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We use apps and the Internet for everything from shopping, to music, and to cooking and everything else. Why not have an app designed for mental health? Everyones struggles with a mental health situation at some point in their lives, yet it’s increasingly difficult to get the mental health one needs in today’s world full of increasing stresses and concerns. TalkSpace is an online platform for therapy to help those struggling with a mental health issue. It helps connect one with a therapist who has proper licensure, and their mission is to help one understand what’s the best way to live life in today’s world.

Benefits of TalkSpace involve not having to sit in a therapy chair in an uncomfortable, awkward doctor’s office, and the payment involved is substantially less. To begin TalkSpace, one fills out an assessment, which connects an individual with a therapist who fits those individual needs. Then the payment plans are arranged, and they begin at thirty-two dollars per week. It’s reassuring to know that one can contact the therapist at any time and in any place.

During therapy, TalkSpace makes sure that one stays with their therapist for the length of the time, to avoid a feeling of disconnect and to have to retell the same things over and over to someone different every time. Therapists respond to your comments once or twice daily, and they even schedule video calls for situations if that’s what the seeker needs at the time. Couples therapy begins at fifty-nine dollars per week. Signing up is easy. You click on “Start Chatting, ” and then you are prompted to enter your email, password, and a NickName. You also have to state that you are over eighteen and agree to the terms of use and privacy policy. TalkSpace has apps on the Apple AppStore, and you can also get it on Google Play.

Mike Baur- Why is the tech startup business thriving in Switzerland

Anyone familiar with the startup industry in Europe will tell you that the best place to find a healthy startups industry is in Zurich and other cities in Switzerland. Cities in Switzerland are known for being modern and trendy. They are known to be some of the best places to live on the globe. Apart from being modern and trendy, there is another impressive thing about these cities; they have embraced technology in a big way. They are numerous technology businesses that are ongoing in these cities. Whole other cities in the world are facing poor growth due to the aftermath of the great 2008 economic recession, cities in Switzerland are booming with technology businesses.



Why is Swiss technology industry booming with business while others are struggling to keep the industry running? In almost all places in Switzerland, tech startup- businesses are popping up. These small companies are numerous and are diverse in terms of the solutions that they give. Some of them are on green technology, others automation software while others deal with software design. There are many solutions that are offered by these startups. Some of the benefits that these startups bring to the country and the consumers include that solutions they offer and the job opportunities they create for the millions of citizens in the country as of today, Switzerland is one of the best places in Europe where one can acquire a job.



There is a reason to why tech-startup industry in Switzerland is booming with business while other cities in the world struggle to make ends meet there is something about the technology industry in Switzerland that makes it the best industry. There are many reasons that are given to support the force behind the success of tech industry in Switzerland. To understand this question, you must look at the deep facts about Switzerland. There are numerous factors such as governance, history, and culture of the people that support the argument about these startups being the best. The government of Switzerland is known to be among the best in the world. Cases of misappropriation of public funds are very minimal. This means that funds are channeled into projects that are meant for. The net result has been that the country enjoys good infrastructure development that supports a healthy business environment.



One of the people who support the Swiss startup industry is Mike Baur. He is the co-founder of a startups incubator known as Swiss Startup Startup Factory. Mike Baur has been training and mentoring startup’s entrepreneurs on how to make their businesses grow. The level of training that is offered in Switzerland



Lori Senecal Leaves Behind a Legacy at CP +B

CP + B landed the American airline in October 2015 snagging it from TM advertising that had worked with the American airline for twenty five years. According to Porter, he is working with Lori to develop the next generation of leaders. The organization is preparing for smooth leadership transition when Lori retires at the end of the year. Porter admits that Lori is a fantastic partner and that under her leadership, the agency has become more effective.

In preparation for the leadership transition, Danielle Aldrich has been promoted to the position of the president of CP +B Los Angeles and CP +B Boulder. Aldrich has been credited for landing the American Airlines accounts. CP +B has ten offices that are led by passionate entrepreneurs who are focused on building the company. The company has since discovered that by promoting the existing employees, it is able to seamlessly share resources across the offices in each region.

