Igor Cornelsen: A Successful Investment Guru

Igor Cornelsen is a famous Brazilian businessman who made a great fortune in stock market investment. He started his career as a banker and went on to become one of the most successful bankers of Brazil. During his career as a banker, he served as a high-ranking official in various Brazilian famous banks. However, he garnered international fame for his acumen and genius in stock market investment. He heads his own consultancy firm named Bainbridge Inc and lives in Florida in the United States.

Igor Cornelsen established his own firm Bainbridge Group Inc, through which he makes all the investment in stock market and also offers consultancy in stock market investment. Through his firm, the leading investing guru offers his services as an investment guru and guides emerging investors who wish to invest in stock market. He is also open to sharing his success story and the keys behind his stellar success in a short span of time. He has a niche in pointing out where to invest and which companies to be avoided, which becomes a crucial decision for an emerging investor embarking upon a business in the stock market.

A prominent feature of advisory consultancy of the famous Brazilian investor has been that he emphasizes not investing in damaged companies. He advises that new investors should not put their money into a company that is reeling from financial crisis unless they want to lose all the money they have. However, he puts forth a case for focusing on damaged stock investments. For his emphasis on damaged stock investments, Igor has been dubbed as a leading proponent of the arena of damaged stocks.

Igor Cornelsen’s piquant advisory tips have come to be given extensive coverage in media in the U.S. He frequently appears on electronic media with his productive business tips for those who want to invest in stock market. Apart from giving advisory tips, he has an interest in playing golf, a leisure activity he indulges in while he is in Florida. He equally divides his time to stay in both Florida and his home country, Brazil. Decades-long involvement in banking and stock market investment has made him a learned man in the realm of the stock market and investment. He draws respect from a diverse group of people for his success in the field of investment. He is also greatly admired for his expert investment opinions and tips.

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