Where Brazil Is Headed According To Specialist Felipe Montoro Jens

As Brazil plummets further into economic ruin, their future is looking increasingly grim. Brazil’s predominant shortcoming is their poor infrastructure, and after the National Confederation of Industry released a study highlighting how slipshod Brazil’s operations are, their critical condition became apparent. According to the report, Brazil failed to complete 517 infrastructure projects in 2017. Brazil’s inability to execute these jobs resulted in a $10.7 billion loss. As a result, Brazil’s economy began unraveling. The state in which Brazil is currently in has engendered genuine concern. Economists and analysts who have scrutinized the situation are particularly troubled by the country’s negligence.

When these statistics came to light, Felipe Montoro Jens, an infrastructure specialist, was keen to volunteer his sentiments. What’s more, Jens was inspired to delve further into Brazil’s ongoing issues. Jens concluded that Brazil’s sorely lacking in the following areas: finances, technology, training, business relations, and planning. Ilana Ferreira with the National Confederation of Industry maintains that “the main problem that leads to the stoppage of works is technical.” With that said, Brazil is being urged to revolutionize their operations and adapt to the modern world. Jens proposes some other suggestions as well. Learn more on ideamensch about Montoro Jens

Jens believes that the following resolutions could rectify Brazil’s situation: improved micro planning procedures, training programs, balanced contractual agreements, strengthened interpersonal relationships, and financial parameters. While Jens is confident that these solutions will rid Brazil of their distress, the nation hasn’t inspired much confidence. In fact, Brazil is seemingly unwilling to implement reform. Jose Augusto Fernandes, a project analyst, put it best when he said that “Brazil seems unable to learn from all the surveys, losses and conflicts that their process produces.” Though many are all but begging Brazil to rework their system, Brazil is blatantly turning a blind eye to their problems.

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