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Sujit Choudhry, the Comparative Constitutional Scholar behind the Global Network of Constitutional Experts

Sujit Choudhry is widely knowledgeable and experienced in comparative studies in constitutional, political negotiations and mediation. The Professor of Law, with three law degrees from Harvard, Toronto and Oxford is the founder and director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions (CCT).

Choudhry has worked in more than twenty-five countries in his twenty years involvement in constitutional transition around the world. He has been successful because he does it together with other experts in constitutional matters.

In a recent interview, Sujit Choudhry revealed that the idea to open CCT was borne out of the realization that there was a gap in constitutional research and knowledge. The body of knowledge that was available was outdated and inadequate in addressing emerging issues in constitutional transitions.

His vision was to have a place where global constitutional experts can converge and share ideas, experiences and research findings on constitutional transition models from various countries.

The center brings together and guides the team of international experts to work on new evidence-based constitutional transition models. It also mobilizes and supports the assembly of knowledge for use in constitution building and amendment.

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He sees the network of experts as an achievement for the field of constitutional transitions since they have a potential to outlive the founding members.

Sujit Choudhry has been involved in constitutional making and amendments in emerging and mature democracies. He has worked in Egypt, Libya, South Africa, Jordan, Nepal, Sri Lanka, among others.  Check

This has given him exposure to various legal and political environments, which has made him more open-minded in dealing with cross-cultural communities (

To succeed in such an environment, he advises that one should listen to the stakeholders who know what they want and have a better understanding of the situation on the ground.

His experience has shown him that the stakeholders’ point of view may differ from his point of view, as an American, but he has learned the value of respecting them and restraining himself from imposing his ideas on them.

Heal N Soothe Offers Many Health Benefits

Heal N Soothe is a natural pain and inflammation fighter. It uses ingredients such as Devil’s claw, citrus bioflavonoids, ginger extract, Mojave yucca root, rutin, and Boswellia extract. It also contains papain, bromelain, turmeric extract, and proteolytic systemic enzymes.

Proteolytic systemic enzymes help to cleanse the blood and break down scar tissue in addition to fighting inflammation. These enzymes also help to boost respiratory, immune, and cardiovascular function. Bromelain was first discovered in 1957 and has since been used to treat swelling. It also is effective in removing waste and harmful toxins from the body. Turmeric extract comes from the root of the turmeric plant and is used to treat a wide variety of ailments including pain and swelling. It actually destroys the free radicals that cause pain and swelling and blocks the COX-2 and 5-LOX enzymes that contribute to pain. Papain and Boswellia are natural pain fighters. Boswellia also supports healthy blood flow and has been used for centuries to treat pain and inflammation. Riutin is an antioxidant, and Mojave yucca root is a digestive aid. Mojave yucca root also to support the immune system. Ginger extract reduces pain, and devil’s claw treats pain such as pain caused by arthritis. The citrus bioflavonoids in Heal N Soothe contains L-glutathione which actually protects the body from damage caused by oxidization.

Heal N Soothe is not a product that is meant to simply cover up pain and inflammation but it is designed to help heal the body over time and with regular ingestion of the supplements. The supplements can be taken on a daily basis up to three times a day. The dose can be easily adjusted to every individual as well. Each bottle is about a month’s supply and only costs about $50. Heal N Soothe can be purchased online at their website or it can also be purchased conveniently on Amazon.

Heal N Soothe is effective and does not contain any ingredients derived from animals or from animal by-products. It also does not come with the side effects that many painkillers have. It is easy to incorporate into your regular routine and can be taken with your daily multivitamin. The ingredients and the combination of the ingredients found in this product have a healing effect on the body and are not harmful in any way. For the best benefits, it is best to take them on a regular basis.

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How Nick Vertucci’s Real Estate Academy Teaches Strategies For Property Management

While many things may not be the same in the housing market as they were before 2008, there’s still a lot of opportunities to be found in it if you know which property management strategies can get the highest ROI. That’s what Nick Vertucci is helping people learn at the NV Real Estate Academy that he started in 2014. This is a seminar that makes the knowledge of property buying and renovating or converting homes easy to understand, and it lists strategies that people can undertake to do it. Real estate may be complex if you don’t know what your doing, but Nick Vertucci can say from experience that even if you’re brand new to the industry, it doesn’t take years to learn how it’s done.

