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Jose Borghi Says Crisis Is The Best Opportunity

Jose Borghi, the founder, and CEO of Mullen Lowe agency thinks that crisis is the best opportunity in business. As a man who started from the scratches, his experience has taught him more than any textbook. His story is highly inspirational for any aspiring entrepreneurs and for people who are looking for an opportunity to advertisement industry. He knows that the market-oriented, highly volatile advertising industry would have many challenges and difficult times are part the economic conditions.

He was born in Presidente Prudente, São Paulo and completed his graduation in Advertising and Propaganda from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas. He started his career with Standart Ogilvy agency in 1989. Later he worked with other advertisement agencies like FCB, Talent and Léo Burnett, and DM9 / DDB. Later he opened his own ad firm named BorghiErh with his friend Erh Ray. “We had no godfather, bank, investors and were absolute zero. So, we worked hard and done media planning, creation, and service ourselves,” remembers Erh.

Their hard work paid well, and the agency has grown and achieved a good reputation in domestic and international markets. The firm merged with Lowe & Partners and again with Mullen group, and now it is called as Mullen Lowe. “I understood that nothing comes by free or I can’t earn anything by luck or destiny. Also, no one is going to give me anything, and if I want to grow, I have to work hard,” Jose Borghi explained his driving force.

When the country is going through financial turmoil, he asks the advertisers to take it as an opportunity. He says that his concept of marketing is not restricted in the presentation of services and products to consumers, but it is an active involvement in the life cycle of the product. He insists the need of using technology in branding that helps to create a comprehensive strategy by analyzing the market, product, and capacity in detail.

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Who Is The Latest Makeup Company To Provide Top Notch Cosmetics?

In the world of cosmetics today, you’ll find that there are so many top of the line makeup brands that provide unique makeup. There are several that provide quality cosmetics, but they tend to forget about providing useful and powerful ingredients to make sure honey are environmentally friendly. Lime Crime is one of the few companies in the world today who have worked so hard over the years to provide top of the line cosmetics that are vegan and cruelty-free. Find out why they are one of the best up and coming brands in the cosmetic industry.

Who Is The Latest Makeup Company To Provide Top Notch Cosmetics?

Lime Crime is so unique for a multitude of reasons. While they do provide great makeup, it’s the way that they make it, the types of ingredients they use, and their manufacturing that makes this brand so reliable.

– Vegan And Cruelty-Free

All of their makeup is entirely vegan. None of the ingredients that they use are superficial and filled with alternatives that are going to harm your skin. They know that different women will use their makeup in the day, and so they aren’t afraid to go for makeup that will work and benefit everybody at once. They know most people who love animals do not want makeup that has been tested by hurting any animals. Lime Crime only uses cruelty-free makeup that have not been tested or have hurt any animals in the past.

– True To Color

Doe Deere, the creator of Lime Crime, wanted to provide users with the chance to give women true to color makeup items. She has always known that using colors that don’t bring you to life are boring and bland. There are ways to bring who you are to a whole new level. All you have to do is be unique, be different, and be bold, and this brand gives you all the colors you will ever need for serious success with how you look. It’s important to remember that color goes a long way, and Lime Crime loves to be as unique as possible with their color choices.

Reasons Why I Love Lime Crime

The main reason Lime Crime is my newest favorite type of brand is because they work hard at giving new ways to put makeup on. I have found that the brand is always changing and making their items better. Doe also started Lime Crime website at with humble beginnings. With just a couple bucks in her name, she started this company hoping it would become a success, and it definitely did become everything she wanted. Some of the best brands in the world today are beautifully providing what Doe provides; Eco-friendly makeup. This is another thing that is making people love the company.

The company is by far one of the best in the business for a multitude of reasons, but they definitely know how to provide amazing products at prices anybody can pay for. Change how you look today with Lime Crime.