The Success Story of Rodrigo Terpins

His talent and skills have made him a celebrated rally driver. Rodrigo Terpins does not do rally driving for the money or fame. It is a passion for him and his brother. The two are teammates with exceptional driving abilities on the track. To get where he is now, Rodrigo says it needs discipline, experience, and patience. He belongs to the Bull Sertoes Rally Team.

Terpins background and family contributed greatly to his present achievements. Members of his family inspired and motivated him even with their personalities. Rodrigo’s father is the president of the Jewish Congress of Latin America. His brother is also a race car driver who is a mentor to Rodrigo. The love and passion for cars may have developed earlier in Rodrigo’s life. He enjoyed fixing cars as he grew up in Brazil. Check out his website

Apart from car racing, Rodrigo has tenure with T5 Partipacoes. He is the senior director, and so far, Rodrigo has done an excellent job. The company has grown, and through Rodrigo, it has managed to plan major competitions in Brazil. Terpins owes his management skills to Saint Hilaire. He attained his graduate degree, which has given him good corporate governance.

Apart from T5 Participacoes, Terpins also worked for Lojas Marisa as the president. He also did a remarkable job in this entity. Knowing that Rodrigo could also do other jobs apart from racing is interesting. It means people should not restrict themselves to one field of work only you are your passion and something else of another interest. For more details visit LinkedIn.

While doing all these executive jobs, his major interest was building a career in rally driving. Many wins came because of his maneuvers in the rough terrain. He enjoyed the thrill because he is a fan of sports. Together with the participation of his brother as the team mate, the two became champions in rally driving.

So far, Rodrigo and his brother have completed twenty-two races in Sertoes. Despite his years, Rodrigo is still an active driver and is looking forward to the next race. The most recent competition got him the third place. He was ranked eighth overall position. He cannot wait to participate in the next one and turn the tables.

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