A Leader in Global Healthcare: Dr. Mark Holterman

Whenever someone thinks of current physicians whose ambitions lie in the advancement of regenerative medicine, medical photonics, and general global healthcare, Dr. Mark Holterman should be one of the significant names that come to mind. A pediatric physician and reputable entrepreneur, Dr. Mark Holterman’s career passions lie in the evolution of medical biotechnology and utilize that technology to initiate further progress on expanding global healthcare. From an entrepreneurial perspective, he advises others to have faith in their visions and diversify your circle of friends so one can learn something new every day. For Dr. Mark Holterman, financial control, and informed spending decisions are crucial to one’s business plan.

While Dr. Mark Holterman is well known for his success, he reveals that he is no stranger to failure. He states that there were countless times when his global health organization did not receive the necessary funding they needed. Although these forms of financial adversity will seem like a crutch to any spectator, in the end, Dr. Mark Holterman views them as blessings that saved a significant amount of time and money. He advises any ambitious individual to treat ideas like casual friends. Similar to friends, sometimes a person needs to take a break from the presence of a specific idea but can always find some time to revisit that vision whenever necessary.

Among his ambitions surrounding global healthcare, Dr. Mark Holterman has received the Innovative Research Award from the American Diabetes Association in 2001. He also contributes to the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam and has worked on expanding quality healthcare to the citizens of the country. Dr. Mark Holterman is known to have an overall positive reputation within both the medical community and the patients he serves.

Dr. Mark Holterman was an honor student graduate from Yale University and an alumnus of the University of Virginia School of Medicine. He was also the Director of Surgery at the University of Washington and completed his pediatric surgery fellowship in Seattle. He currently lives in Peoria, Illinois with his wife, Aixuan Holterman and their two boys.

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