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ClassDojo Nominatied As One Of The Most Innovative Companies

Parents are always concerned about the well-being of their children in the school. The concern is mostly shown during the early years when children are learning how to cope in a social environment. In many instances, parents of older school-going children also show concern if their child is struggling with a specific issue. To make things easier, several companies such as Class Dojo are trying to bridge the gap between classrooms and parents. Since 2011, the company has created some incredible applications that are helping teachers, children and parents share amazing moments in the classroom.

Recently, the company was announced as a finalist in Fast Company’s 2016 Innovation by Design Awards. The award recognizes the most innovative products that solve some of the most challenging business problems. The Fast Company program is not a trivial affair. Instead, some of the world’s leading design-oriented minds congregate to select finalists from thousands of entries. In its fifth year, the prestigious program received nearly 1,700 applications from 41 countries in 11 different categories.

Class Dojo’s applications, School Dojo and Class Dojo, were recognized by the panel of judges to be among the most innovative solutions for schools. As indicated, these applications help teachers, parents and children to share amazing class moments with only a touch of a button. The captured moments are automatically downloaded for parents and schools to view and share.

According to the designer, Monica Harvancik, who has worked on the application, these applications serve as a vital link between parents and school because parents do not feel alienated when outside the school. She also claimed that a simple video of a moment can spark long positive discussions between homes and communities. As such, the design of Class Dojo is not only user-friendly, but it also allows seamless integration with the school environment. Ms. Harvancik also acknowledged Fast Company’s contribution to Class Dojo by claiming that such awards encourage designers to produce more powerful community oriented products.

It is interesting to note that Class Dojo has revolutionized the American classroom by developing a number of such applications, in the last five years. Based in California, the company is known for promoting social-emotional skills of thousands of children in the United States. In fact, it is estimated that nearly two-thirds of schools in the United States have deployed a software from Class Dojo. Already, these products are marketed in nearly 180 countries around the world.

Talk Fusion: The Pioneer in Video Communication in Emails

Technology has changed the way we do things. In the modern times, marketing has been made easier, thanks to the changes in marketing strategies that have been experienced. One of the companies helping people with modern marketing is Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion is a video communication platform that was started several years ago by Bob Reina. The institution is believed to have been founded in the year 2007, and since then, it has made a special place in the hearts of many people.

The company invented a video communication platform that is quite rare in other companies. There is a certain group of people who prefer hiding their faces behind their emails because they do not love video communication. These people mostly like to hide some of their features they are not proud of. They prefer writing emails and sending them for marketing purposes.

The only issue here is the fact that these emails do not serve their purpose when compared to the emails with video attachments. When an email has a video in it, the clients will be impressed, and the business will earn more money compared to the other that does not use these methods.

Since the introduction of Talk Fusion video communication platform, many businesses have benefited from it. The company has attained a lot of success due to this, and It has launched several other services to its consumers. Recently, Talk Fusion started a video chat, and just after several weeks; the app has emerged to become one of the best apps in the entire world. In Indonesia, the app from Talk Fusion emerged to be the best video communication platform. It was ranked number five in Japan, and number twenty in Switzerland.

The success of the institution has been attributed to the simplicity and efficiency of the app when compared to the rest. It is also compatible with many devices in the market, and people who use it say that people it any part of the world can communicate effectively. Talk Fusion has become an international company, and it has many plans for the international community.


Introducing Handy: An extra hand around the home

If the frenetic pace of everyday life is keeping you from having time to clean the living room or fix that dripping sink, you may wish to introduce yourself to Handy (previously HandyBook), the 3 year old company owned by Oisin Hanrahan specializing in cleaning and handyman services.

Based in New York City, Handy is quickly expanding its market reach, becoming the largest company in its field “by a large multiple” according to Hanrahan. Work is performed by contractors who sign up with Handy as service providers, creating a two-sided market strategy: both those wishing to provide services and those wishing to purchase services can shop at the same place. The company has already hired over 10,000 contractors, mostly part-time employees who are looking to supplement earnings from other sources.