According to GCReport, Lori Senecal is the chief executive officer of CP +B and is expected to step down from her role at the end of the year. Lori is always looking forward to uncover tough business challenges and solving them in the boldest possible way. She increased the global presence of CP +B and created a worldwide communication and management structure which worked well for the organization. Check out LinkedIn to see more.

Lori Senecal is confident about the future of the organization since they have worked with Porter to ensure the company has a good leadership system in place even after her departure.

Lori believes that she has achieved more than she thought she was capable of. Lori Senecal who grew up in Canada never imagined that she would work for a U.S company and be in the top leadership position. She grew steadily from being the president of McCann New York to the position of global chief executive officer of CP +B. She was also the global executive chairman of MDC and the president and chief executive officer of KBS since 2009. The company is tasked with the responsibility of finding someone who can fit into Lori’s shoes and continue to steer the company towards growth and good performance.

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Felipe Montoro Jens Actualizing PPPs in Porto Alegre

The Mayor of Porto Alegre Mr. Nelson Marchezan Junior attended the Management council of the Municipal Program of Partnerships (Propar) in discussing Public-Private Partnerships and Concessions on 30th June. According to Felipe Montoro Jens an expert on major infrastructure program development many projects were on table for consideration and subsequent bidding including the President Vargas Maternal and Infantile Hospital head office construction, Public clocks concessions, Guaiba Water Park project, and bidding for other sanitation projects. Similarly the mayor of Rio Grande de Sul who attended the meeting said it aimed at setting the areas, priorities and services that the government will seek private partners to accelerate development.

Creating the (PROPAR / POA) and of the Partnership Management Council (CGP)

Like his peers Nelson Marchezan knows that Public-Private Partnership models are a major means of navigating the financial crisis that the country is undergoing and he intends to use the models in all areas they can apply. This resolve led him to signing of the Decree 19.736 establishing the Municipal Partnership Program (PROPAR/ POA) and the Partnership Management Council (CGP).

Felipe Montoro Jens who is informed of the structure says that he CGP will be the organ of Governance that will determine the structure and modalities of the PPPs and Concessions guaranteeing transparency and proper supervision of the projects. The CGP will also oversee the planning and execution of PPP projects. The mayor will serve as the president of the of the CGP and members will be Vice Mayo, Strategic Partnership, Institutional Relationship, Finance, planning, Economic development secretary. It will also include an expert on infrastructural development expert Mr. Felipe Montoro Jens.

Mr. Felipe Montoro has extensive experience in this field having worked at Arboreoland Empreendimentos Imobiliários as chairman, San Antonio Energia SA as a director and in many other companies where he has served as an executive officer. His contribution on matters of infrastructure is always valuable.

Greg Secker Speaks on the Importance of Thinking

Greg Secker talks about a lesson that he has learned. He talks about thinking in an interview. At some point in his career, he has met someone who has stated that if one is working, then he is not thinking. This word has struck Greg Secker as something worth thinking about. He has thought long about it and found that it makes a lot of sense. He has seen that when he is working, he is not thinking about what he can do to make improvements. Therefore, he has made it a point to take some time off to do some thinking.

One of the best benefits of this approach is that people who take the time to think tend to come up with some new ideas. However, there are times when people are in a hurry to take care of an ongoing issue. The sad part is that this can burn a person out mentally and physically. Once he gets to the point where he can’t think, then his work is going to suffer. Greg Secker stresses the importance of taking time off to think and replenish. This is one of the reasons that Greg Secker is so successful.

It is important to maintain balance in life so that goals can be more easily reached. Even for entrepreneurs, there needs to be a time to rest. Otherwise, the person will burn out even of the work he enjoys.

Greg Secker takes on the Forex market and does more than trading Forex. He thinks about the strategies that work best for him and encourages others to do the same. One thing about Forex is that it is a tricky thing to learn, but once people get the hang of it, it can be the best profit that they ever make.

Lime Crime Comes through for Brunettes with Flying Colors!

Lime Crime is a brand owned and founded by Doe Deere. She’s a colorful, vivacious beautiful but grounded young woman. She has been going strong now for over a decade and will be creating well into the future. So what’s the current amazing product she’s selling right now? There is a fantastic breakthrough that happens to those that have brunette hair, that’s everything from chestnut to black to blue hair dye.

