Social Media Plays A Role In The Career Of Robert Ivy Of The American Institute Of Architects

The career of the American Institute of Architects Executive Vice President and CEO, Robert Ivy has taken many twists and turns but none has been as public as his use of social media to bring the best in architecture to the people of the world.

Robert Ivy has been in charge of the American Institute of Architects since 2011 when he was appointed to his current roles following his time as the Editor of the respected architectural magazine “Architectural Record” which has been the leading resource for global design professionals for a number of decades.

Looking at the social media posts of Robert Ivy on Twitter one is struck by the beauty of the many posts and images which litter his use of the platforms including those from ancient times and others from modern environments. The many different environments on show not only reflect the various styles of architecture being seen by Robert Ivy on a regular basis but also the travels which have been undertaken by the CEO of the AIA on a regular basis; during his travels to Europe, Robert Ivy has posted views of the buildings he enjoys and the exhibitions he attends showing classical pieces of art and some of the most impressive modern art in countries such as France.


Never an architectural leader to sit back on his laurels and enjoy the fruits of his labor as a Principal at the Dean & Ivy practice and as the Editor of “Architectural Record”. Instead, Robert Ivy has been willing to place his own reputation on the line with an attempt to create a more positive future for architecture in general. Announcing his plan at the 2012 Clinton Global Initiative, Ivy stated he was willing to lead a decade-long plan designed to inspire a move towards more sustainable and community-aware architectural choices.

The decision of Robert Ivy to announce his plan at the Clinton Global Initiative was no coincidence, a large number of global leaders and impressive thinkers who witnessed his announcement were asked to play a role in inspiring architects and designers from across the planet to take part in the program according to As the leader of the American Institute of Architects, Robert Ivy already commands a large amount of respect but believes any assistance he may receive when creating new programs is all-important to the future success of one of the world’s leading design and construction groups.

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