We use apps and the Internet for everything from shopping, to music, and to cooking and everything else. Why not have an app designed for mental health? Everyones struggles with a mental health situation at some point in their lives, yet it’s increasingly difficult to get the mental health one needs in today’s world full of increasing stresses and concerns. TalkSpace is an online platform for therapy to help those struggling with a mental health issue. It helps connect one with a therapist who has proper licensure, and their mission is to help one understand what’s the best way to live life in today’s world.

Benefits of TalkSpace involve not having to sit in a therapy chair in an uncomfortable, awkward doctor’s office, and the payment involved is substantially less. To begin TalkSpace, one fills out an assessment, which connects an individual with a therapist who fits those individual needs. Then the payment plans are arranged, and they begin at thirty-two dollars per week. It’s reassuring to know that one can contact the therapist at any time and in any place.

During therapy, TalkSpace makes sure that one stays with their therapist for the length of the time, to avoid a feeling of disconnect and to have to retell the same things over and over to someone different every time. Therapists respond to your comments once or twice daily, and they even schedule video calls for situations if that’s what the seeker needs at the time. Couples therapy begins at fifty-nine dollars per week. Signing up is easy. You click on “Start Chatting, ” and then you are prompted to enter your email, password, and a NickName. You also have to state that you are over eighteen and agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. TalkSpace has apps on the Apple AppStore, and you can also get it on Google Play.

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