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What is Up With The New EOS Lip Balms?

You may have recently noticed people toting around and applying these colorful Easter egg-looking things to their lips. These little “eggs” you have seen are most likely EOS Lip Balms. EOS, which stands for ‘evolution of smooth’ offer a variety of moisturizing products. Their lip balms, one of their most popular products, is meant to deliver high quality lip moisture for an affordable price. Even though these products can easily be found in any drugstore, they can still be seen being sported by a number of celebrities due to its A-grade hydration, check out this link.

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The lip balms have seven main lines, each having their own individual flavors. There is also an option to get the regular flavors in the form of a stick rather than sphere. Each line utilizes its ingredients to create different formulas but one thing all seven of the lines have in common is its antioxidant-rich vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter to offer hydrating yet soothing qualities. The seven lines are the original line, visibly soft, active, medicated, organic, crystal, and shimmer. The original line contains the main ingredients that made people fall in love with the brand in the first place. View this product review here on The active line contains SPF, making it perfect protection while also moisturizing for a long day in the sun. The medicated line contains soothing qualities that can hydrate some of the most seeming-impossible chapped lips. The visibly-soft differs in that it leaves lips extra soft while medicated revitalizes. Shimmer just adds a fun sparkle to the already perfected formula. The organic also utilizes the same ingredients and formula as original, but just uses organic ingredients. The last and newest line is the Crystal line. This line is a light-weight, gluten-free, wax-free, formula leaves the balm clear in color, allowing for the natural beauty of lips to glisten.

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The Lime Crime Brand

For the past nine years Lime Crime has been offering some of the top leading cosmetic products on the market. Known for their bold Innovative lip colors they also offer eyeliner as well as eyeshadow. Their products are known for being very pigmented as well as very long lasting. Below you will find just a few of the top reasons why they have sold millions and millions of products all over the world.


Cruelty Free


It can often be hard to find lip products that are cruelty free however each lip product the company has to offer is not only cruelty free but also vegan friendly. The products contain no animals and no animal by-products and they are also not tested on animals. This can be extremely hard to find in the Cosmetic industry however the CEO and founder Doe Deere Works tirelessly to offer cruelty free products to her customers.


Bold Colors With Lasting Power


Although they were one of the first companies to offer bold unique colors nowadays many companies do offer more colors. However Lime Crime not only offers bold Innovative colors they also offer long-lasting power as well as more pigment then leading brands. Each color is made to be vibrant and very playful however they are also made to last.


Adorable Packaging


When the company first begin creating products in 2008 they offered a simple basic Packaging that was cute and convenient. In 2009 they released their iconic unicorn packaging. The Unicorn line of lipsticks come in an adorable pink shimmery lipstick container with an adorable unicorn on it. The fun packaging matched the bright fun colors that the Unicorn line offered which included lipstick colors such as mint, blue, purple and even black. Till this day their unicorn packaging is still one of the most recognized products in the Cosmetic industry.


Being cruelty free, richly pigmented, and sold in adorable packaging are just some of the many reasons why Lime Crime is still so popular today. Each of their products are not only moisturizing but also unique and one-of-a-kind. They are widely available online and have something to offer for every taste.


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Madison Street Capital Advises Sterling Packaging

Madison Street Capital is one of the leading financial firms in the country today. Based out of Chicago, this is a company that has grown rapidly over the years. In a recent announcement, the company said that it was acting as a financial advisor for Sterling Packaging. Sterling Packaging is a manufacturing company based out of Alabama. Learn more:




Madison Street Capital


Over the years, Madison Street Capital has provided quality customer service to clients. There are a lot of people who work with Madison Street Capital in order to get financial advice for retirement. The Madison Street Capital reputation is one of the best in the industry. The company has started to work directly with other companies in the last few years. This is a new way for the company to grow in the years ahead. Learn more:



A lot of industries are struggling due to current economic conditions. Manufacturing is a tough business to make a profit in. This is one of the reasons why Sterling Packaging reached out to Madison Street Capital for help. Both companies believe that this relationship will be beneficial for everyone involved. Learn more:




Growing the Business


One of the key principles that has defined Madison Street Capital over the years is a focus on growth. Even though the company started out in a small building, the leaders have always been aggressive in growing both revenue and profits.


A strong focus on customer service is one of the reasons that the company does so well financially. This is a company that is passionate about bringing value to others in a variety of ways. In the coming years, Madison Street Capital is expected to build on this strong growth trend.



Sterling Manufacturing is making a lot of investments in order to drive growth in the future. Madison Street Capital will be involved to help with the financial portion of these investments.

Brown Modeling Agency: Fresh faces and Life for the modeling world.

The Brown Agency is a modeling, commercial and theatrical talent agency that has been in the market of producing high caliber talent for the past 7 years. The Brown Agency’s president Justin Brown works tirelessly to usher new talent into the worlds of advertising, fashion as well as theatre and spends every waking moment with the focus of making the Brown Agency a household name. The agency has featured in all the big name shows from New York fashion week to the famous Miami Swim week.