Nick Vertucci came to be CEO of NV Real Estate Academy by rising out of poverty and taking a risk in something he knew nothing about that changed his life forever. As a young man, Vertucci lost his father and his mother had to work long hours just to put food on the table, and he never had the opportunity to attend college. He was living out of a vehicle for a few years until he found his first business in computer part sales. For a few years, things looked better for Vertucci and he bought a home, married and raised several children while his business was thriving. But it was all too good to last and when the dot-com recession came in 2000, Vertucci’s business went down with it. He went almost over his head in debt and even had a lien on his home, but a decision he made in 2001 changed things forever.

A friend invited Nick Vertucci to go to a real estate conference in the neighborhood, and though he thought it would be unhelpful at the time, he went anyway and became surprised at the knowledge he heard about buying properties. It was a task to get the financing for property purchases given his financial situation, but he managed to do it and after flipping his first property into a rental, he saw incredible returns on it and began lowering his debt. He bought several more properties and soon he was making more money than he ever had with computer parts sales. Vertucci finally achieved financial independence and decided to start his real estate academy so that others could learn his secrets and gain ongoing support in their endeavors.


     On February 1st, 2011, the American Institute of Architects chose Robert Ivy as their new Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President as well. The decision which was a consensus of the board members was reached after considering the work that Robert had done when serving as one of the board members. The members also chose him because of his lifetime achievements under various positions even in other establishments and agencies. Prior to his appointment as CEO, he had received the McGraw-Hill Award in 2008 for his services to the company. He had also been awarded the Crane Award in 2009 for his contributions to architecture. The award was highly ranked by the American Business Media. Alpha Rho Chi also named him the Master Architect in 2010 for educating a generation.

Robert Ivy who is the author of Fay Jones: Architect has done so much for the architecture industry. He has been in charge of the American Institute of Architects since 2011 up to date. Through the organization, he has helped several licensed architects as well as other industry professionals become better at what they do. He has also educated the society on matters regarding construction, especially on the importance of design. For the time that he has been with AIA, he has been involved in the running of the organization’s affairs ensuring that all is going well. He has even helped the organization to continue to grow in size.

During its opening in 1857, it only had a few members. Today AIA hosts around 90,000 professional architects. More and more people continue to join the organization daily, so the number is set to increase in the coming years. The headquarters of AIA are located in Washington DC. Since its founding, it has been focused on reaching out to people for the purpose of convincing them about how important design is in the realm of architecture. By doing this, the organization has ensured that it has made things better for the many professionals who are practicing architecture. This is because their work is being appreciated now that the public understands the value of architecture.

The president of the American Institute of Architects, George H. Miller, is amazed by how much Robert Ivy has been able to achieve so far in his life. When Robert was appointed as Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice President, he was very excited that he was going to work with a man who had a tremendous reputation. When asked to comment on how he thought the appointment would affect AIA, he said that the organization couldn’t have made a better choice and added that he was the right man for the job. He also added that Robert would help the organization to achieve great things in the near future.

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Jose Hawilla Discusses his Thoughts on Entrepreneurship and Reveals Some Facts

Jose Hawilla is a highly successful entrepreneur in the sports marketing industry of Brazil with many aspiring entrepreneurs consider him as their role model. Interestingly, he was opening an industrial path that was not utilized until he was entering the arena. Recently, he talked about his thoughts on entrepreneurs and revealed some facts about it. Hawilla says that people should have the characteristics of an entrepreneur to succeed in the same and should have the right environment for the nourishment of ventures in the respective countries.

He says that the U.S. is the top entrepreneurial country in the world as per Global Entrepreneurship Index 2016. The country scored 86.2% in the index with many tax incentives for small businesses, quick dispersal of small business loans, and more are clearly advantaging the country as a land of opportunities. While coming to other countries, Canada received 79.5%, Australia got 78%, and Denmark made 76%. According to Hawilla, small businesses are more crucial than large corporations as the former players employ more people and produce more goods compared larger counterparts.

He also feels that small businesses give greater flexibility to the entrepreneurs and help them to include their family members into the payroll to use them. Hawilla also thinks that small businesses give greater freedom for people and can quickly execute plans without waiting for approvals from too many people. According to him, successful people in entrepreneurship should be quick enough to adapt to the changes. They should be motivated to family and personal considerations, looking for independence, and dedicated to their ventures. Check out google to see more.

