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The Great Insights of Adam Milstein

Adam Milstein is a leader, committed philanthropist and a successful Israeli-American real estate investor. He is also the founder and owner of HagerPacific firm and besides investment; he has also composed many publications. Adam Milstein recently wrote about the various challenges that the people of Israel and Jewish American face. In his article, Adam insists that the people of the races must choose and rely on good leaders who are capable of bringing change to such issues. Besides, Adam Milstein believes that the people of Israel and the Jewish Americans will make it through the challenges by giving support to their preferred leaders as well as working together with them to ensure that they also make a better future for the next generation.

Additionally, Adam encourage the Jewish people to believe in themselves and accept who they are, as it is one of the ways through which they can create peace among themselves. He believes that the people of Israel will also create a good impression to other people from various nations about themselves and as a result, gain respect and support from them. Adam also encourages the Israelite leaders to serve as an example to their people as they are the light of the nation.

Besides, Adam Milstein is hopeful that the Israelites and the Jewish people will live in unity as long as they exercise passion in whatever they do as well as focus on creating a conducive environment for a better living. He also encourages them to learn from their former leaders like Mordechai  Anielewicz, who lived and served as an example to everyone, with an aim of bringing peace and success to the nation.

He has also strived to bring his people together through the various nonprofit foundations he has launched like the Birthright. His organization has attracted a vast number of the Jewish people, who have gained insight from the philanthropist. Through the foundation, they have learned to appreciate who they are and teach their children the importance of working hard so as to fuel development in the country. Through his humble background, Milstein has also served as a role model to many people and he is admired by many individuals, especially those from the Jewish community.

After Escape: Yeonmi Park’s Wide Ranging Activism

For those who are unfamiliar with Yeonmi Park, she is a North Korean refugee who fled the country in her youth along with her family (a venture which pitted her wits against those of a human trafficker and her wills against the breadth of the Gobi Desert, which she and her family crossed on foot to achieve freedom). Today she still remembers the horrors of Kim Jong-Il’s regime and desires to change the country as well as other nations who suffer under the iron fist of dictatorship. To this end she has rose to great prominence for her outspoken and candid views on North Korea, their leadership and totalitarianism in general.

Ever since her escape from North Korea with her family and the inception of her political and moral campaign she has been traveling the world over and speaking on various different mediums. Most recently she has appeared on a South Korean television network focusing on film, television, music and politics. Yeonmi has also appeared as the co-host of a internet talk show focused on major and trending topics in the Korean world, specifically on things happening in South Korea.

This year her book, In Order To Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey To Freedom (co-authored by Maryanne Vollers), was published by Penguin Press. It is a autobiography which detail her brainwashed youth and upbringing under the reign of Kim Jong-un were she was told that the supreme leader could literally read minds. It also recounts her flight to South Korea with her family later on in her life and the perils, hardships and inequalities which leader her family to attempt escape. Due to the fact that her primary publisher was Penguin Press she has appeared numerous times on many of Penguin’s online platforms such as Penguin Press’ Youtube Platform as well as on the online interview show, Penguin Platform, a author interview site (also on Youtube) which focuses on the personal inspirations for the writer’s material.

In addition to all that above Ms. Park of youngvoicesasdvocates has also gone onto many prominent mainstream news stations, both in her current home of South Korea, as well as in neighboring countries and abroad. She has appeared on such news programs as Fox New’s John Stossel, Women In the World, a Vanity Fair funded annual summit celebrating the work and progress of acclaimed, individual women the world over, as well as This Morning, with Phillip and Holly, a celebrity news and talk show program aired on iTV. She is also touring in her own capacity for her book on a around the globe tour where she will be publicly speaking with other authors, writers, interviewers and celebrities. She will be appearing at the Korean Society of New York on 6:00 PM for her most recent tour stop.