Furthermore, in terms of commercial talent in the Texas area, agents and producers should make the Brown Agency their first and only stop. Who knows, they might find the next teen heartthrob just waiting to be plucked up by Hollywood. The modeling and acting talent at the Brown Agency is, gorgeous, dedicated, impassioned and ready to work for hard for you. With the guidance and instruction given to them by all those who work tirelessly for the agency, these talented people are ready to be your next success story, and maybe even the reason you win the next Oscar, tony or model of the year award. With Justin Brown’s contacts, the agency has provided talent to happy customers including, Bright House, Dodge Ram, Landshark Beer and Bing to name a few.

Among the Brown Agency’s many achievements is the success of one of their clients Osvaldo Fernandez, who landed a role on Queen of the South and has had many uncredited roles in films such as Jurassic World and G.I. Joe: Retaliation. Many of the Brown Agency’s members can be seen in advertising campaigns as well as credited and uncredited roles. The sky’s the limit for this agency and the talent coming out of it with Justin Brown at the helm, the Brown Agency will continue to prosper for years to come.

The Brown Agency is always looking for new talent, and it holds open casting calls every Thursday from 3-4pm, but the agency also allows you the option to submit your profile directly through the website. If you want to contact them with regards to representation, or have further questions about the agency then please click here. To submit your profile for consideration click here.



How Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Built an Empire

Fabletics is a company that has grown a lot in the past five years. They have gone from a company that was on the ground to one that is going up against the biggest online retailer for the number one spot this year. All of this is due to the work that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg did on the company to make it better and make it something that people are able to enjoy no matter what type of sport they are interested in. They can promote their business in that it provides fashion as well as convenience for all of the people who are doing new things.


Since Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg were business experts, they knew a lot about the right way to market their Fabletics business. They thought that it would be something that they could get more out of and something that they would be able to get the best experience possible from. Since Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg had worked so hard on their business, they knew that they would be able to continue helping people get the best experiences and all of the options that they needed to succeed in the fashion industry.


Not only is fashion their biggest reason for existing in the market but convenience is also something that plays a key role in the company. The men who created the company wanted to make sure that they were doing what they could to be able to try new things and get more out of the experiences that they had. Since Fabletics is such a large company now, there is evidence that they have grown and that they have been able to make things work in the way that they were doing things with the company that they are a part of.


Fabletics knows a lot about the different things that are going on in the fashion industry. They have made it their business to do this so that they will be able to try new things and get more out of the offers that they have for their clothing. They want their clients to be as satisfied as possible and a huge part of that means that they are going to need to be able to keep up with the trends so that they can help their customers get the best clothing possible for all of their sports needs.

How Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg Remain Successful

Fabletics is a business that has taken off. It is based on the business model that was developed for a company called JustFab. Both of these companies have the automated shipment of clothing business model in place. This is a business model that is based on a lifestyle quiz. When people take the quiz to see what kind of clothes they would like they can set up a profile where they can get their credit cards debited each month for a certain amount to get clothes shipped directly to their homes. This is the business model that Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg setup for their eCommerce clothing sites for women.


It has been a successful way to engage customers and gain a greater sense of customer loyalty. Anyone that has seen the numbers for sales for both of these companies must admit that this is a good idea. It has been the thing that has worked so well for this duo for a long time, and it only appears to be gaining more attention to as people learn more about Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. These are two business professionals that have been able to adapt to an environment where social media reigns when it comes to marketing.


Adam and Don already knew that this would be the way that e-commerce businesses would advertise, and they have been able to ride the wave. Don Ressler has always been a businessman that kept his ear to the street. Adam Goldenberg has been an analytical entrepreneur that has studied data metrics. They use these skills to get a feel for what customers may like. Their skills together have made them one of the most successful duos in the world of e-commerce. They have the added benefit of getting great input from women that know a lot about clothing. All of this combined have made Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler the business leaders that are inspiring other entrepreneurs.


The secret to their success is simple: They take an ideal that is successful and they maximize it through other business structure. Fabletics was a business that was bound to be successful, but the success of Fabletics was already predetermined by the business model that was put in place with Just Fab. Don and Adam knew that this would work because they had already tried it with casual clothing. The blueprint was already in place.

ClassDojo Is a New and Remarkable Link Between Schools and Parents

ClassDojo is a brilliant new concept that helps to bridge the enormous gap between parents and the school environment, showcasing the interactions of children when in the classroom. ClassDojo is an Android smart phone application. It was first developed in 2011 and once it received sufficient seed funding it began operating bringing parents and the school environment closer together. What this ingenious application (app) does is to fulfill the parental need to inquire about a child’s school day that before usually elicited a simple but unsatisfying one-word response. This ClassDojo app gives feedback on the child’s progress while in the classroom. The ClassDojo idea was started in San Francisco in 2011 and maintains an office there. Since its beginning, ClassDojo has expanded to include 3.5 million students and teachers in 60 countries throughout the world.

This brilliant app knows few barriers. It works no matter what the size of the class or the language spoken. The world, including third world and poor countries, are using cell phones and smart phone app technology at an almost alarming rate. It is not unusual to see panhandlers in the United States of America talking on their cell phones and the sight of a native attired in primitive tribal dress holding an I-Phone is not unusual.

