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The Rise of Francisco Domenech in Puerto Rican Politics

Francisco Domenech was the brain behind Hillary Clinton and Jennifer Gonzalez successful campaigns in elections thanks to his political powerhouse and influence in Puerto Rico. Being a member of the Democratic Party, Domenech spearheaded Clinton’s presidential campaigns and Democratic primaries in Puerto Rico in 2008 and 2016 elections.

Domenech is the managing co-partner of Politank – a national law firm that deals with government affairs. Previously, Domenech served as the Director of office of Puerto Rico Legislative Assembly in 2005 – 2008 where he worked with close to 130 employees, allowing the blind and physically handicapped access to the Legislative Library and realized an annual budget of around $11 million.

Domenech also served as the P.R Senate President’s Chief Legal Counsel which accounted for his vast political experience. His responsibilities included advising the Senate on legal issues, supervising all in-house counsel work and representing the Senate’s interests.

His B.A. in Political Science backs Domenech prowess in politics, and Juris Doctor attained from the University of Puerto Rico. His love for politics saw him serve as the President of the Student Council amongst other leadership positions. Visit Francisco Domenech at SlideShare.


Domenech association with Hillary Clinton.

Francisco Domenech actively supported Hillary Clinton and was appointed the national co-chair for Hillblazers – a platform that brought together different people who supported Clinton’s presidential candidacy in 2008.

Domenech was tasked with organizing fundraisers to support Hillary campaign across the nation. His work as the Deputy Campaign Manager saw Clinton emerge the winner ahead of Obama with a margin of 68 – 32 percent in the primary polls in Puerto Rico.

In the 2016 election cycle, Domenech helped Clinton by raising almost $200000 to support her campaign and coordinated Clinton’s election trip to Puerto Rico. Domenech led Clinton to a 61 – 37 percent win over Sanders in the second primary campaign in Puerto Rico.

Francisco Domenech and Jennifer Gonzalez Victory

Domenech support for Hon Jennifer Gonzalez-Colon saw her emerge victoriously and become the first ever woman to become a Resident Commissioner and represent Puerto Rico before the US Congress. Domenech was the campaign manager and actively supported her course in the 2016 election cycle.



Fancisco Domenech Uses His Political Experience to Lead Politank

Francisco Domenech is an attorney and Managing Partner of the government affairs consulting firm Politank. He has been involved in Puerto Rican and U.S. politics since he was an undergraduate and law student at the University of Puerto Rico during the late 1990s. As an undergraduate political science student, he served as UPR’s Student Body President at the College of Social Sciences from 1998 to 1999. During the 1999 to 2000 academic year, he served as the president of the university’s General Student Body Council and was the Academic Senator with the school’s Rio Piedras Campus Academic Senate.

Shortly after finishing law school, Francisco Domenechbecame President of an organization called the Puerto Rico Young Democrats. While Francisco was with PRYD, he and his colleagues campaigned for the Kerry/Edwards presidential ticket in Central Florida and worked with former Gov. Pedro Rossello’s gubernatorial campaign in Puerto Rico. Francisco has also spent several years as a national officer, Vice President, and the Democratic National Committeeman for the Young Democrats of America. During his tenure with the YDA, he established the YDA Hispanic Caucus, became a member of the Democratic National Committee, and was a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 2004, 2008, 2012, and 2016.  Follow Francisco Domenech on twitter.

Francisco has also worked closely with Hillary Clinton in both of her presidential campaigns in 2008 and 2016. In 2007, Hillary appointed Francisco as the co-chair of her national network of students and young professionals call the Hillblazers. She also appointed him to be the Deputy State Coordinator for her presidential primary campaign in Puerto Rico. His other roles with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaigns included:

  • Being one of the co-finance chairs of Ready for Hillary
  • Being Hillary’s campaign manager in Puerto Rico
  • Being Hillary’s top fundraising bundler in Puerto Rico
  • Served on Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign’s National Finance Committee

In his role as the Managing Partner of Puerto Rican-based law firm Politank, Francisco focuses on lobbying on behalf of private interests in front of government forums. Politank does bipartisan consulting, lobbying, and legal work for businesses who are looking to influence government policy. Francisco Domenech vast political experience is beneficial to Politank.

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