division. Penelope has over two decades of experience in healthcare, specializing in the government programs, Medicare and Medicaid. She has extensive experience in managing the health care process and its operations, focusing on improving efficiency. Penelope Kokkinides is highly educated, she holds a master’s degree in social work from New York University, another master’s degree in public health from Columbia University and an advanced degree in alcohol and substance abuse.

Yes, selecting the right healthcare provider for you and your family can be a daunting exercise but with help from InnovaCare Health on Bloomberg, it can be an experience that will give you peace of mind.