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How ClassDojo Hits the Mark on What Makes a Successful Edtech Tool

Computer technology can be found in all aspects of the business world as well as in the academic and in the world of everyday living. Some of the more recent developments in technology can be seen in the tools created for use in the classroom. This type of technology has become known as edtech. One of the premier companies within the realm of edtech has created a universal educational application known as ClassDojo. This app helps connect educators with the communities they serve.

A recent online article highlighted the aspects today’s edtech designers need to focus on in order to make their products successful. At the top of the list was the ability to solve actual problems. The ClassDojo app hits this aspect straight on by addressing the different needs of teachers, students and parents. This app helps create a positive culture for classrooms by encouraging students to participate in areas they feel comfortable with. Teachers can give students recognition for accomplishments such as tidying up or neat penmanship to help reinforce a positive outlook to learning.

Another aspect on the list of essential qualities for today’s educational tools, is the ability to plan ahead. The majority of classrooms today have access to the Internet as well as WiFi, which could be used to streamline the process of communication. The ClassDojo app incorporates this feature into its process of communication. This allows teachers to connect with parents via text-based messaging. Not only can parents keep tabs on what their children are doing throughout the year, they can actually see their participation on a daily basis.

The plan for implementation of the ClassDojo app was so successful that the company behind it was recently able to raise over 20 million dollars to help upgrade the technology used for communication purposes. The ability the educators have to keep in touch with students and parents helps them build better community awareness within the academic world. As a universal application, ClassDojo is currently available in 35 languages and is used in more than 180 countries throughout the world, with about 90 percent of schools in the United States now using this application.

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ClassDojo Is a New and Remarkable Link Between Schools and Parents

ClassDojo is a brilliant new concept that helps to bridge the enormous gap between parents and the school environment, showcasing the interactions of children when in the classroom. ClassDojo is an Android smart phone application. It was first developed in 2011 and once it received sufficient seed funding it began operating bringing parents and the school environment closer together. What this ingenious application (app) does is to fulfill the parental need to inquire about a child’s school day that before usually elicited a simple but unsatisfying one-word response. This ClassDojo app gives feedback on the child’s progress while in the classroom. The ClassDojo idea was started in San Francisco in 2011 and maintains an office there. Since its beginning, ClassDojo has expanded to include 3.5 million students and teachers in 60 countries throughout the world.

This brilliant app knows few barriers. It works no matter what the size of the class or the language spoken. The world, including third world and poor countries, are using cell phones and smart phone app technology at an almost alarming rate. It is not unusual to see panhandlers in the United States of America talking on their cell phones and the sight of a native attired in primitive tribal dress holding an I-Phone is not unusual.

This brilliant app brings parents much closer to their children’s progress through the education process and is a way for children to boast of their classroom performance attainments to parents. All too often the school experience has been off limits to the parents and this is a way of connecting parents to the schools working with the future leaders of our world.

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Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Talks Innovation and Branding

When you are amongst the best at what you do, the word tends to get around. So it shouldn’t surprise anybody to see that Talk Fusion founder and CEO Bob Reina has been an active contributor to the Huffington Post over the past several years. Reina’s success with his own video marketing company has been inspiring to watch and he has a ton of logic and expertise to share in both tech and marketing. Recently the Huffington Post underwent a brand change as they renamed themselves HuffPost while refocusing the subjects that they will be broaching.


Bob Reina is most well known for his work with Talk Fusion. Over the pat decade we have seen Talk Fusion evolve into one of the largest video marketing firms on the internet. Their ability to bridge the gap between customer and corporation has been nothing short of game changing for the numerous clients that have sought out Reina for his advice and expertise. It is this success that has made Reina such a prolific and welcomed contributor to the HuffPost. In fact, Reina’s work was first up after the rebranding effort by the HuffPost team. You can see two of his latest pieces of work online right now: “Promoting with Purpose: How to Understand Your Audience” as well as “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters.”


When asked about the Huffington Post rebranding effort it appeared that Reina was anything but shy in his return comment. Reina said when asked about the new branding, “I’m a firm believer in the art of innovation. A brand’s growth is never complete.” It is this forward thinking concept that keeps Talk Fusion on the constant cusp of something new, better, and more effective. It is also this mindset that guides Reina in his content curation for the HuffPost reader-base.


This past year saw major success for Reina and the team at Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion’s Video Chat app landed a coveted honor: the 2016 Communication Solutions Product of the Year award. Talk Fusion will continue their ascent so long as Bob Reina is at the steering wheel, we believe. Visit to know more about Securus Technologies.