Info on Kabbalah Centers

Kabbalah is a brand of spiritualism that is increasing in popularity both in the United States and in other parts of the world. Kabbalah Centers are designed as institutions for study and education on the Kabbalah philosophy. There are currently Kabbalah centers in major cities world wide where those seeking more information on this interesting philosophy can go to learn more.

Kabbalistic principles are meant to bring followers a lifelong sense of joy and fulfillment. They teach people to reevaluate themselves and their place in the larger universe, promising that this knowledge will bring endless happiness and a feeling of purpose.

Leaders claim the history of the Kabbalah teaching are rooted in the religious texts of Ancient Judaism though the philosophy has developed into something of a more spiritualistic nature. The very first Kabbalah Center was founded in the year 1922 by a man named Rav Yehuda Ashlag.

Kabbalah has undergone many reinterpretations and variations since that time. As it is not a traditional religion the Kabbalah Centers are generally accepting of alternate practices or personal variations as long as they do not violate the generally agreed upon core principles.

Followers claim the tenants that form Kabbalah actually predate the modern concept of religion and thus any person of any race, status, or faith can practice Kabbalah.

These core tenants are taken from sections of the ancient Jewish holy text, the Torah. Segments of the Torah also form major sections of the Christian Old Testament. However, Kabbalistic teaching comes from a series of chapters called the Zohar. This was originally a section that was left un-translated and thus only available to priests, religious scholars, and men of a certain status within the Jewish Community. Ashlag was responsible for the first translation, making the teaching of the Zohar available to anyone. for more.


Avi Weisfogel Talks Life in the Dental Sleep Masters Field

Sleep has long been the bastion for peace of many after a long hard day, but sadly it isn’t as easy to find for some. This line of thinking brought Dr. Avi Weisfogel straight into focus in the late ’90s after establishing Old Bridge Dental Care. Weisfogel may have a career in dental medicine but he has always been interested in sleep medicine and that is what brings him to our attention and to the focus of the Dental Sleep Masters that has brought Weisfogel so much success. Let’s take a look at what Dr. Avi Weisfogel had to say about his approach to sleep medicine, sleep apnea, and understanding sleep disorders.


Dr. Weisfogel spent the first 15 years in the workforce focusing solely as a dentist. However, during this time Weisfogel was at least contemplating sleep medicine. In fact, it was his ultimate goal to combine the two. He wanted to use his marketing background and combine it with his passion for dental medicine and sleep medicine. This was a niche, he admits, he didn’t realized could exist. However, the niche surely existed and Weisfogel continues to gain attention to this day for his revolutionary work.


If you thought that a career similar to Dr Weisfogel’s might be simple, well, you would probably be wrong. After establishing Dental Sleep Masters in 2014, with the stated goal of revolutionizing sleep medicine via oral devices, Dr. Weisfogel has turned into a work machine. Weisfogel says that he gets to the office at 6AM where he spends the first hour of his day in prayer and meditation. For the next hour he will talk to his life coach before truly beginning on his day. Weisfogel says that he needs to “Schedule everything, and I mean everything” in order to get everything done for his job. He typically works from 8AM to 7PM doing everything from making phone calls to attending business meetings and even having face to face sit downs with his employees. Weisfogel always makes sure to have a piece of paper on hand in order to track ideas and topics that need to be addressed.


Fred Finch is a very skilled Orthopedist

Orthopedic surgeons can be either Medical Doctors or Doctors of Osteopathic Medicine who have finished five years of surgical residency. During their residency they focus on the treatments of the musculoskeletal system. Orthopedists specialize in the identification and treatment for just about every small bone and joint disorders in the human body.


Greg Finch is an Orthopedic Surgeon at Sunshine Coast Private Hospital in Queensland, Australia. Greg Finch is an Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in all aspects of Spinal Surgery, operative and non-operative. His main interest being in minimally invasive surgeries, adult deformities and cervical spine surgery including disk replacement.


