Jose Hawilla Discusses his Thoughts on Entrepreneurship and Reveals Some Facts

Jose Hawilla is a highly successful entrepreneur in the sports marketing industry of Brazil with many aspiring entrepreneurs consider him as their role model. Interestingly, he was opening an industrial path that was not utilized until he was entering the arena. Recently, he talked about his thoughts on entrepreneurs and revealed some facts about it. Hawilla says that people should have the characteristics of an entrepreneur to succeed in the same and should have the right environment for the nourishment of ventures in the respective countries.

He says that the U.S. is the top entrepreneurial country in the world as per Global Entrepreneurship Index 2016. The country scored 86.2% in the index with many tax incentives for small businesses, quick dispersal of small business loans, and more are clearly advantaging the country as a land of opportunities. While coming to other countries, Canada received 79.5%, Australia got 78%, and Denmark made 76%. According to Hawilla, small businesses are more crucial than large corporations as the former players employ more people and produce more goods compared larger counterparts.

He also feels that small businesses give greater flexibility to the entrepreneurs and help them to include their family members into the payroll to use them. Hawilla also thinks that small businesses give greater freedom for people and can quickly execute plans without waiting for approvals from too many people. According to him, successful people in entrepreneurship should be quick enough to adapt to the changes. They should be motivated to family and personal considerations, looking for independence, and dedicated to their ventures. Check out google to see more.

Jose Hawilla was born in Sao Paulo and began his career as a journalist. Later, he moved to the sports marketing industry and established his own venture named Traffic. When Hawilla was putting his steps to sports marketing, a large majority of people did not see any opportunities in the sector and thought it was a risky attempt. You can visit Estadao to see more.

But, over the years, Hawilla grew as one of the most influential entrepreneurs of the country. He also owns Rede Globo, a leading media group of Brazil, which publishes several newspapers and magazines such as Bom Dia Bauru, Bom Dia Jundiaí, Good Morning Fernandópolis, Good Morning Rio Preto, and more.

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