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MVP Curry

Stephen Curry has absolutely exploded out of the gates this season and he is well on his way to winning his very first Most Valuable Player award. Fans like Haidar Barbouti know that he has had a ton of respect from players around the league over the last few years because they respect the way he plays the game and the fact that he can will his own shot whenever he wants and does not need hardly any room. Furthermore, he very well may have the best shot the game has ever seen, and it is only complimented by the fact that he has the luxury of playing in the back court with Klay Thompson, who just put up an astonishing 37 points in a single quarter and smashed the previous NBA record of 33. Curry flat out has demanded his spot on the throne of the best guard in basketball. Chris Paul is not even in the question anymore, as Curry has solidified that he is not only the best overall basketball player in the game, but he is one of the smartest, most efficient and confident players that have ever played the game. He will be rolling into the All Star game next week to play as a starter, but this is the first step to a long laundry list of things that Stephen Curry has set out to accomplish in his still young National Basketball Association career.

BRL Trust: All About Us

BRL Trust is a precise, professional Brazilian-based investment company that takes pride in providing clients with the exceptional services they need and deserve. For years now, we’ve maintained a cutting edge approach to the work we do, and this methodology has empowered us to offer clients the state of the art, savvy assistance they need in order to generate the return on investment (ROI) they need and deserve. To get a glimpse of who we are as well as the investment work that we can do on your behalf, review the brief outline that appears below:


BRL Trust: Our Methodology


Here at BRL Trust, we believe that the best way to serve our clients is to develop working relationships with them. Over the years, we’ve found that this collaborative, customer-oriented approach to the world of investing has been the most effective. For this reason, we’re happy to develop and maintain strong communication with our clients to remain cognizant of their evolving needs, values, and objectives. In so doing, we’re able to attain and retain high levels of customer satisfaction.


Our Absolutely Amazing Services


Here at BRL Trust, we’re pleased to offer a wide range of wonderful investment services to our clients. Some of them include:


Controlling And Custody To Investments Funds


At BRL Trust, we utilize several controlling and custody strategies to optimize the investment process. Some of the custody services we offer include:


– Reconciliation of assets with clearinghouses and depositories

– Custody/Settlement of Asset

– Cash settlements

– Control of corporate events ( such as dividends)

– Control of securities lending operation

– Centralization of procedures settlement


Some of the controlling services we provide include:


– Asset pricing

– Share’s calculation/profitability

– Accounting of events of investment funds

– Reporting to regulatory agencies

– Taxes payments and control

– Standardization of reports/information

– Control of investments, redemptions, and shareholders


Fiduciary Services


In this contemporary era, capital markets have become very sophisticated. Meanwhile, the global credit markets are subject to continual developments and modifications. In light of these changes, investors are taking a much closer look at the monitoring and control operations of the investment industry. In recognizing this evolution, BRL Trust Trustee Services are pleased to provide excellent, expedient investment services which ensure that investor demands for security are met.


Asset Management


The professionals of BRL Trust take an active role in the investment fund management process, working with individuals as well as institutional investors in the local and global markets.

Wilson in Seattle


Russell Wilson came into the league as a low round draft pick that did not have much speculation as to how he would play in the National Football League. He was not supposed to be the starter in Seattle, but walked into the franchise and commanded the position through his stoic persona, his dedication and his dominant ability on the field day in and day out. It is pretty strange for a low round draft pick to roll into the league and take control of a team and then actually produce in an efficient manner. The Seahawks have been absolutely stunning since Russell Wilson rolled into town and took control, but he has had a ton of help that are just as much responsible for the success that has been swept over the Seattle Seahawks. Everything seemed to come together for them several years ago stated Zeca Oliveira, when they drafted Russell Wilson the year after they had acquired perhaps the best defensive player of all time in Richard Sherman. That is a bold statement, but when you look at what he has delivered so far it is pretty accurate. They bolstered this with the acquisition of Marshawn Lynch and beast mode has taken them to a new level on offense. It goes without question to state, however, that Wilson has been the driving force that has taken them to the success that they have experienced over the last several years.