The Minimally Invasive Laser Spine Surgery, commonly for neck and back pain is one procedure Greg Finch performs, one of the most common Orthopedic procedure. Their are many benefits to this type of procedure. This procedure leaves very little or absolutely no scar tissue. The diagnosis is done with an HD camera and the outpatient procedure recovery time is very quick with this type of procedure. One patient who had trouble walking more than seventy-five yards and couldn’t bend over walked away from the procedure with no pain. Greg Finch and the patient have been very fortunate for this new type of procedure.


Total Joint Replacement is one of the four most common Orthopedic Surgeries. Those patients who undergo joint replacement surgeries have been previously diagnosed with severe arthritis who seek pain relief and increased range of motion. During the procedure doctors have to assess damaged parts of the joint and make the decision to replace any joint that need to be, with plastic or metal replacement that are shaped to restore the joint to proper function.


The Fundamental Role Of Comparative Law In The Contemporary Society

Comparative law involves the evaluation of various legal systems to establish the similarities and differences between them. In the contemporary world, these studies are becoming more fundamental, as countries look to interact with each other on multiple fronts. With a proper understanding of others’ laws, nations can forge fruitful relationships amongst themselves.

Comparative law studies are vital to the formulation of international laws. Once experts have indulged in various laws of different states, they can harmonize them, coming up with a solution that suits all parties. Lawmakers can also borrow constructive clauses from an alien legal framework, a practice popularly known as a legal transplant. This procedure can play a key role, especially in situations where a constitution is being drafted for the first time.

The reasons behind comparing an array of legal frameworks are numerous, but the primary one is to attain an in-depth understanding of the laws under study. The comparison may also be made where there are inconsistencies that need to be ironed out through referencing foreign laws. For this reason, comparative law studies are essential in the development of foreign policies.

The basis of any bilateral or multilateral relationship is strong legal understanding. Without comparative law, such bonds would be inconceivable if not virtually impossible. Therefore, the comparison of different law systems creates a legal middle ground, which lays the foundation for sound multinational partnerships as well as business transactions.

Comparative law is not the same to another field of legal theory such as international law. Despite these dissimilarities, comparative law is crucial to informing these areas of normativity. For instance, international organizations such as the UN can analyze the laws of various nations and use the information in conflict resolution.  Check this interesting article on

About Sujit Choudhry

Sujit Choudhry is a prominent figure in the comparative law sector. He has used his nous on the subject to assist in the law-making process in several countries, including Nepal, South Africa, and Ukraine. Also, Sujit has graced numerous conferences across the world, where he has shared his knowledge on the matter.  Follow Sujit on

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Besides, Choudhry has conducted extensive research on how to use the law to transform societies that were hitherto violent into peaceful environments. To this effect, he has authored many books, which have been well received. The publications include The Oxford Handbook of the Indian Constitution and The Migration of Constitutional Ideas among many others. Moreover, Sujit sits on the boards of various prominent institutions, as well as being the founder of the Center for Constitutional Transitions. Continue reading on

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UKV PLC Is A Great Winemaker

If you are aware of what UKV PLC is, then you may be glad to know that it is a company that has been renowned as being an excellent manufacturer of wine products. Whether you know it or not, wines that taste really good are the ones that consist of their manufacturers taking their time in manufacturing them.

Most specifically meaning, the fruits need to be settled into the liquid fully prior to being packaged and shipped. If you need to speak to a UKV PLC representative, please ask them any questions that you may have.

UKV PLC is a company that has been known to provide high qualities of wine products to its customers. It is important for you to know that you will need to have a good bit of knowledge about wine prior to investing in one that you can consider as being worthwhile. Due to the importance UKV PLC places on its wine products and the manufacturing processes of it, a wine enthusiast can truly depend on it to deliver the results that they are seeking from a reputable winemaking company.

UKV PLC is currently being offered at a competitive price that you will truly enjoy investing in. Although other wine products can also be considered as good choices, it is important to note that UKV PLC is a company that does not add any unnecessary chemicals to enhance its flavor.


