Arthur Becker; Bringing Competence to Diversity.

Arthur Becker can be termed in layman’s language as a jack of all trades. This is due to his astoundingly diverse portfolio with a remarkable track record in his career. Arthur is a man with excellent leadership skills and an even better talent when it comes to entrepreneurship. In his career, Becker has served various executive roles with unparalleled competence. Currently, Arthur Becker is the chairman as well as the chief executive officer of Zinio. This is a platform for distributing digital magazines. This company boasts over 5,500 magazines from a diverse range of publishers. The company operates global offices with its headquarters in New York and other offices in San Francisco, London, Barcelona, Paris and Ho Chi Minh.

Arthur is also reputable for his outstanding service as the chief executive of NaviSite. NaviSite is a NASDAQ quoted organization that specializes in the provision of technology and application management services to its clients. According to, he served this role for eight years from 2002-2010. NaviSite, through its offices located in the United States, United Kingdom, and India offered customers cloud-based application management and data center hosting to companies and other organizations.

The latest venture for Arthur Becker is his recent entry into the real estate industry. After his outstanding success in the tech industry, now Becker has joined the real estate sector. According to Bloomberg, he recently acquired three adjacent townhouses on Sullivan Street. This was acquired in exchange for his stake in the condominium development. This new property is located in a very lucrative market, in just a few years, their value will significantly increase.

His new 6500 sq. ft. townhouses are among developments by Madison Equities and Property Markets Group. His investment in the project is what earned Becker the houses; one of which he decided to keep for his own. Becker was adamant to disclose the actual amount of money he put in the project. However so, Real Capital Analytics has data that show Becker invested around $15 million worth of equity and another $5 million in mortgage for the development. Becker has also invested in other real estate projects. He has invested alongside JDS Development Group, AmBase Corp., and Property Markets Group at 111 West 57th Street.



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