New Product Line | Dark Unicorn

Dark Unicorn is the new line of Unicorn hair color made specifically for brunettes. The colors are formulated to show up, no matter the brunette hair color or the depth of color. Purple is the newest of the new brand but you can find these as well: You can find them for $16 each, great value for money. They come in a dark jar with pink label. The colors are: Charcoal; Sea Which {green}; Squid; and Chestnut.

The issue for them that Doe Deere solved with Lime Crime in the hair arena. Brunettes have a most challenging time wearing hair color that are darker shades. But Doe, she did it as per usual and created Unicorn colors for dark hair. She did what she always does and opened up a opportunities for those that felt left out of the traditional, rule filled fashion industry. One thing about Doe Deere and Lime Crime and that’s she doesn’t play within the rules of convention. Her products are best suited for those that break convention or those that want to but fear doing so.

This new line and all her products are world changers. They buck the traditions and break the rules. This line is very unusual and for those who are and who want to be trailblazers. You can’t help but turn heads and be noticed with this line!

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NexBank Lands Another $54 Million

NexBank Capital, out of Dallas, has just successfully finished a $54 million allocation of its private subordinated notes. The fixed to floating rate notes are going to select investors of high net worth, including some institutions. The company, a financial services firm, is going to use this money to apply it to corporate objectives. This marks a historic number of over $280 million raised in equity and debt for the company since only 2016.

The notes will have an interest rate of over 6.3%, and won’t be callable for 60 months, until 2027 when they fully mature. The floating rate is based upon the LIBOR 458.5 spread over 90 days. The BBB grade of the notes qualifies as Tier 2 capital from the Kroll Bond Rating Agency.

NexBank Capital, Inc. is a Dallas, Texas company that specializes in financial services. It has three main businesses: mortgage banking, institutional services, and commercial banking services. Its institutional clients are its main focus, for whom they provide customized services catered to the needs of each company they work with. This has allowed the company to achieve competition and rapid growth in the market place since their founding.

They offer institutional services that allow companies to manage their cash flow. For example, many commercial real estate investors need cash on hand to upkeep properties and invest in new opportunities. Nexbank extends funds through various financial services and packages to achieve this. They also offer depository lending. This gives access to capital when they otherwise wouldn’t qualify for it.

The cash position of NexBank has increased throughout the years. Their rating from the large banking agencies has improved as well. This means they can borrow capital at a reduced rate and extend the savings onto their clients, who can in turn grow their companies. They are also a member of FDIC.

Traveling Vineyard: Places to Visit while Touring Napa Valley

Many wine enthusiasts have not only heard about Napa Valley but also they desire to visit the area. Napa Valley is famous for its hundreds of hillside vineyards. While many wine lovers visit Napa Valley, many of them fail to experience the region in all its majesty because they take the traditional routes used by tourists and newcomers. Very few people can explore Napa Valley like Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guides do. Traveling Vineyard Guides know all the wine routes in the Napa Valley like the back of their hands. The company continually trains its Guides on matters wine and wine routes.

Recently, Travelling Vineyard published an article that demonstrated that there is more to Napa Valley than just wine. The list indicates non-wine places that tourists can tour while visiting the area. The destinations range from Art Walk locations, historical sites, spa locations, etc. And of course wine routes.

Wine lovers who cherish art especially 3D art can visit the Napa Art Walk exhibition. The exhibition features excellent artworks of renowned artists across America. Tourists are free to purchase items that appeal to them. Some of the cash raised during the exhibitions are channeled to funding future shows.

It is impossible to visit Napa Valley and not imagine what the area looked like over 100 years ago. According to Traveling Vineyard, Napa Valley Historical Society is the go-to place regarding the historical past of the valley. While the organization collects physical pieces of Napa’s history for tourists, the society facilitates tourists to explore the area and acquire knowledge about the region.
While Napa’s soil is perfect for growing grapes, the region also supports olives. In fact, some of the best olives on earth are nurtured in Napa Valley. Travelling Vineyard singles out Round Pond Estate which produces Mediterranean olives of world-class standard. The estate is famous for its traditional olive oils, and craft oils enhanced with flavors such as spices, herbs, flowers, etc.

