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Apple’s iTunes Suffers Massive Outage

Apple’s iTunes service suffered a massive outage on Wednesday. Early Wednesday morning the company’s Apple Store, iTunes Store iBooks store and mac App store all went down. The cause of the outage is currently unknown. The issue doesn’t appear to be effecting Apple’s payment service Apply Pay. iCloud and Beats Music allow appear to still be operations.

Apple’s software stores are huge money makers for the company. An outage for this long, (currently roughly 7 hours) could be a decent-sized financial hit for the retailer. The iTune’s Store, for instance was responsible for $2.6 billion in sales during the final three months of 2014. Based on that, a 6 hour outage for service would account for a whopping $7 million is lost revenue, and that number is just getting larger.

Folks at Anastasia Date ( have learned that Apple released the latest version of its mobile operating system, iOS 8.2 on Monday. The new operating system also included a new watch app, and app store especially for the Apple Watch. It will be interesting to see what the cause of this outage is determined to be, and how much revenue it ultimately costs the company.

Apple Looking to Sell Products in Cuba

Apple is among several US companies positioning themselves to open new markets in Cuba by easing regulationson export products.

The Apple website, in the section that informs its policy of trade overall to countries with special legislation has been updated to now include a section entitled “Support for the Cuban people” which reflects the changes affecting their products and which were issued on 16 January by the United States Department of Commerce.

Apple reports that some products and some of its software are now within legal categories to be sold to Cuba. Haidar Barbouti has learned the company states that the authorization from the government to sell the items is included under license certain exceptions consumption, since the OFAC also published amendments to Regulation Cuban Assets (CACR) allowing the export and re-authorized to export items, a new way of trade with the island opens.

Specifically, the regulation that allows Apple to export product to Cuba is referenced in the “Communication Devices for Consumers Act.”

Apple thus becomes one of the first technology companies willing to implement the new possibilities of trade with Cuba.

Netflix had also announced it would begin to operate in Cuba, despite the difficulties of the residents to access the Internet.