With an additional $50 Million in fresh financing, Hanrahan has also been able to solidify the management tier of the company, with recent hires whose experience includes companies like Amazon, Tumblr and Birchbox. In committing to a solid management hiring strategy, Hanrahan is looking forward to potential growth opportunities, focusing on expanding Handy’s services within the cities where it is currently based while avoiding the pitfalls that claimed several other companies in the same market space.

Overall, Hanrahan’s design is to see these services move from luxuries to affordable commodities, within easy reach of any consumer. And, when that back guest room hasn’t been dusted in weeks, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to just hire a pro to take care of it for you?

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Are You Among The People Already Using Video Email?

According to a recient study, located here: , video email marketing is up 40% and increasing revenue everyday. What this means is that if you are not using video email in your marketing, you are leaving money on the table and in the customer’s pocket. It is no secret that people love to watch videos. Videos are easy to watch and there is a higher conversion rate to email opens when there is a video involved. The report says that that open rate could be as high as around 20%. That means that people like video much more than reading text or words on a page. The good news for every company or brand is that video is easy to use and can help to create and define the personality of your brand.

One of the companies that is a true leader in the field of video email marketing is a company called Talk Fusion. Keep in mind that this is only one of the services that Talk Fusion provides and you might want to use them all. Talk Fusion is on the cutting edge of email video marketing and they have made it very easy for everyday people to use their platform.

Talk Fusion is a company based in Florida and they are the 8th largest provider of video content in the world. That is in part because their founder, Bob Reina knows his stuff. Bob wanted to send a video email to a friend and he was told by AOL that it could not be done. Bob set to work creating a platform that would change the way we send emails forever. Talk Fusion created an easy to use email video marketing platform. The users simply has to go into the Talk Fusion website and select from over the one thousand video email templates and with a few adjustments and clicks, the video email is on it’s way.

Talk Fusion has created a platform this is easy to use and cost effective too. If you are not using video email, you should be and Talk Fusion is making that happen for more and more everyday people everyday. So, if you are not using video email, you should be.

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Handy Raises $50 Million to Expand

Handy has been enjoying great success since its founding in 2012 by using advanced technologies to overturn the home services market.

Several generations ago, houses were cleaned by the wife unless the family had enough money to hire a maid. Maids came in on certain days of the week, and got paid cash at the end of the day. Then wives went out to work all day. The government wanted people to pay Social Security taxes for their maids, so professional agencies took over that business.

But when Oisin Hanrahan and his two Boston roommates wanted to hire a service to clean their apartment, they had lots of problems finding a dependable person to trust while they were in class at Harvard Business School. Hanrahan already knew from his experience managing real estate in Hungary, it was difficult to find people to clean and fix property. What if the cleaners did not have to commit to working 40 hours a weeks? What if they made a reasonable hourly rate higher than the minimum wage?

Millions of professional singles and couples around the country needed houses, apartments and condos cleaned while they spent eight to twelve hours a day in their company cubicles. What if they could use a mobile app to locate a cleaning or repair service and book a trustworthy person? Would they do it?

The average Handy cleaner works less than 20 hours a week, so many appear to be single mothers and students making money on the side. And busy workers were glad to pay premium prices to keep their living quarters presentable.

Hanrahan and his co-founders moved Handy to New York, and it soon took off. As Hanrahan pointed out in a recent interview, being much larger than its competitors gives them a competitive advantage. They enjoy economies of scale the competition doesn’t. Late last year, Handy raised an addition $50 million in equity to keep expanding.


Handy Cleaning Services Continues to Expand

As other home cleaning services like HomeJoy closes doors I have discovered that one of my favorites, Handy, is actually ready to expand. This is something that I can really appreciate about a company like Handy. It has shown me that the leaders that are behind the scenes are doing a good job with running this organization. I have scheduled service so many times, and I have always been thrilled with the way that this company is able to provide me with such stellar service every time that I need it. I know that there are a lot of people – just like me – that are just looking for someone that can clean their homes and do a good job. Handy is the company that has managed to do something amazing by hiring a lot of different contractors around the world that do such excellent work.

