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Recent Executions Put Australia at Odds with Indonesia

Southeast Asia has some of the strictest drug trafficking laws in the entire world. In order to prevent any sort of illegal drug flow in and out of the country, nations such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia have laws that call for the death penalty for anyone who is found guilty of having. This recently happened in Indonesia on Wednesday, as eight drug smugglers where executed by a firing squad.

Igor Cornelsen tells us though, that now, these are not individuals who may have been potentially wrongfully accused. These individuals had been in prison for years and were known as the “Bali 9” (one women was spared execution at the last minute). Despite having served their time in jail and many believed that they had been “fully rehabilitated” after a decade in prison, the Indonesian government went forward with the exception, which has since brought forth harsh criticism from many other countries, including Australia, which is one of its closest neighbors and many Australian nationals go to visit the country for holiday.

The Indonesian President Joko Widodo did not seem too interested in what other countries thought of the Indonesian legal system. He told reporters that he and the rest of Indonesia respects the legal system of other countries and that they should respect their legal system. He pointed out that they had an established law and they followed through with the law. Australia has recalled its ambassador from Indonesia as two Australians are still waiting execution.