The RealReal’s Story of Success: From Online-Only to In-Store

Not many brands can say they have made the transition from the digital storefront to a physical store of success. Breaking out of the online market alone is not only difficult, for some brands, it may seem impossible. The fears of loss and vanishing dollar signs float through their minds as they realize what the potential devastation of opening a physical store could invoke. Yet, the dream is almost always there for most companies, always prodding at the back of their minds. Someday, perhaps.

That day came for The RealReal, originally an online brand, and now they are looking forward to 2018 being their year of pop-ups–not just in one location, but multiple.

What is The RealReal?

The RealReal sells luxury consignment items, and their options extend beyond just men and women’s fashion. Available is a beautiful selection of fine jewelry, even watches, and fine art. The RealReal is the leader in their niche and their success with pop-ups reveal the evidence.

They ask the question, “Why shouldn’t the life cycle of luxury items be prolonged like any other?” Luxury carries with it the idea of fresh, pristine, and hardly touched, but there isn’t any reason why they can’t be passed along and adored by other people as well. Who doesn’t love knowing they are getting a deal on an item that has been checked for quality and value?

The Year of Pop-Ups

The RealReal began with its first brick-and-mortar store in New York City, experiencing enough success to inspire them to reach for more. For this company, they have realized the value of giving customers the opportunity to walk into an immersive environment of features and luxury, enabling them with the ability to feel, see, and hold. Customers walk in curious and walk out loyalists, which is a far greater experience than merely browsing online. Not only has the in-store experience resulted is exponential sales physically, but their online orders have been steadily on the rise as well.

As 2018 settles onto our calendars, The RealReal is planning to launch a number of pop-ups. After the New York pop-up enjoyed such success, they also opened one in San Francisco, which was a newer market but was welcomed with fantastic results as well. Following those pop-ups which were akin to test runs, The RealReal is looking at opening various pop-ups throughout all of 2018, with the goal to even reach fashion-loving customers who are new to pop-ups and the frenzy of big city business.

The RealReal looks on 2018 with hope and excitement for what may come, hoping to share with all of their customers, both in-store and online, that there isn’t a need to toss their old items when they can be upcycled and given another life.

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