Jason Hope- The role of IoT in the airline industry

The Internet of Things will have a great impact on the airline industry. It is not that the impact has not started to be felt, but more is even to come from the application of this technology. Already, Virgin Atlantic Boeing 787s come with all parts of the plane connected to the internet. The connection is wireless and is enabled by a technology known as Bluetooth beacon technology. This is a technology which involves installation of beacons in sensors. These beacons will collect information from the sensors and transmit to the computerized system which will analyze the data and detect if there is anything wrong.

The Internet of Things will serve the airline industry greatly as players in the industry try to make it safe for travelers. With IoT, the staff will receive information in case any part of the plane is not functioning well. The safety items in the plane are monitored to guarantee travelers that their safety is secured. When a problem is dedicated, timely maintenance is done when the plane lands immediately. Maintenance, in this case, is automated and does not need to be based on a duration of travel.

Another application of the Internet of Things in the airline industry is in easing ticketing. There have been challenges in the industry mainly resulting from heightened security, fluctuating ticket prices and deregulations. This has resulted in grumpy services delivery to customers. IoT is now being used to rectify the situation. How is being used? Let’s look at the information given by “futurist” Jason Hope.

Airlines are now making it easy to book a plane. Boarding passes are being assigned online via email, and the seats are also assigned 24 hours before take-off. Beacons will also be used as a travel guide. If one is lost in an airport, the beacons will detect that they are lost and give them details about the right direction. Through wearable devices or a smartphone, you will be notified when the plane doors are about to be closed among other things. In case you need a wheelchair in an airport, the beacon technology will be used to avail the information.

Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a technology entrepreneur and a lover of technology advancements. He spends most of his time following up on technology trends and advising business owners on the steps to take. For many years, he has been an advocate of the Internet of Things. Jason Hope has been telling everyone that this technology will be the future and now, it is clear to everyone that it has come true. Jason Hope helps push anti-aging efforts forward .

Jason Hope is from Scottsdale and holds an MBA from the Arizona State University. He is also a philanthropist who’s spending his resources funding various organizations, one of them being an anti-aging research team.

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