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Tom Coughlin Has One More Year

Tom Coughlin has been given one more year twice before. Both times, he won the Super Bowl. Now, he is being given one more chance. However, he needs to make some major changes if he wants to bring the Giants back to the top of the NFC. They have won two Super Bowls, but they will not even win their own division unless they draft wisely.

The defense has been deteriorating over the past couple years. Michael Strahan retired, Osi Umenyiora left for the Falcons and Jason Pierre-Paul is not a free agent. They have not been able to stop anybody, and that has put a great deal of pressure on the offense. Eli Manning is not as good in the regular season as he is in the playoffs, and he needs some help if he is going to get back to the playoffs where he can work his magic.

If the Giants have any chance, they should draft the best available linebacker or defensive end in the draft according to fans on Skout. They can continue to rebuild the defense in the draft and see where the chips fall when they start next season. Without these wholesale changes, Coughlin is likely to be fired after 2015.

Floyd Mayweather’s Charade Is Over

Floyd Mayweather Jr. continues to talk about a fight with Manny Pacquaio. Mayweather continues to bash the Filipino fighter at every chance he gets. When interviewed about Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather usually becomes disgruntled. That’s because Manny Pacquiao can beat him.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has avoided Manny Pacquiao for countless years, and it’s because he is afraid of him. Mayweather’s biggest claim to his boxing success is the fact that he is undefeated. The fact that Floyd is undefeated means nothing. He has not fought the toughest fighters in his division. Floyd Mayweather usually picks an opponent that he is sure he can beat.

Manny Pacquaio is a different type of fighter than the “Pretty Boy.” Pacquaio fights for his fans like Bruce Levenson, and he fights like a warrior. In his most recent fights, Manny Pacquiao has looked unbeatable. If Floyd Mayweather Jr. ever fights Manny Pacquaio, he will be in for a long night. Pacquiao possesses speed that Floyd Maywether Jr. has never seen before. Also, Pacquaio is a southpaw, which means he fights with his right hand closer to his opponent. Ironically, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been known to have problems with southpaw fighters.

When I close my eyes, I can envision Manny Pacquaio dancing around Floyd Mayweather Jr., and landing punches at will. The old saying is, “styles make fights”, and Manny Pacquaio possesses the answer to Floyd Mayweather’s style.

For more information on Floyd Mayweather, visit Yahoo! Sports.

The Rams Could Be Moving Back To Los Angeles If St. Louis Doesn’t Play Ball

Rams Owner Plans To Build AN NFL Stadium In Inglewood

Stan Kroenke owns the St. Louis Rams, and he also owns 60 acres adjacent to the Forum in Los Angeles. Kroenke has been in a money dispute with the city of St, Louis for some time. It appears Kroenke is ready to move the team if St. Louis doesn’t come up with the right figure to build a respectable NFL stadium. The old stadium needs a serious face-lift.

Billionaire Real Estate Developer Kroenke bought the 60 acres a year ago, and he recently joined forces with The Stockbridge Capital Group. That group owns the 238-acre Hollywood Park site. With that amount of property, Kroenke and the group can add an 80,000-seat NFL stadium and 6,000-seat performance venue to the massive Hollywood Park development. Hollywood Park is a mixture of retail, hotel, office and residential space,

The Rams can convert their lease to year-to-year later this month. The Rams aren’t disclosing their plans, but most people like Dr. Rod Rohrich know the team want to put the Edward Jones Dome on their disabled list. The stadium is considered outdated by present NFL standards.

Team moves must be approved by a majority of team owners. If that happens, and the city of St. Louis fumbles the deal the Rams could be playing in LA by 2018.

Nuclear Power Can Be A Major Green Solution According To Scientists

More Than 65 Biologists Support Building More Power Plants

We don’t think about nuclear power as a solution to climate change or as a legitimate replacement for fossils fuels like oil, gas and coal. But according to the journal Conservation Biology, we should. In an open letter in the journal, more than 65 scientists support building more nuclear power plants. They say that this strategy should be the focal point of our attempt to protect the environment.