This brilliant app brings parents much closer to their children’s progress through the education process and is a way for children to boast of their classroom performance attainments to parents. All too often the school experience has been off limits to the parents and this is a way of connecting parents to the schools working with the future leaders of our world.

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Louis Chenevert: the Change Agent

Gregory Hayes says that he believes that CEOs are most effective when they understand that they are stewards in their companies and they ought to leave them better than they found them. As Gregory Hayes leads the United Technologies Company, he knows that he can only achieve the above objective by committing to continue being innovative and investing in the corporate employees. He says that the best asset that the organization has is its workers. Therefore, for the company to remain competitive, the management must invest heavily in the workers in terms of development and improvement. The management must equally ensure that the workers are offered a good working environment that keeps the turnover rate at almost nil.
Gregory Hayes says that as much as CEOs must focus on the long-term goals, they must also have their eyes on the long term goal as the decision made today determine the future direction of the firm. At UTC the management understands that the future of the company lies in the decisions that are made today. Case in point, the Turboffan engine that is Pratt and Whitney geared was an investment that will last more than 20 years. It took $10 billion to design it as it will change the industry. Albeit expensive, the engine will transform the industry by reducing the emission by 50% and fuel burn by 16%. Moreover, the technology will reduce the noise footprint by 75%. Although it only entered the market last year, the engine is employed by 72 aircraft and 14 airlines. Gregory Hayes says that when the company invests in such investments it directly supports the U.S economy as well as the manufacturing jobs.
Louis Chenevert
Louis Chenevert is a businessman who is based in Canada. He was formerly the President of Pratt and Whitney Canada, as well as the Chairman and CEO of United Technologies Corporation. Louis was born in Quebec where he held his elementary studies. Later he joined HEC Montreal Business School from where he graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in production management.
Louis Chenevert spent the better part of his career working at General Motors before being elected President of Pratt and Whitney Company in 2006 after being in lower posts in the company for 6 years.
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Eric Lefkofsky, Going In a Whole New Direction

Eric Lefkofsky was born in Michigan in September 1969, and he graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor with honors in 1991. He later earned a law degree from University of Michigan’s Law School but decided to follow a different passion, technology. Lefkofsky’s internet career began with a company he founded called Starbelly. He later co-founded other companies such as InnerWorkings, Echo Global Logistics, Uptake, Groupon, and Tempus. He is now a wealthy, energetic entrepreneur, but he has also found time to teach at DePaul University’s Graduate School, Northwestern University’s School of Management, and Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

Tempus was co-founded in 2016 by Eric Lefkofsky who also serves as CEO. Tempus technology company the enables physicians to deliver personalized cancer care to their patients. This company is not just another project to Eric especially since his wife Elizabeth was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now Lefkofsky’s determination to make Tempus successful passionate and personal. Tempus collects and analyzes data using statistics and algorithms to give doctors additional information that allows them to develop better treatment plans for patients. The work being done at Tempus allows clinical information about a patient to be electronically compared to molecular information in real-time. This process could potentially allow cancer researchers to develop cures and treatments years sooner than previous thought.

The Lefkofsky’s have a special place in their hearts for cancer care. It is their desire to see cancer cured once and for all. As a result, they have set up the Lefkofsky Family Foundation which gives to numerous cancer researchers. The foundation donated $1 million to Northwestern University’s Robert Lurie Cancer Center, $500,000 to immunotherapy research at Stanford University, $1.2 million to cancer research at University of Michigan, and $250,000 to breast cancer research at New York’s Weill Cornell Medicine for more info about us: click here.

Eric and Elizabeth Lefkofsky are putting their resources, personally and professionally, behind defeating cancer in their lives and nearly 14.5 million other people in the United States alone.

Success Academy is Re-defining Public School Education

Success Academy charter schools started in 2006 with the aim of making a difference in the education sector. The charter schools are the highest-performing and the largest public school network in the New York City. The school does not discriminate and opens its admission doors to all New York State children regardless of the race or individual needs. It also accommodates English Language Learners and admissions are conducted on a random lottery that is held on April each year. Success Academy has a network of 46 schools that serve over 15,000 students in Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, and the Queens.


Success Academy targets mostly children from low-income households who comprise 76 percent of the total students, English Language Learners make up 8.5 percent; while 15 percent are student have special needs. Through the support of State University of New York’s Charter School Institute, the Academy operates with much high independence than other public schools. Success Academy was founded by Eva Moskowitz who is also the current CEO of the school network. She is a visionary and a hardworking leader, and she has helped the school to grow from one school to more than 40 in ten years.


Success Academy recently won a court suit that will enable it to offer pre-kindergarten services using its three schools through the universal pre-kindergarten school program independent of the district school curricula. The move will allow the schools to customize a more effective and efficient program that will enhance high performance for its pre-kindergarten students. The school is clearly redefining the possibilities of public schools. Success Academy is driven by a mission aimed at building an exceptional world class school that proves that students from all backgrounds can equally succeed in college and life. The school wishes to expand across all corners of the United States and influence better public policies that deprive some children of accessing some of the valuable opportunities in the country.