Avi Weisfogel Talks Life in the Dental Sleep Masters Field

Sleep has long been the bastion for peace of many after a long hard day, but sadly it isn’t as easy to find for some. This line of thinking brought Dr. Avi Weisfogel straight into focus in the late ’90s after establishing Old Bridge Dental Care. Weisfogel may have a career in dental medicine but he has always been interested in sleep medicine and that is what brings him to our attention and to the focus of the Dental Sleep Masters that has brought Weisfogel so much success. Let’s take a look at what Dr. Avi Weisfogel had to say about his approach to sleep medicine, sleep apnea, and understanding sleep disorders.


Dr. Weisfogel spent the first 15 years in the workforce focusing solely as a dentist. However, during this time Weisfogel was at least contemplating sleep medicine. In fact, it was his ultimate goal to combine the two. He wanted to use his marketing background and combine it with his passion for dental medicine and sleep medicine. This was a niche, he admits, he didn’t realized could exist. However, the niche surely existed and Weisfogel continues to gain attention to this day for his revolutionary work.


If you thought that a career similar to Dr Weisfogel’s might be simple, well, you would probably be wrong. After establishing Dental Sleep Masters in 2014, with the stated goal of revolutionizing sleep medicine via oral devices, Dr. Weisfogel has turned into a work machine. Weisfogel says that he gets to the office at 6AM where he spends the first hour of his day in prayer and meditation. For the next hour he will talk to his life coach before truly beginning on his day. Weisfogel says that he needs to “Schedule everything, and I mean everything” in order to get everything done for his job. He typically works from 8AM to 7PM doing everything from making phone calls to attending business meetings and even having face to face sit downs with his employees. Weisfogel always makes sure to have a piece of paper on hand in order to track ideas and topics that need to be addressed.


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