In Support Of The Family Place, James Dondero Announces $1 Million Challenge Grant

The co-founder and President of Highland Capital Management, L.P., James Dondero, announced a $1 million challenge grant in support of the completion of The Family Place’s new facility. The Family Place is a Dallas, Texas nonprofit that offers a place to stay and services for the victims of family violence. The challenge grant will match 50% of donations up to a total of $1 million which will go a long ways towards the nonprofit’s goal of raising $2.8 million in the next six months. James Dondero made his announcement at the 21st Annual Texas Trailblazer Awards Luncheon which is hosted by The Family Place.

The Family Place is nearing completion of the Central Dallas Counseling Center which will include emergency shelter bedrooms, counseling rooms, a space for job-training, as well as a dental and medical clinic. They expect to serve over 2,000 victims of family violence every year. The building, which will be called the Ann Moody Place, will also serve as the headquarters of the Be Project. This project teaches students about bullying and teen dating violence in order to prevent these types of occurrences from happening as well as how to report it when they do.

James Dondero co-founded Highland Capital Management in 1993 along with his business partner Mark Okada. Highland Capital Management is an alternative investment firm that serves institutional investors, endowments, public pension plans, high net worth individuals, and other large investors. James Dondero has developed deep experience in alternative investments such as collateralized loan obligations, credit hedge funds, real estate, and private equity.

James Dondero is a graduate of the University of Virginia – McIntire School of Commerce. He earned two degrees while attending college in both accounting and finance. He started his professional career at Morgan Guaranty as a financial analyst in 1984. He advanced his career by joining American Express in 1985 as a Corporate Bond Analyst. Prior to co-founding Highland Capital Management, James Dondero worked at Protective Life Insurance Company as their Chief Investment Officer.



Vinny Parascandola: Recruiting and Training Talented Financial Advisors that Change People’s Lives

Vincent Parascandola has over twenty-five years in the financial advisor industry. His career started in 1987 as an agent with Prudential. He must have done okay because he earned Rookie of the Year Honors. Those honors should have served notice to the world that Mr. Parascandola or “Vinny” was a force in motion.


In 1990, Vinny began a short stint at MONY Life Insurance Company where for the next ten years he held local management positions, but in 2004 he started working at the place where he was destined to leave his mark; AXA Advisors. The company he joined is the broker for AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company. They are a well-known and well-respected provider of life insurance and annuities.


AXA’s 6000strong network of financial advisors offers clients advice, strategies, and financial products to help them manage things like investments, asset allocation, estate planning, and all the other aspects of their financial needs throughout life. AXA operates globally and is recognized as the first insurance brand to grow at 14%. They have been helping families and businesses achieve financial security since 1859.


Mr. Parascandola is currently Senior Executive Vice President, and sees his role as responsible for sales, recruiting, retention, productivity, and what he considers the critical part of his job, the development of new and experienced financial professionals and the next generation of company leaders. Before his current role, Vinny was president of The Advantage Group, a unit created to attract experienced financial professionals.


Vinny graduated from Pace University in New York where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree. Mr. Parascandola has continued to win awards to go with his rookie year honors. He is often asked to speak at industry conferences and has been recognized many times for his leadership skills. He is a member of GAMA and a former president of the Florida chapter and is also a past chair of Life Insurance Management Research Association’s Field Officers Committee.


Mr. Archie Parnell – A Leading Reformer and A Great Activist

Mr. Archie Parnell was born and raised in South Carolina. His family taught him the real value of sheer dedication and hard work. When he got his law degree from South Carolina University, he began to work at the Justice Department. He has got immense experience under his belt, and that will prove to be beneficial to the Congress. He is a great supporter of making the tax code redesigned. He is the notion that this will make the companies stop concealing their financial gains in a foreign land completely.


At least more than 70 percent of the votes were given to Mr. Archie Parnell. He has got tremendous support before he gets ready for the election. Mr. Parnell strives to have some betterment in politics to eradicate corruption and give freedom to the South Carolinians.


