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Different Responses To Aspiring Entrepreneurs

People who want to be entrepreneurs are going to be faced with many different responses at different points of their journey. Among the responses they will get is encouragement to go for what they want. However, they will also be faced with opposition and discouragement from people. One of the issues that entrepreneurs are often faced with is the amount of time it takes and the amount of work that needs to be put in in order to make a fraction of the money they have made as employees. However, there is one thing that entrepreneurs need in order to succeed. They need to commit to what they are doing.


There is a lot of magic that comes with committing to the activity. One of the magical things that entrepreneurs experience is how mere pennies turn into full dollars when they are fully focused on what they are doing. This is especially the case for entrepreneurs that work primarily online on their opportunities. They will also catch something new that is going to be very valuable to their success. Flavio Maluf himself recognizes the importance of commitment and diligence. The most committed are not only going to earn the most money but are also going to enjoy the experience of working the type of job they want.


Being an aspiring entrepreneur, one has to be willing to learn as much as he can from people like Flavio Maluf about starting a business. There are a lot of credentials and licenses that need to be gained before one is able to start a business and make profits. It requires a lot of careful planning and hours of work in order for one to actually succeed as an entrepreneur. This is one of the reasons that it is recommended for entrepreneurs to keep their current jobs while working on their business.

Brazil to Partner with BNDES to Invest in Infrastructure for Waste Management

The Brazilian government has announced intentions to partner with a national bank to invest in infrastructure in Brazil. Edison Carlos is the President of a sanitation company called Trata Brasil. He states in an interview with that the new influx of cash will improve areas such as resources, management, and structural support.


Felipe Montoro Jens is a specialist in infrastructure projects. He points out the importance of paying close attention to the levels of waste produced. The loss of water through this process is a causing the state to waste money. Jens points out that when there is this type of waste it makes it impossible for other services to continue with fewer resources than required.


Basic sanitation in Brazil state owned. Public Power owns 90 percent of the sanitation industry, with 70 percent served by the agency. The state is now partnering with BNDES which is the National Bank for Economic and Social Development.


BNDES has developed an action plan that includes surveys of the residents. This will allow them to create detailed plans for each specific area and attend to the needs of those areas. Because private enterprise has more available funds, this partnership will be a more effective means of shoring up the infrastructure.


Felipe Montoro Jens is a specialist in infrastructure. He received his MBA from Thunderbird School of Global Management in 200. He was a board member with the Concessionaria do Centro Administrativo do Distrito Federal. He then became Chairman of the Board.


His concern in this is with the state and the high levels of waste water. Felipe Montoro Jens says that the economy is damaged in individual states because of spending so much on waste. He is hopeful that the partnership with BNDES will lead to the needed improvements in infrastructure, which will in turn lead to less waste.


Felipe Montoro Jens Speaks on The Government Concession Through BNDES

This year the Government of Brazil announced that they would be making a concession with the National Bank for Economic and Social Development (BNDES). Following this, a few sanitation and infrastructure industry experts were interviewed to give their two cents on the issue. One of the interviewee was Felipe Montoro Jens. He commented on the issue of waste management in the country saying that it was so bizarre due to the lack of proper infrastructure. He went ahead to advise that something has to be done regarding the level of water wastage, that is, if the concession was to be successfully implemented. Otherwise, sanitation initiatives will not be as effective as foreseen.


Felipe Montoro Jens also attributed the poor sanitation of Brazil to lack of adequate funds and resources by the public sector. Therefore, he is positive that, through the concession, things will change for the better. There will be more resources and finances to deliver sanitation services.


Another interviewee, to talk on the concession, was Edison Carlos, The President of Trata Brasil. Trata Brasil is a leading company in public sanitation. About the concession, Edison seemed to have hoped that this sector would get even better as the public and private companies complemented each other. He noted that government companies have the experience while private companies have enough resources to improve sanitation in Brazil.


About Felipe Montoro Jens

Felipe Montoro Jens is a successful Brazilian businessman and infrastructure expert. He attended FGV, graduating with a BBA from this reputable institution. Later on, he joined the Thunderbird School of Global Management and graduated with a Master’s degree in International Business Management.


Today, he is one of the most successful venture capitalists in Brazil’s infrastructure industry. He has a wide contact of investors who contribute to achieving his business vision bot in Africa and South America.

Vinny Parascandola: Recruiting and Training Talented Financial Advisors that Change People’s Lives

Vincent Parascandola has over twenty-five years in the financial advisor industry. His career started in 1987 as an agent with Prudential. He must have done okay because he earned Rookie of the Year Honors. Those honors should have served notice to the world that Mr. Parascandola or “Vinny” was a force in motion.


In 1990, Vinny began a short stint at MONY Life Insurance Company where for the next ten years he held local management positions, but in 2004 he started working at the place where he was destined to leave his mark; AXA Advisors. The company he joined is the broker for AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company. They are a well-known and well-respected provider of life insurance and annuities.


AXA’s 6000strong network of financial advisors offers clients advice, strategies, and financial products to help them manage things like investments, asset allocation, estate planning, and all the other aspects of their financial needs throughout life. AXA operates globally and is recognized as the first insurance brand to grow at 14%. They have been helping families and businesses achieve financial security since 1859.


Mr. Parascandola is currently Senior Executive Vice President, and sees his role as responsible for sales, recruiting, retention, productivity, and what he considers the critical part of his job, the development of new and experienced financial professionals and the next generation of company leaders. Before his current role, Vinny was president of The Advantage Group, a unit created to attract experienced financial professionals.


Vinny graduated from Pace University in New York where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree. Mr. Parascandola has continued to win awards to go with his rookie year honors. He is often asked to speak at industry conferences and has been recognized many times for his leadership skills. He is a member of GAMA and a former president of the Florida chapter and is also a past chair of Life Insurance Management Research Association’s Field Officers Committee.


Igor Cornelsen: A Successful Investment Guru

Igor Cornelsen is a famous Brazilian businessman who made a great fortune in stock market investment. He started his career as a banker and went on to become one of the most successful bankers of Brazil. During his career as a banker, he served as a high-ranking official in various Brazilian famous banks. However, he garnered international fame for his acumen and genius in stock market investment. He heads his own consultancy firm named Bainbridge Inc and lives in Florida in the United States.

Igor Cornelsen established his own firm Bainbridge Group Inc, through which he makes all the investment in stock market and also offers consultancy in stock market investment. Through his firm, the leading investing guru offers his services as an investment guru and guides emerging investors who wish to invest in stock market. He is also open to sharing his success story and the keys behind his stellar success in a short span of time. He has a niche in pointing out where to invest and which companies to be avoided, which becomes a crucial decision for an emerging investor embarking upon a business in the stock market.

A prominent feature of advisory consultancy of the famous Brazilian investor has been that he emphasizes not investing in damaged companies. He advises that new investors should not put their money into a company that is reeling from financial crisis unless they want to lose all the money they have. However, he puts forth a case for focusing on damaged stock investments. For his emphasis on damaged stock investments, Igor has been dubbed as a leading proponent of the arena of damaged stocks.

Igor Cornelsen’s piquant advisory tips have come to be given extensive coverage in media in the U.S. He frequently appears on electronic media with his productive business tips for those who want to invest in stock market. Apart from giving advisory tips, he has an interest in playing golf, a leisure activity he indulges in while he is in Florida. He equally divides his time to stay in both Florida and his home country, Brazil. Decades-long involvement in banking and stock market investment has made him a learned man in the realm of the stock market and investment. He draws respect from a diverse group of people for his success in the field of investment. He is also greatly admired for his expert investment opinions and tips.