More often than not, Wine enthusiasts love good food. Traveling Vineyards knows this, and when it drew up its list, they considered leading food destinations such as Silverado Cooking School. At the school, wine lovers are taught how to prepare sumptuous meals. What’s more, they can partake in the meal after it is successfully cooked.

Travelling Vineyard equips its Wine Guides with essential skills required to become a winning Wine Guide. The company treats all its Guides as crucial appendages of the company. Training, advice, and help is always a call away for all Guides

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Nick Vertucci’s real estate academy is making it’s mark

It is easy to get caught up in the ups and downs in this roller coaster of a life. Often, we hit rock bottom and allow its defeat, but not Nick Vertucci. What he has endeavored is a prime example of how someone can climb their way to the top of their own empire after hitting rock bottom. Born into a nurturing family, with a loving set of parents and siblings you can say Nick lived in an average family home. At the very young age of ten, tragedy struck when his father passed away. The rest of his childhood was spent with his mother mostly away working long into the night. Despite everything his mother could do for her children after her husbands death, Nick was homeless at 18, forcing him to live out of his vehicle for a few years. After time and hard work, Nick Vertucci started his very own business as a computer parts salesmen. He then found a wonderful wife and started his own family with three little girls.

Life was treating him well at this period in time. However,in the year 2000 was the big ‘dot com’ crash and with out any preparation investing into his future Nick had to witness his business and all his money evaporate into nothing.

Overtime, with no revenue coming in, he lost everything except his house. Suddenly he was revisiting the dark rock bottom he dug him self from years before.

A friend of Nick Vertucci had realized that his friend needed help and invited him to a real estate training seminar that would last three days. Not very confident, but with nothing to lose Nick accepted the invitation. Over those next three days Nick’s life changed with the information he had learned. After that there was no stopping him. Within ten years of learning, reading, and training in everything he possibly could in real estate he was finally able to call himself successful.

After much determination he was making millions with an easy, upstanding system he developed himself to make money in real estate, but that wasn’t enough. He now dedicates himself to teaching others so they too can make millions, pay off their dept and dramatically change the entire future of their families. After Years of what Nick Vertucci has been doing he now knows majority of people are capable of being successful in real estate but need to know how to get started and take off, and that’s what he is here to teach.

Elementary Education-Rocketship Education

Rocketship Education has been in existence for a decade now. The school was first established in a church in San Jose, California. Although the education facility has been in the process of serving their students as well as communities around them since their establishment, they have learned several things. The Rocketship Education listed down some of the things they have learned ever since their foundation as listed below.

Lesson Learnt By Rocketship Education

  • Learning begins at home: During the early years of their creation; Rocketship caught a lot of attention for being the pioneers of personalized learning. The education facility remains strong advocates of technology to support students learning but they believe personalized learning goes beyond technology.
  • To change the education system more demand has to be created: At Rocketship the education facility is only focused on elementary education. However, a lot of parents and funders have been urging the education institution to create a K-2 system which is defiantly tempting, but Rocketship worry is when they see their students leave the fifth grade and they wonder what the future hold for them.
  • Respect the power of parents: One mission of the Rocketship Education is to enable the parents to be responsible, exercise their power and demand political attention, hold leaders accountable as they help the public schools to thrive.
  • Action speaks louder than words; when the Rocketship founders created the education system they did not have children of their own. Nevertheless, the couple is now blessed with two children who also attend Rocketship Education. They purposed to let their children attend the school because they believe they offer quality education and also they lead by example.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit charter education system, which has their Headquarters in Redwood City, California. In 2007 John Danner and Preston Smith decided to establish Rocketship education. The school system is unique in a way that the management use learning models with software which assists students to achieve their goals. The founders wanted to offer quality education to low-income students where access to excellent schools was not available. Being a transformative school the founder’s trust they do more than educating their students but they also engage their parents as well as teachers. The education facility is built on a strong mission and believes that they can easily eliminate the accomplishment gap in the lives of their students and the communities around them.