Mr. Archie Parnell has been an active advocate to end the system that is in total disorder. He wants an independent representative for South Carolina. End Citizens United came into existence on Mar. 2015 to completely reform the finance system.


End Citizens United had raised at least $4 million in the first part of the year 2017 and had at least 100,000 donors who actively donated $14. It has a plan to collect another $35 million.


This group has grown to more than three million members, and that includes more than 29000 in only South Carolina. The company has gathered more than $million in the first half of 2017 with an average of $12. The organization has got support from 100,000 donors.


The complete enhancement in funding will enable the End Citizens United to elevate its resources in support of the candidates. This election is a ray of hope for the Americans, and it will bring a new wave of reformers who are bent to improve the system in Washington.


End Citizens United came into existence on Mar. 2015 to tackle the critical impact of the Citizens United decision and work to make the finance system reformed. This group has got 15000 members in Las Vegas. It has more than 27000 members in Nevada.


People are frustrated and unhappy with the rigged system, and Mr. Parnell will be a ray of hope for them to eradicate the inefficiencies in this bad system. He has promised to bring sweeping reforms to this system and follow a path of absolutely clean politics keeping the bad money out of it.


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Talk Fusion: Giving People What They Want

Talk Fusion is the kind of company that truly listens to its customers and that is one of the major things that sets them apart from other companies. They listen to their customers and they go out of their way to make sure that all of the changes made are changes for the better when it comes to the company and the customers. They have many meetings with one another and talk about ways to improve the company, the product, and make the customers happy. After all, it is all about giving the customers what they want, as that keeps them coming back for more.

These changes are a big reason why Talk Fusion won two big awards in 2016 from the Technology Marketing Corporation. That is right: two awards in one year. 2016 was a year to remember for Bob Reina, the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion since 2007 when he started the company. Now the company is a decade old and big things are around the corner for them. The award for the Communications Product of the Year is one they won’t soon forget anytime soon that is for sure. With their video newsletters, video emails, video conferences, and video chats, they have worked very hard to provide everything they can and more for their customers. Click here to know more.

They are also a vital part of the community. The CEO and founder Bob Reina made a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society which really went a long way in terms of saving animal lives. That is the kind of person that people wish to work for at the end of the day. They want to work for someone that cares and really goes out of his way to show it. He also gives his employees the chance to give out Talk Fusion to a charity of their own personal choosing.

He believes that the more people that use Talk Fusion, the better for everyone involved. They also have 30-day free trials going on right now as well for new customers. Bob Reina wants the world to get a taste of Talk Fusion.

Goettl Return To Success As A Leading HVAC Company In The Southwest

Life in the Southwest was seen as impossible to survive in the early 20th century when Adam and Gust Goettl made their way from Ohio to Arizona and saw most residents take the journey to the Californian coast each year to escape the intense heat of the Summer months in the Southwest. Adam and Gust made a number of innovations in the HVAC field and saw their work rewarded with more than 100 patents for their own Goettl brand.


The Goettl brand has recently made a triumphant return to success under the leadership of Ken Goodrich, a man who made his first steps in business alongside his father working to service and repair Goettl brand units; the main aim of Ken Goodrich has been to focus Goettl’s expanding team of technicians on providing the level of customer service the company was known for in the past. Goettl now conducts daily meetings with technicians in a bid to make sure every member of the team is working towards the same goal each and every day.


Goettl is a historic brand that has a history dating back to its foundations laid in Phoenix, Arizona in 1939 and Ken Goodrich is always looking to remind the people of the world of the success the company has always enjoyed. Among the innovations Goodrich has been at the heart of are the creation of metal flashlight replicas of the original Goettl lights handed out to customers earlier in the history of the brand.


Goettl now focuses largely on the maintenance and repair of all brands of HVAC units across the states of Arizona and Nevada. In recent times, the development of the brand has been based in developing the use of zoned heating and cooling systems that have the ability to lower utility bills for all Goettl customers.