How End Citizens United Has Made Its Name Reputable and Popular

     A committee for new political action is campaigning for reforms in the U.S politics. The committee’s intention is to ensure it uses millions of dollars to sponsor Democratic candidates both in the Senate races and competitive House across the country. The group known as End Citizens United has received more than 2 million dollars from donors. A communications director said that the group aims at raking about 30 million dollars for this task. The U.S Supreme Court gave a ruling that didn’t favor the Citizens United. The group, thus, aims at reversing the ruling through a constitutional amendment. The Court’s decision in 2010 allowed dark money’s tidal wave into U.S politics and brought super PACs.

The petition by End Citizens United has been signed by over 325,000 people. The group has asked Congress to ensure the legislation passes. A group by name Ready for Hillary has partnered with the End Citizens United and this is about to increase the signatures to over 4 million. The group aims at reaching out to the prospective liberal supporters. The Citizens United endorsed candidates from the Democratic among them former Colorado Senator Michael Bennet and Wisconsin Sen. Russ Feingold. The group has set initiatives such as polling, direct mailers, and television ads to back their candidates financially.

The group was formed on 1st March 2015 to discourage large political funders whose motives were ulterior. These political funders were paying for their elections and this introduced a high level of political injustice. It’s the grassroots donations that support End Citizens United and not the big donors. The End Citizens United was launched in August 2015. The group indicates that the political spending is out of hands and that many Independent voters and Republicans also agree with this. This is a disastrous decision that Congress Republican leadership is out to overturn and the group says this has to stop.

The group has a website where it posts what it does and also the latest political news. The group has a donation page and a page where all the candidates agitating for finance reforms have been listed. Citizens United also indicates on its website what other groups could do to end political and electoral injustice. The group indicates that other groups just need to share more about the candidates for pro-reform on their individual social media websites. This political action committee is aimed at putting big money out of politics through endorsing Democratic candidates such as Hillary Clinton, Jon Ossoff, Elizabeth Warren, and Zephyr Teachout.

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