The first time that I discovered this company was when I threw a graduation party for my daughter. The house was a real mess before the weekend of the party, and honestly didn’t have the time to do any cleaning. I thought that I might even have to postpone the party because of this. I scrambled and searched online for a way to get some cleaners out to help with this job. That is when I would discover a company like Handy. These professionals came through and started cleaning in a way that made me see that this would be the only organization that I would need in the future. That would begin my love for outsourcing.

I had the ability to outsource a lot of things, but I never assumed that I would be outsourcing my cleaning. Handy has a great staff though, and that is what made me want to start giving this company my business on a regular basis.

I think that many others have become fans of this organization because there are many different services being provided through Handy Cleaning Services. Contractors are there for issues like plumbing, light fixtures, painting and many other minor things. It is truly a company that has a large number of handy men and women on the job. I like the work that this staff does, and I know that this company will continue to grow even more. This is a superb organization that runs like a well-oiled in many different metropolitan cities. Download the Handy app now!!

Sad News: Homejoy Files for Chapter 11

The home services industry is experiencing ups and downs. Some companies are up and others are down. The San Francisco-based home-services company Homejoy is entering a downward spiral. The business has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protection amidst legal and revenue troubles.

Homejoy seemingly had a lot going for it. The business was offering services in several countries, received a huge amount of investment capital, launched a great advertising campaign, and seemed to offer something the public wanted. Apparently, the consumer public prefers to book home-related services through Homejoy’s competitor Handy.

Handy shows the world what success in the home-services industry looks like. The Handy app has earned millions upon millions and the company is currently estimated to be worth around $500 million. A recent round of new investment funding hopes to expand Handy’s presence in even more cities across the nation. Revenues are sure to increase further for the company co-founded by entrepreneur Oisin Hanrahan seems to be on the ascent.

Handy owes a lot to its success and the extensive screening process required for freelancers is one of them. The ability to easily book talent via an app is another. Finding, paying for, and even tipping freelancers is possible through the app. With competitor Homejoy landing in bankruptcy court, nothing seems to be standing in the way of any further Handy’s success.

Homejoy did not offer very many services to potential customers. Fewer services mean fewer customers and that means smaller revenues. Investment funding can only take a business so far. At some point, a venture has to turn a profit. Homejoy was launched in 2013. Money obviously ran out very quickly since the company didn’t last three full years before falling into financial trouble.

A lack of customers is not the only reason behind Homejoy’s woes. Independent contractors affiliated with the company filed suit claiming they are employees and deserved of employee protections and benefits. Legal costs surely caused even more financial disasters for Homejoy.

Homejoy might be able to survive, but the odds of a comeback are looking really bleak at this point.

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How to Protect Workers in the Gig Economy

Today’s economy is rapidly changing, more than ever people are relying on contract work or even venturing out on their own. Although this has helped to spur on job creation, it has also created a problem for many workers. Currently over 53 million Americans work short-term gigs or for themselves. Due to how they are classified as workers they are ineligible for benefits. Two solutions are currently gaining some traction in solving the problem, a call for portable benefits and a Good Work Code. Rather than trying to reclassify these contractors as employees these solutions seek to modernize the current benefits system.

One of the more well-known businesses that has signed on to this agreement is Handy. Handy provides on-demand home services to customers in areas such as home cleaning, plumbing, and furniture assembly. Launched in 2012 by two Harvard Business School students the company has experienced explosive growth and now employs over 10,000 contractors. Handy makes ordering a house cleaning much simpler than in the past. A prospective customer only needs to enter their zip code, number of rooms to be cleaned, and a requested time into the free app to receive a quote generated by the service. If a customer likes the price they see all they need to do is accept it and payment will be automatically deducted from their credit card on file. Handy will take care of the rest.

