How The Greyhound Diaries Is Helping To Show The Hidden Side Of America

The Greyhound Diaries is a project that was started by singer and songwriter Doug Levitt. It has involved Levitt traveling the nation for more than a decade in Greyhound buses documenting the lives of the less fortunate. He documents this through pictures, stories, and through the many songs that he has written. Levitt modeled the project after the WPA initiatives that were conducted earlier in the 20th century to give a better picture of the nation. The images and content can be found on the project’s website and are available for all to see.


Levitt has performed parts of the Greyhound Diaries at some locations such as the Walter Reed Military Hospital, the Kennedy Center, and various homeless shelters around the nation. His work has been covered by numerous publications and media outlets including Fox News, Reuters, CNN, the Huffington Post, and MSNBC.


Levitt attended Woodrow Wilson High School before joining Cornell University where he was once a student of Carl Sagan, the famous astrophysicist. Levitt then studied at the London School of Economics on a Fulbright Scholarship and graduated with a Master’s degree in Ethnic Conflict and Nationalism. He started his career as a foreign correspondent based in London for various media outlets such as CNN, NBC, and ABC. His work led him to cover countries such as Rwanda, Bosnia, and Iran.


It is during the time when he was in London that he decided to become a singer and a songwriter. He moved back to the US and started a working relationship with David Henry who is a recognized music producer. The poverty numbers in the U.S surprised him upon returning to the country. He wondered what he could do to shed light on the problem. This is what led him to start the Greyhound Diaries project.


Levitt has a memoir coming out soon in which he talks about his life and the experience he has gotten from the Greyhound Diaries project. He is credited for conducting voter registration and a tour that mobilized people to go and vote during the last election. The exercise was carried out in particular areas in more than ten states.



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