Why Fabletics Is A Great Place

Fabletics is a fitness clothes firm co-founded, owned, and managed by Kate Hudson. The company runs on a monthly membership program. VIP members purchase their first outfit at $25 and get discounts.


The company is giving Amazon executives sleepless nights. With is innovative ideas and a great business model, they are attracting the attention of many trendy shoppers that were exclusively Amazon customers.


According to their website, to get the most out of them, it is advisable to become a VIP member since there are no monthly charges. Also, every month, you get a 2-3 piece outfit that is curated for you for only $49-$59. This crazy discount is significant such that even Amazon is struggling to compete with.


On joining, one participates in a survey indicating the types of workouts and styles that one prefers. At the start of every month, outfits are picked on your behalf depending on the information you gave in the survey.


Their products are of good quality. The quality of their products is much higher compared to their price. The quality of their products rivals those of other companies like Lululemon. Their style is very impressing. They have simple tanks and bottoms and other funny items with great cutouts, sheer fabrics, and patterns.


At Fabletics, you don’t just get value for your money; you get an amazing experience. The leggings and tanks rival other brands in quality but are very cheap. The only item they sell at almost the same price with other companies is sports bras.


Fabletics have a website that is easy to use for all people. However, when you consider factors like the availability, sizing, and shipment of the items, there are many challenges. One has to order new outfits immediately before they run out of stock.


Their customer service is not impressive. Despite the fact that they resolve your issues, they are tough to deal with. Exchange of any outfit becomes difficult as they run out of stock quickly.


Fabletics workout clothes have become very popular because of their low prices. Their clothes are fashionable. One of the methods the company uses to attract customers is the VIP membership.


An outfit priced at $100 is sold at $49.95 to VIP members. There is a discount on the first VIP purchase. VIP members also enjoy free shipping.


One has to log in between first and fifth of every month and click “skip this month.” Failure to do so attracts a $49.95 charge and your account credited for one outfit. An outfit is never shipped without your approval.


One can unsubscribe from the VIP membership any time by calling 1-844-322-5384. Fabletics accept returns of up to 30 days. The returns are free except for those who want a refund. Their products are very cheap compared to others.


Fabletics have a Short Lifestyle Quiz that helps them know their customers. The information they get helps them recommend you an outfit depending on your style and preference. Also, Fabletics can send you new handpicked outfits.

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