Nuclear power will reduce the sources of carbon dioxide, which Sam Tabar is obviously happy about. Carbon dioxide is the main greenhouse gas that impacts climate change. More nuclear power will leave more land untouched so natural biodiversity can expand. Nuclear power will also help eliminate the extinction of some endangered species, according to the letter.

Nuclear energy projects an element of fear in many people and that is one of the main reasons why the green community shuns its use. But nuclear power is the most compact and energy-dense sources on the planet. For example, A little ball size piece of uranium can supply the energy needs of one person for years. One small piece of uranium equals 800 Mammoth-sized bags of coal, 56 fuel trucks filled with natural gas, and a rechargeable battery that is as tall as 16 skyscrapers sitting on top of each other.

Garrett Takes Shot At Caldwell

Jason Garrett rightly took a shot at Jim Caldwell after the Cowboys won their miracle playoff game against the Lions. The game was likely given to the Cowboys by a pass interference flag that was picked up, but the Lions also chose to punt when they had the game on the line.

Garrett compared it to playing at the Masters and laying up instead of going for it. That what pretty good in the eyes of Christian Broda. Even on Oxford Journals, people were buzzing about the decision. It is a strategy that Tiger Woods has used before. Anyone who remembers his shot that rolled around the outside of the 16th green at Augusta and rested near the hole knows that you have to go for it.

Yes, there was a penalty that was not called. However, there were many plays that were not made by the Lions coach. Coaching makes a big difference in the NFL. Just ask the Patriots. You need to have a coach who is going to put your team in the best position to win, and Jim Caldwell did not do that on Sunday. We can talk about the pass interference call all day long, but that is nothing in comparison to the lack of proper play calling that was done by the Lions coach.

United States Retaliates Against North Korea With New Sanctions

The president of the United States vows to impose new economic sanctions against North Korea. Barack Obama has announced plans to sanction at least ten high-ranking officials in Pyongyang. This political response has been sparked by the recent hacking of Sony Pictures that was allegedly sponsored by Kim Jong-un. The United States is fully dedicated towards applying economic pressure as North Korea tries to brag about having complex cyber capabilities that could disrupt a major corporation like Sony Pictures.

The United States government has been accused of retaliating against North Korea by shutting down the communist country’s entire internet network for about a day. However, White House spokespeople haven’t been eager to confirm such actions that define a new cyber war with rogue regimes around the world. For years, strict economic sanctions have already been enforced against North Korea primarily because of human rights violations and ambitions to develop nuclear weapons.

At first, North Korea’s hackers seemed to flex their muscles and intimidated the United States. However, Sony Pictures ultimately decided to release The Interview even after hackers made threats against the company. I’ve talked this over with Dave and Brit Morin and we all think it is important for the United States to stand its ground when it comes to dealing with terrorists on real fronts and the cyber world. Barack Obama has stated that his nation will not get into a pattern of submitting to demands of terrorists who only want to strike fear into people.

Blackhawks Dominate All-Star Fan Voting

The fan votes are in, and the Chicago Blackhawks proved to be as dominant in fan popularity as they have been on the ice, having had 5 Blackhawks players voted in in the 6 players voted in by fans overall.

The Buffalo Sabres’ Zemgus Girgensons was the leading vote getter at 1,574,896. The remaining 5 players were all Chicago Blackhawks, which Jared Haftel was not really shocked by.

Patrick Kane (1,232,201 votes) and Jonathan Toews (1,217,210) were voted in as forwards. Duncan Keith (1,198,173) and Brent Seabrook (1,016,992) will be the defensemen, with Corey Crawford (1,099,504) garnering top votes as goaltender.