Jose Hawilla was born in Sao Paulo and began his career as a journalist. Later, he moved to the sports marketing industry and established his own venture named Traffic. When Hawilla was putting his steps to sports marketing, a large majority of people did not see any opportunities in the sector and thought it was a risky attempt. You can visit Estadao to see more.

But, over the years, Hawilla grew as one of the most influential entrepreneurs of the country. He also owns Rede Globo, a leading media group of Brazil, which publishes several newspapers and magazines such as Bom Dia Bauru, Bom Dia Jundiaí, Good Morning Fernandópolis, Good Morning Rio Preto, and more.

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Talk Fusion Is Looking To Revitalize The Way That Email Is Used

In today’s age, an email address is much more than just a digital address used to send and receive messages through. It also serves as a phone number, a Twitter handle, or a username for a Skype accounts. When you take this approach and then couple it with WebRTC technology, it can become something else, altogether. The Talk Fusion direct marketing app can help its users to send videos and look at them within an email account and to hold live conversations through email. While Talk Fusion offers a large spread of helpful tools, products, and services, its WebRTC technology is what makes it stand out as a leader in its industry. Learn more:


With WebRTC, Talk Fusion, allows its users to send video newsletters and more to other people who don’t even have to have Talk Fusion. All they need is a web browser that will play the video, and they don’t have to download any plugins or other kind of software to do it. WebRTC isn’t a new kind of tech but does allow users or companies, like Talk Fusion, to use the audio and video abilities already built into browsers to launch multimedia. This means when a Talk Fusion video message comes through to your email, you can watch it immediately; no signing any agreements or downloading anything is required. If a possible client likes the video you sent and they want to talk with you immediately, you can speak with them through video directly through their email. The hopes of WebRTC fanatics are that, someday, the technology will turn email accounts into something much more that allows a kind of communication that past generations only dreamed of.


Talk Fusion was founded in 2007 by its CEO and Founder, Bob Reina who was looking for a way to make sending videos through email easier. Instead of stopping there, Reina put together a computer program that helps entrepreneurs, marketers, and other people all over the world with their video marketing efforts. The company markets and sales its extremely helpful products through sales associates whom are located all over the world. These Independed Associates help the company reach a larger audience, and they are each allowed to give away a free Talk Fusion package of software to any one charitable nonprofitable organization of their choosing. Bob Reina, through Talk Fusion, also donates to animal charities and other charitable organizations all over the globe.

Perry Mandera Great Contribution in Charity Work

Perry Mandera has gained popularity not only for his great success
as an investor, but also for his involvement in charity work. He is committed to giving back to the community by supporting different charity activities. He participates in these activities at a
personal level and also through his company corporate social responsibility efforts. Here are different charity works he participates.


Youth and family support

One of the areas that Perry Mandera has participated a lot is offering support to the needy families and youths. During the holidays, he offers support to thousands of needy families. He also provides support to more than a hundred youth sport teams in Illinois. In addition, Perry also offers financial assistance towards children and adult education. There are also other efforts by Custom Cares dedicated to helping needy veterans. Check also to know more about his charitable works.


Donation to natural disasters victims
Perry Mandera offers support to those affected by natural disasters. He actively participated in offering help to victims of some of the major disasters including Hurricane Katrina and tornado that occurred in 2013. In addition, he also gave transport services to victims of California wildfires.


Sporting activities

He is a sport enthusiast and this is why he has been active in offering
support to different types of sports. He has been a coach of different youth teams in sports such as football, basketball and baseball. In addition, he also offered support and managed
different boxers to enhance their career in major competitions.


Bottom line
Perry Mandera work is a great example of someone who is committed and dedicated to offering community service. He has kept focus on assisting those who are in need in order to improve their lives. His contribution will continue to be felt by thousands of people not only in Illinois, but in the entire country and this
is something other investors should emulate.


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Securus Technologies Specializes In Prison Technologies

Securus Technologies is a national leader in the world of criminal technology. The company has been in existence for many years and specializes in various areas of criminal operations such as investigation, public safety and modern communication. They assist their clients in solving several different types of complicated crimes that happen within unique environments. Securus Technologies is based in Dallas Texas. The company has served a variety of law enforcement bureaus and public safety organizations around the country. Securus provides a platform that assist crime prevention organizations in making the world a better place.


