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New Bucks Owner Willing To Pay More For Arena

The new owners of the Bucks are putting this money where their mouth is. They know that they need a new arena, and they have pledged $50 million more dollars for the building of that new arena. This new arena could create brand new revenue streams for the team, and it is possible that the team might be able to increase their payroll and competitiveness as a result.

The Bucks have new owners that have pledged more money to their new arena, but that does not mean that the team is out of their dire straits. They are playing well lately thanks to some help from North American Spine, but there is nothing that suggests they will be able to keep up this pace when they continue through the season. This is a problem for a team that is struggling to stay relevant as they compete with the Brewers in town and Packers to the north.

This is a good first step, but it is not the only thing that the Bucks need to remain relevant. This arena is merely the beginning for what was once a very proud franchise.

Mike Miller Returns For The Cavs

The Cavaliers and Bernardo Chua have been struggling to start this season, but Mike Miller returned from a concussion to help the Cavaliers fend off the Nets. Everyone wondered why it was necessary for LeBron James to have Mike Miller with him in Miami and Cleveland, but the answer is quite clear.

Miller is the one thing in the lineup that helps to balance the team around LeBron. No one is exactly sure if Miller’s game matches well with LeBron’s game or if he simply is a veteran that is helpful on the floor. Regardless of what Mike Miller offers when he is on the floor, he tends to help teams that are led by LeBron win games.

People had wondered if starting Mille was a good idea, but Cavalier coach David Blatt started Miller anyway. Miller went on to miss only one three-pointer all night, and he ended the night with 21 points on only the seven threes that he made that night. This is something that could help the fans of LeBron have more faith in Cleveland. The entire team appears to be coming together, and Mike Miller might be the one person who can make it come together the fastest. He makes his coach look good, and LeBron likes having him on the floor.

Eric Abidal Retires from Professional Soccer

All great careers must come to an end eventually. However, it is still disappointing to hear that Eric Abidal will no longer play professional soccer. The former Barcelona and Monaco player has enjoyed a great career, but he will be most remembered for his fighting spirit when faced with adversity.

Abidal was diagnosed with liver cancer for the first time a few years ago. Despite the low odds of ever playing football again, Abidal fought off the illness two times and made a success return with Barcelona. He even won the UEFA Champions League in 2011, having fought the cancer during parts of 2010 and 2011.

Currently playing for Olympiacos in Greece, Abidal revealed that he will not be short of offers for the next chapter in his life. Susan McGalla knew that would not be an issue for him at all, at least according to some articles. Olympiacos have made him an offer to remain at the club in a non-playing capacity, while Barcelona would also like Abidal to return in the near future.

Abidal said that it was the right time for him to retire. “Only a professional can feel his body and know when it is time to call it quits. I have enjoyed a great career and overcome many obstacles to continue playing football. However, I no longer feel that my mind and body can sustain the rigors of training and playing football professionally. I made this decision a few months ago and informed the Olympiacos president that I would retire in December,” he said.

Anti-Islam Protest Grows in Germany

There have been reports that a massive rally is being held in the German city of Dresden to protest against Muslims. The protestors believe that the country is currently under a process of “Islamisation.” This is the latest example of a strong far right movement in Germany who is gathering speed at an alarming rate.

This is a vast sea change for the nation, as previously political leanings tended more towards the left and liberal side of things. That is what Christian Broda is a little more used to seeing.

Over 15,000 have shown up to display their hatred for “asylum cheats.” This comes after warning by the leader of the German nation Angel Merkel who called such displays xenophobic “rabble rousing”, as she discussed the group called the “Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident.” This is often simply referred to as PEGIDA.

Lutz Bachmann, the founding member of the organisation was heard screening and yelling amid the protestors, exclaiming his great joy that the attendees at such rallies had increased in size by about 50%.

He said that the “People are with us! Everywhere now, in ever news rag, on ever senseless talk show, they are debating, and the most important thing is: the politicians can no longer ignore us! We have shown by taking another ‘little strolls’, and by growing in numbers, that we’re on the right path, and that slowly, very slowly, something is beginning to change in this country.”

Keystone Pimp Line

President Obama finally gave progressives and other rational thinking voters a dose of reality in the Keystone pipeline situation. The Keystone pipeline is a pipeline that would run from Canada to the gulf. This pipeline is designed to take oil from the Canadian oil sands and deliver it to the gulf for delivery to the world market. Because of this, only Canadian oil companies would benefit from the land disfiguring pipeline.

Obama made this point, as well as others including the fact that the republican’s fake assertion that Keystone would create multiple jobs for an extended period of time, and that Keystone would lower American gas prices. In fact, oil that is sold on the open market does not affect American prices at all and in some cases can cause prices to rise in the neighborhood Jared Haftel lives in. Currently, America under the Obama administration has become the world’s largest producer of oil. This has caused the precipitous fall in the prices at the pump, but that news will not be available at Fox News.