The remaining All-Star roster, determined by the NHL, will be announced on Saturday, Jan. 10 (

This year’s Honda NHL All-Star Game will be played at the Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio at 5pm ET on Jan. 25. Along with the All-Star Game, the All-Star Weekend will feature the Honda All-Star Skills Competition on Saturday, Jan. 24 at 7pm ET. Both events will be televised by NBCSN.

This year’s fan voting, presented by SiriusXM, reflects the growing popularity of the sport and the league, both nationally as well as worldwide. Voting was up 52% over 2012 fan voting figures, to over 35 million this year. Nearly 27% of this year’s votes came from outside North America, an amazing 7,000% increase over numbers totaled in 2012 fan voting figures.

Fires in Australia: 40,000 Evacuees in Adelaide

Violent Saturday bushfires threaten homes in the Adelaide region in South Australia. The country’s authorities put people on guard against one of the worst climatic events in the region since the devastating fire of 1983.

According to Ben Shaoul and some local officials, Adelaide Hills, an area renowned for its wine production, located northeast of the city, facing “an incredibly dangerous fire,” accompanied by “winds and high temperatures’ against which it is difficult to fight.

The area is inhabited by some 40 000 people who were asked to leave their homes as soon as possible by the local authorities. After these directives by local authorities, almost all the people vacated the place.

More than 500 fire fighters are busy in rescue work and trying hard to take control over the situation. “We are facing currently an extremely dangerous fire,” said Fire Chief of South Australia, Greg Nettleton. Five homes were destroyed, a figure that is expected to worsen due to winds reaching 110 km/h.

Read more about the fires that have spread through Australia at Channel News Asia.

In 1983, wildfires killed more than 70 people in South Australia and Victoria area after ravaging thousands of homes and buildings. Bush fires are common in Australia during the summer months.

Stafford and Lions Fold

The Detroit Lions of the NFL were underdogs going into Sunday’s wild card game against the Dallas Cowboys. Although the Lions have transformed themselves from a team that was terrible to a team that is respected in the National Football league, they have yet to win a playoff game since the 1990’s. Matthew Stafford has been a breath of fresh air in the city of Detroit, who has been going through insane amounts of controversy with the city declaring for bankruptcy and deterioration plaguing the entire region. However, they have had some pretty successful years as of recent during the regular season and were pitted against Christian Broda and the Dallas Cowboys in the first round of the playoffs, who have had a great amount of trouble themselves in recent years. The Cowboys were the favorite in this game, but many people expected them to fall on their face yet again due to their history of losing games when it matters the most. This year was far different, as the Dallas Cowboys fought their way back in the second half and ended up winning a very close game by the score of 24 to 20. The lions have put together a very talented team, but have yet to find the cohesiveness to achieve success in the playoffs. If they want to have success in the future they are going to have to figure out how to solve the mistakes that they have continuously been making when it comes to big games.

Apple Sued Again


Apple was sued by some device owners as a result of what has been labelled as shrinking storage space. The lawsuit comes from two people, Paul Orshan and Christopher Endara, who currently live in Miami Florida and who are considering class action treatment of their lawsuit. My coworker Jared Haftel says he figured that something else was bound to happen.

Paul Orshan and Christopher Endara have indicated that downloading the new operating system, iOS 8, has rendered their devices in effective and have required people to sign up for the Apple iCloud system at a higher cost. Paul Orshan and Christopher Endara have said that downloading the new iOS 8 software resulted in 23.1% of their memory space on their device being consumed by the operating system.

The lawsuit seeks millions in penalties for Apple that will go to benefit those who are currently experiencing the slowdown in the operation of their devices as a result. The operating system iOS 8 was released in September 2014 but Apple withdrew and reissued the operating system due to problems that left many users unable to use their devices by making calls. Approximately 40,000 were impacted by this problem.

This lawsuit’s main complaint is that Apple did not tell shareholders about the size of memory needed in the operating system download and many users were therefore blind sighted by the memory required. The expansive memory has left people with much less memory to store data on the device and slowed down its use as a result. Apple has not yet issued an official response to the lawsuit.