Lynch Found Loophole

Marshawn Lynch is not a man that is willing to speak openly to the media and avoids interviews like the plague, but he ironically stole the show on media day, as everyone wanted to get a piece of Marshawn Lynch but were constantly told that he was just there so that he didn’t get fined. Ironically, he probably is going to get fined for his appearance on media day, but it isn’t for what most would have expected. He is probably going to get fined, as stated by the National Football League on Wednesday; due to the hat that he wore that stated his nickname beast mode. It is pretty crazy that the league is thinking of fining him, due to the fact that he actually appeared and went through the motions, although he clearly mocked everyone by stating the same response over and over. From what fans like Bernardo Chua can tell, Lynch has clearly found a loophole in the system and the NFL does not like it. He is contractually obligated to give responses in interviews or he will be fined, but he hates talking to the media and will rarely give an honest interview. He has found a loophole in the fact that he can say a stupid response without addressing any questions and on paper he is truly honoring his obligations that he signed to, but he is the first person to do anything like this and the NFL hates it.

Marshawn Lynch Makes an Ingenious Move on Media Day


Marshawn Lynch is considered to be one of the best running backs in the NFL today. He is one of the main reasons why the Seattle Seahawks is playing in the Super Bowl for the second consecutive year. His raw talent continues to solidify his popularity with die hard professional football fans.

Lynch is well-known for being very short with interviewers. Sergio Lins Andrade pointed out his latest interview at the Superbowl festivities shows that is willing to continue the trend of providing bland and vague answers. Lynch publicly stated that he participated in the interview session to avoid being fined by the National Football League. The NFL threatened to fine him the tune of $500,000 if he did not show up at media day.

The National Football League is very strict when it comes to players participating in interviews before and after games. Lynch was fined in the past for not doing an interview after a big game in Seattle. Lynch is now doing interviews, but he is also exhibiting his unique flair that attributes to his popularity with fans and fellow players.

Lynch’s interviewing style has captured the attention and imagination of people from all walks of life. Many questions surface when Marshawn Lynch takes the microphone. Will he open up and provide detailed answers for reporters? Will he continue to exhibit his unique style of handling the media? Only Marshawn Lynch knows what lies in the future for the press.

Friendship Nine Get Cleared of Criminal Charges After 54 Years

Rock Hill, South Carolina – Recent events in New York City and Missouri may give some the impression that nothing has changed in terms of race relations in this country. However, progress is undeniable. This week, local Circuit Court Judge John C. Hayes III cleared nine early civil rights activists of a conviction they received for daring to sit at a Whites-Only counter in a local diner 54 years ago. Back in 1961, the South was still struggling to maintain their grip on segregation which had separate drinking fountains, seating at diners, restrooms, bus seating, and schooling for people based on their race.

In protest, people began to defy the laws by staging high profile events where young protesters would defy the laws peacefully and get arrested. In the case of nine young adult men, the diner called McCrory’s 5-10-25 Cent Variety Store became ground-zero for their protest efforts. Local police had received notice of the protest and stood ready to act. The young men were quickly arrested and fined. Fersen Lambranho of has read that, at the time, civil rights organizations paid the fines to get protesters out of jail. However, these young men believed it was counterproductive to pay money to their oppressors and chose to serve out their sentences instead. Each member of the group was compelled to serve 30 days of hard labor. This week, the nephew of the judge who sentenced the Friendship Nine threw out their convictions. The young men are now viewed as heroes.

The History of the Antique Wine Company

Founded in 1982 by Stephen Williams, The Antique Wine Company is one of the largest companies working with extremely rare and vintage wines. Williams started the company after beginning his career as an insurance agent. However, he wanted a career that could also serve as a hobby as well as something he could be passionate about. While entertaining business clients during his time working for a bank, he developed a taste and interest in fine wines. After examining the market and finding his niche, he developed his own company that would sell and market these fine wines to individual consumers. Williams remains enthusiastic about wine and is often called the “Sherlock Holmes” of wine for his talent at tracking down sequestered, vintage bottles.


The Antique Wine Company currently boasts clients in over 63 countries as well as holding over 10,000 bottles of the world’s finest wines in it’s cellars. While AWC is first and foremost a wine merchant, they also market their company by branching out into other divisions of the wine business. Several years ago, they began crafting and unveiling luxury wine cabinets. This series of wine cabinets are a great way for new wine connoisseurs to begin their fine wine collection as they are all filled with some of the best vintage bottles money can buy. They are also a great way for established collectors to easily add bottles to their current collection. The Chateaux cabinets themselves are specially handcrafted by some of the most luxurious materials available including ripple sycamore and Bombay rosewood. These cabinets are currently being sold and auctioned for upwards of £1m. They also include vintage memorabilia accounting for part of the cost.