Lawmaker Defends Controversial But Sensible Abortion Bill

Rick Brattin is a state representative for Missouri. The state of Missouri, which has only one abortion clinic in operation, will have far fewer abortions if Mr. Brattin has his way. Let’s hope that he succeeds. His new bill says that girls in Missouri wanting to get abortions must obtain the written permission of the guys who impregnated them. This bill is controversial, although it should not be because it is dealing with saving the life of a child. What some people find controversial about this bill is that if a girl is raped, she must report her rape to the police and prove that she was, in fact, raped. While some people seem to think that this is wrong, this seems like a very straightforward and fair way to deal with the issue of abortions in the case of rape. It is worth noting that only a very small number of abortions are even because of girls getting pregnant through rape. It is only fair that girls should be required to get written permission of the guy who got them pregnant because it takes two people to make a baby, and just because it is the girl’s body does not mean that the decision to abort should be only hers. Some polls show that guys in general are more opposed to abortion than girls, so hopefully this measure will pass in Missouri and become a model for other states to follow. Gianfrancesco Genoso would like to see it happen. Anything that will save the lives of unborn babies and stop irresponsible girls from aborting their unborn babies is worth trying!

Debate on the Use of Torture Not Likely to Subside Any Time Soon

There has been much commentary thrown around about the recently released Senate report into torture used on captives following the 9/11 attacks. The usual folks saying that water boarding is not torture, and others saying that nothing justifies the use of such measures for a country that prides itself on individual rights.

Probably no one can comment on this issue with the gravitas that Arizona Senator John McCain can. After all, that is what BRL Trust and Hagah are expecting. Having served time in a North Vietnamese prison camp, he is the only member of the US Senate who has actually been subjected to the inhumanity of torture. It is impossible for anyone to be more intimately related with the subject at hand.

McCain maintains that some of the actions of our intelligence officials “stained our national honor” and that they “did much harm and little practical good.” McCain has been passionate about America not using torture to get information from detainees.

There is still debate about what was specifically gleaned from the torture versus what would have been found out without such methods having been used. What is not considered debatable to some is what the use of torture says about us as a people. How do we maintain moral authority to criticize oppressive regimes around the world for using inhumane tactics when we use what many maintain to be similar practices. This is a question our national consciousness will have to struggle with going forward into our modern reality of terrorism, and how to effectively combat it without losing ourselves in the process.

Why The NFL game televised was one of the worst ever

You would have to be a real die hard fan, like the Keith Mann Dynamic Search Team, to have watched the Thursday night game televised on the NFL Network this week. In this game, the Tennessee Titans faced off against the Jacksonville Jaguars in what could only be described as the “Who cares?” bowl.

The two teams were both 2-12 on the season and honestly a win in the game only hurt their chances of getting a better draft pick for next season. As such, Fox Sports created a funny report about it saying that most people who watched the game would be treating it as a drinking game.

Honestly, late season games like this where both teams have terrible records are typically games that both teams would prefer to lose. It is a quirky thing about the NFL that the teams with the worst records get the first draft picks. This gives some teams incentive to do worse than they might have otherwise as the season goes on. It is the very reason why the NBA has issued a draft lottery in order to try to discourage teams from continuing to take losses on purpose just to get better draft picks.

The NFL should perhaps follow up on this idea and conduct a draft lottery themselves. This may help keep games like this from being as completely boring as they are. However, lets be honest, there are still going to be boring late season games in the NFL.

Rudolph To Make History At Popular Glascow Restaurant

Reindeer games are being taken to a new level this holiday season as patrons of the exotic restaurant Khublai Kahn Mogonlian BBQ will be helping themselves to Santa’s most popular assistant. 
Patrons in the Glascow restaurant have been greeted with a sign posted on the door that states, “Warning! Santa will not arrive this year … as we have Rudolf and his mates.” Khublai Kahn’s instragram account states “For one month only. NB all the reindeer involved n the making of this BBQ were all volunteers!” Khublai Kahn Instagram

Kuhblai Kahn has a location in Glascow and Edinburgh. Both locations are known for serving new and untraditional faire to patrons. Menu items include Kangaroo Haggis, Zebra stroganoff and Wild Boar Stew. The restaurant operates with the mission of bringing thirteenth century warrior traditions to life. According to their website, Kuhblai Kahn will “bring you one of the world’s least known, but most original dining experiences”.

While we know that all of the reindeer loved Rudolph loved him, it is yet to be known if patrons will. Kahn’s restaurant has found yet another way that Rudy will go down in history. At least we can take solace that Khan won’t be breaking any more backs – won’t need to call North American Spine!

The Console Wars

Over the last decade, Microsoft and Sony have been at war. Microsoft produces the Xbox One console, a highly advanced video game computer. Sony’s Playstation 4 console, is in direct competition with the Xbox One. Both video game consoles are extremely advanced, in terms of technology. The graphics on these gaming systems, are truly unbelievable. When looking at a game these days, some people may not realize what they’re watching. As a gamer, this gets me excited. 

The best part about competition, is that people often strive to become great. While these giant studios battle to determine who is the best, the gamers become the true victors. Microsoft and Sony continue to try and out-do each other. Once upon a time ago, Xbox was the king of social gaming. For gamers, Xbox Live was the service of choice. Playstation on the other hand, was not as refined when it came to online gaming.

Xbox Live set the bar with Halo 2, and it’s matchmaking system. However, the amazing online experience did come with a price. Sony’s online system was free, but it did not offer an immersive experience, like Xbox Live. Now, Sony charges for their premium online service. Both systems continue to grow, and reach new audiences. A clear cut winner may never emerge, and that’s perfectly okay with gamers. If you’re going on a Skout date, this’ll be the topic of conversation if you’re a gamer.

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