Handy also takes great pride in benefitting its employees. It allows its cleaners to create their own flexible schedules while choosing from thousands of jobs. More importantly the company fills a previously unmet need in providing documentable income. Although the cash-heavy nature of the business is great for those looking to avoid paying taxes it can make applying for loans extremely difficult. Thanks to the W-2 income provided by Handy its employees are now able to purchase cars and even houses.

Dating with AnastasiaDate on the Internet

Finding someone online who you can date can seem like a pretty big chore. One of the main issues with finding someone special is that there aren’t many options for you in real life. Always relying on friends and family to help you meet that special someone may be a waste of your time. The reason for this is simply because they may not know who you are truly looking for and what other features you want when getting into a brand new relationship. This is why online dating might be the better option for you and the fact that it can help you to find someone with whom you can truly connect.

One such company online would be AnastasiaDate, and this site basically helps you to meet women or men from other countries so that you can begin a relationship if you would like. You can meet someone who you would not have met in real life and this can be a great way for you to connect with someone who shares the same interests and opinions as you do. AnastasiaDate is one of the leaders when it comes to online dating, so it is definitely worth taking a closer look at if you have tried online dating without much luck or if you have never tried online dating before at all.

AnastasiaDate is a great company to use also because it is entirely secure and ensures that you can meet new singles with whom you would like to connect. AnastasiaDate allows you to make an account and begin finding people you would like to talk to from other countries. You can then mingle and make plans to meet if this is something that you are interested in doing. AnastasiaDate is also quite affordable and can fit into your budget just because of the fact that it does not cost an arm and a leg.

When it comes to meeting someone special, it might be time to get into the online dating world scene. Many people are using the Internet to find someone they want to meet, and this is why it might be a good idea for you to consider this option for yourself. When using a site like AnastasiaDate, you can be sure that you will be able to find someone completely different and be able to start a conversation with them as you see fit. You will notice that online dating is actually a lot easier and more beneficial than if you were to try to rely on your friends to get you hooked up with someone locally who you may or may not hit it off with at all when you first happen to meet them.

FreedomPop is Changing the Way That Wi-Fi Is Accessed

FreedomPop is one of the fastest growing companies in the technology sector. Since being founded several years ago, this company has grown considerably. FreedomPop started as a way to reach out to those that felt that they could no longer afford the cost of expensive wireless plans. Their promise of free wireless service has caused the company to grow considerably over the years. Now, having developed considerably over the last few years, FreedomPop is now developing several new projects.

FreedomPop was quick to recognize that access to the internet is extremely expensive for people across the United States. This is especially true for travelers, who will often have to stick to certain restaurants, or certain rest stops, just to get the internet service they need to keep in touch with family, friends, and business partners. FreedomPop had been actively researching internet access for people throughout the past year, and they recently decided that they had a solution to the internet access problem. Freedom Pop has now announced an unlimited Wi-Fi plans.

The details of this Wi-Fi plan should be extremely exciting for consumers. FreedomPop has announced that an unlimited wi-fi plan in the United States will cost just $5 a month. This plan should include 10 million wireless hotspots. This is an astounding number, which should make it extremely easy for customers to access this wi-fi. FreedomPop expects that this wi-fi service will be extremely successful. The infrastructure for this network is built around major cities. The leadership at FreedomPop expects that the service will be within reach of 120 million people across the United States, with almost every major city being covered. FreedomPop has also put a major effort in to ensuring that the service would be available along all of the major roads. The map of the wi-fi networks that FreedomPop is installing is set up along the major roadways of the United States. FreedomPop has put a major effort into ensuring that these networks would be easy to locate when one gets off at an exit. While the program has just been announced, it already appears that Freedom Pop will be extremely successful. Many people are already attempting to sign up for the service.

While people have long been frustrated with the lack of wireless service throughout the United States, they will soon be extremely excited to check out the FreedomPop service. This service is sure to be a game changer.