Professional Investor Paul Mampilly Shares His Thoughts On The Millennial Generation And The Internet Of Things

After a long career on Wall Street, Paul Mampilly left that world behind and moved to Durham, North Carolina. In January 2013 he opened his own consulting firm, Capuchin Consulting, through which he offers investment advice to both professional investors and Main Street Americans who want to earn more from their money. On June 1, 2016, he released the first issue of his investment newsletter, Profits Unlimited. This is published by Banyan Hill Publishing and comes out on a monthly basis.

During his time on Wall Street, he worked for some big-name financial firms including ING Funds, Kinetics Asset Management, and Deutsche Asset Management. The big problem that Paul Mampilly has with Wall Street is that it doesn’t do much at all for regular folk who want the best investment advice. They only provide this advice to very wealthy people so regular investors are left high and dry. He didn’t want to be a part of this anymore so he parted ways with Wall Street to do his own thing.

There are two major trends that Paul Mampilly often writes about. These are the millennial megatrend and the Internet of Things (IoT). He analyzes and tracks millennials because he sees this generation as completely remaking the American economy. There are about 92 million people in this generation so it contains a lot of people. Because there are so many millennials their preferences will change the course of entire industries to what their choices are. This is why he thinks it is critical to follow this generation.

The Internet of Things, too, Paul Mampilly sees as reshaping the course of history. Virtually every industry will be heavily impacted by IoT before long including healthcare, banking, energy, automotive, finance, and more. Sophisticated devices that can share information, all without human intervention, will take care of things that a regular employee can’t. They will make huge strides in productivity and will also help keep people safe such as self-driving cars. Many tech firms are working on IoT devices and they will be introducing more and more of them as time goes on.

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