Stephen Williams has also branched the Antique Wine Company out in another interesting way, by establishing a wine academy sponsored by the company. The AWC Wine Academy exists to teach casual wine drinkers how to truly appreciate the drinks. They are outfitted with custom tasting tables to make an event a special, memorable experience! Williams created the academy to make wine tasting and enjoyment more accessible to everyday people. He also wanted to make wine tasting and education a less “stuffy” experience by marketing to young professionals. At AWC Wine Academy, students learn from some of the most established wine educators there are. These educators include Tim Atkin and Clive Barlow, both Masters of Wine.

The Antique Wine Company was born out of a love and passion for wine by Williams. As such, it remains very important for him to bring this interest to others who may not currently see the beauty in it.


North American Spine Releases New, Impressive Infographic

Dallas pro-posture company North American Spine has recently released a new, highly impressive spine health infographic. Originally reported on PR Newswire, the info-graphic’s release is a great benefit to all those seeking help with the practice of good posture.

It is well known that back and neck pain result from poor posture habits, but two other little-known side effects are headaches and insomnia. The new info-graphic helps people to see more clearly how improper posture can result in these problems. They also focus on learning how to identify bad posture and on how to best correct it.

In the event that posture adjustments cannot solve serious back problems, surgery is sometimes necessary. North American Spine is the only company that provides consumers with the AccuraScope procedure. This minimally-invasive spine surgery method has been successfully performed on over 8,000 patients who suffered with chronic back pain. Many certified specialists have participated and highly recommend it.

The AccuraScope surgery has an unusually high success rate of 82 percent and often saves patients over $20,000 as well. The savings accrue because of the lessened need for doctor’s visits and pain-killing drugs. After six years of delivering quality AccuraScope surgery to needy patients, the results have proven to be quite amazing.

Physicians working for North American Spine are experts at orthopedic spine surgery,
neurosurgery, and pain management. They use high-tech, HD cameras and other tools to diagnose patients in an accurate, speedy, and safe manner. The whole examination usually lasts only 45 minutes.

The new infographic of North American Spine demonstrates in visual form what are the benefits of good posture and the problems created by poor posture. When mere postural readjustment is insufficient, remedial surgeries like the AccuraScope procedure are used. The success story of North American Spine at helping others realize their success story over back pain and other problems is genuinely impressive.

Cuban on All Star Situation


The midpoint of the season in the National Basketball Association creates a ton of controversy as to who are really the best players in the league. There has been an increasing amount of attention to how the All Star teams are selected due to the fact that it is conducted by votes from fans and it really is a popularity contest that goes back a bunch of seasons rather than concentrating on the single season at hand.
There is always going to be people that probably should have been on the roster and got snubbed and some players who probably should not have made the team but have enough popularity that they get enough votes to make it. The System has totally taken away from what the All Star game is supposed to represent. We are supposed to see the best players of the individual season, but it is constantly overshadowed by the media attention to who is in and who is out over some drama that has been circulating around the league.
Enough is enough and the Dallas owner has posed a solution to the situation. Mark Cuban is not shy to state his opinion on anything and everything that is going on in the National Basketball Association and he has weighed in on the All Star problems. He thinks that the NBA coaches and owners should decide who is an All Star and he probably is correct with that opinion. Some fans, like Haidar Barbouti, thinks this takes the fun out of the All Star game, but states that a coach favored system might be better for ratings.

Keystone Bill Gets Stuck in Senate

Mitch McConnell was supposed to be the new suave and savvy Senate Majority Leader who would move bill after bill swiftly through the now-Republican chamber. Already, however, Democrats are filibustering and grinding proceedings to a halt. The Keystone XL Pipeline bill was supposed to easily make it through the Senate, but now, debate on it has been extended indefinitely.

The vote to break up the filibuster failed 53 to 39, but might have succeeded but for the weather. The northeastern storms prevented several Democrat and Republican pro-pipeline votes from being there for the vote. However, the Republican leadership has lost some of the support it once had from Democratic Senators as well. True, a few new votes have been added to the list of supporters, but all in all, the pipeline is floundering.

As Sergio Andrade Gutierrez understands it, the reason is likely because of the refusal of Republicans to approve any of the many amendments offered by Democrats. More can be found about Gutierrez on his LinkedIn page. Some of them seemed reasonable enough. For example, one simply required that the steel used to make the pipeline be manufactured in the U.S.A. Another amendment demanded that the oil be used here instead of sold abroad.

Probably, some of the amendments were subterfuge meant to delay and form an excuse for not voting for the popular bill. Nonetheless, Republicans could have called their bluff by passing with some of those amendments attached. Instead, McConnell played strong man, and it is backfiring on him.