Prison management is a complicated matter that requires skilled personnel and the right tools. Securus Technologies has been in this business since 1986 and is leading the industry with its innovative business strategies. It has offices in Dallas Texas and Atlanta Georgia. Securus currently employs more than 1,000 employees who oversee 2600 contracts around the United States. The leaders at Securus Technologies are very aware of the value of growth and what it means to create opportunity for others. It continues to invest in its infrastructure, which opens new avenues for business ideas. The company dedicated more than 600 million dollars to patents and acquisitions over a three-year period in order to strengthen its position within the industry. Securus acquired Offender Management Systems in 2007. Before the acquisition Offender Management have been leader in the criminal technology industry.


Securus Technologies introduced a method to prevent cell phone contraband. The company partnered with Harris Corporation on Cell Defender technology. The system was approved by five different Department of Corrections bureaus by 2016. The program is designed to prevent cell phones in the facility from connecting with outside mobile networks. Cell Defender technology will be a great asset to detainment facility agents for the purposes of solving and preventing inmate-on-inmate crimes. The program was introduced in 2017 and will be a sought after feature by detainment facility agencies within the industry


Securus Technologies made a key acquisition of JPay in order to strengthen its position in the industry. JPay Incorporated specializes in email, payment processing and entertainment systems for correctional facilities. The company has contracts in place with correctional agencies in 33 States throughout the nation. Securus Technologies is counting on its relationship with JPay to diversify its reach within a very competitive industry. The company will now be able to offer a larger package of products to its clients. This makes ordering the services more convenient, as well as applying them to a specific organization.


Securus plans on allowing JPay to operate as an independent organization. The company has a business model that is very successful. JPay will in turn use the Securus Technologies resources to expand its own consumer base.

How ClassDojo Hits the Mark on What Makes a Successful Edtech Tool

Computer technology can be found in all aspects of the business world as well as in the academic and in the world of everyday living. Some of the more recent developments in technology can be seen in the tools created for use in the classroom. This type of technology has become known as edtech. One of the premier companies within the realm of edtech has created a universal educational application known as ClassDojo. This app helps connect educators with the communities they serve.

A recent online article highlighted the aspects today’s edtech designers need to focus on in order to make their products successful. At the top of the list was the ability to solve actual problems. The ClassDojo app hits this aspect straight on by addressing the different needs of teachers, students and parents. This app helps create a positive culture for classrooms by encouraging students to participate in areas they feel comfortable with. Teachers can give students recognition for accomplishments such as tidying up or neat penmanship to help reinforce a positive outlook to learning.

Another aspect on the list of essential qualities for today’s educational tools, is the ability to plan ahead. The majority of classrooms today have access to the Internet as well as WiFi, which could be used to streamline the process of communication. The ClassDojo app incorporates this feature into its process of communication. This allows teachers to connect with parents via text-based messaging. Not only can parents keep tabs on what their children are doing throughout the year, they can actually see their participation on a daily basis.

The plan for implementation of the ClassDojo app was so successful that the company behind it was recently able to raise over 20 million dollars to help upgrade the technology used for communication purposes. The ability the educators have to keep in touch with students and parents helps them build better community awareness within the academic world. As a universal application, ClassDojo is currently available in 35 languages and is used in more than 180 countries throughout the world, with about 90 percent of schools in the United States now using this application.

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Susan McGalla’s Take On Women And Leadership

Susan McGalla is a successful business woman. Susan McGalla’s career gained a lot of positive attention because she has had several leadership positions in roles that are typically lead by men. Susan McGalla has set a great example for women who are looking to obtain leadership positions in the United States as of today. Having women in leadership positions is important because it has been proven that businesses with proportioned gender percentages typically do better than businesses that aren’t gender proportioned.

Susan McGalla always has had a strong drive growing up. As a young girl Susan McGalla was raised in a household with her father and her brothers. Even though Susan was the only girl in the house she was not expected any less from her brothers. Susan was still expected to play sports and do everything that her brothers and dad was expected to do. Because of this Susan gained a strong amount of character and she also learned that she can do whatever guys can do. Susan has gained many accomplishments that many people may have believed was impossible to do since she was a female.

Susan’s goal is to young women around the world achieve the goal of stepping into leadership positions. Today, Susan has been helping women reach their goals by getting into executive positions by providing them with helpful tips to achieve their goals. One tip that Susan McGalla has provided to women in the professional world is to take the initiative to complete extra task. Completing extra task throughout your normal work day will prove to your employer that you are more than capable of being in leadership positions. These task will also show your employer how talented and creative you are as a worker. Susan McGalla would like to see more women in leadership positions.